Winning Back Your Body After Baby

Winning Back Your Body After Baby
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Pregnancy changes someone’s life permanently. There’s a lot of good changes tied up in that, but there are also plenty that we may find unwelcome. A particular worry for many is whether they’ll be able to get their body to “normal” after pregnancy. That’s a difficult question to answer on whole. Hormonal changes can change how one’s hair behaves, one’s tastes, and countless other little things that we don’t always think about until we notice something has changed. Our body shapes are also changed. This tends to translate to a larger cup size after pregnancy as well as plenty of baby weight to work off. The latter we can all do something about though. Shedding unwelcome pounds is quite doable if it is handled safely and responsibly. After all, there are a few extra considerations to be made after a pregnancy. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the major things we can all do to win back our bodies after a baby and at a few things related things we shouldn’t do.

A Word of Warning
While not everyone will experience this, we do need to pause and highly a specific concern many professionals have about people attempting to shed baby weight. There is sometimes a distinct temptation to try to start exercising and doing what can be done to lower overall baby weight as quickly as possible after recovery. Most people find out rather quickly that a new infant will have entirely different plans for their lives, but there are rare people who still manage to have the energy to contemplate other things in the first month or so after birth. Professionals strongly caution against this. It takes the body, on average, a month and a half before it is healed well enough from birth for one to consider exercise. This number goes up if the birth had complications or was a Cesarean. Talk to your doctor before taking any active measures to help reduce baby weight to ensure your own good health.

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Weight Loss, Naturally
The good news is that most people have a relatively easy way to shed baby weight after pregnancy: breastfeeding. Milk production necessarily uses calories from one’s own body and the numbers tend to be relatively high. That’s why doctors try to ensure you’re eating a good diet after the birth. Your body is going to need those calories. The good news is that a healthy diet will give you all the calories your body needs to be healthy while still allowing you to shed weight through breastfeeding. It doesn’t matter what method you use either. The only requirement for this benefit is to ensure your body has every opportunity it needs to produce milk. Make sure to talk to your doctor regularly to ensure you’re eating well and try not to worry too much if you indulge your hunger overmuch now and again. Admittedly, you can take a lot more active steps once your body is properly healed. Those options will be what is available to those who can’t breastfeed and are equally viable options.

The Expected
Pretty much all experts agree that the best way to lose baby weight is slowly and surely. Losing it too fast will affect your health. The best way to achieve this is by making a clear effort towards eating well and exercising. A balanced diet tends to favor plenty of vegetables with a helping of fruit and only a little lean meat now and again for that extra boost. This will give your body what it needs without giving it an excess. As a result, your body will slowly whittle away the unwanted extra weight. Augmenting this with regular exercise will help it happen faster and more reliably though. Remember that even a regular brisk walk lasting 45 minutes to an hour and a half can go a long way towards providing you with the exercise you need. Starting with that kind of low impact exercise is advised too. Work your way up to more vigorous exercise with guidance from your doctor to ensure your long term health and well-being.

It isn’t actually that hard to recover from baby weight with the right habits. After all, your body is actually trying to help you with that through breastfeeding. Losing that extra weight does take time though and there is no way of escaping that fact. Dedicating yourself to eating a healthy diet and taking up a regular form of exercise after recovering will put you on the right path to winning your body back after a baby though.

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