Why Use OROGOLD Products?

Mankind has always been obsessed with beauty and skin care. Flawless skin was once considered to be a blessing with those having beautiful looking skin were considered as blessed.

While some people were literally born with beautiful skin, others found it tougher to enjoy a flawless look. Moreover, the lack of proper treatments and skin care solutions made things even more difficult.

in store experience

Luckily for our generation, modern day skin care makes it very easy for anyone to boast of beautiful and younger looking skin, provided that they use the right skin care products, eat the right kind of food and lead the right kind of lifestyles.Leaving out any of these constants from the equation is likely to result in failure.

While modern day skin care advancements have made it easier for us by offering us with all sorts of skin care and beauty products, things have also become much tougher because of the sheer number of choices that are available in the markets.

Since taking proper care of your skin is considered to be a vital aspect of looking beautiful, it always helps to choose a skin care company that actually allows you to take your skin care to the next level.

Orogold Skin Consultation

Here at OROGOLD Cosmetics, we believe in offering our customers with skin care products and solutions that don’t just treat cater to their specific skin care concerns, but also concentrate on offering them with access to flawless looking skin and timeless beauty.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use OROGOLD products.

Try Before You Buy

OROGOLD Cosmetics offers its customers with free product trials to ensure that the product suits their skin and doesn’t lead to allergic reactions.

Our stores also offer our customers with free skin consultations from qualified skin care experts so that our customers can understand the demands of their skin and buy products accordingly.

What’s more, a trip to an OROGOLD Store also opens up the chance of enjoying one of our splendid facials.

Try Before You Buy

Avoid Irritation

One of the biggest advantages of choosing OROGOLD products is that our ingredient combinations are created after a lot of research. We ensure that our products are simple to use and made of the highest quality ingredient. We refrain from using harsh chemicals like parabens.

Moreover, OROGOLD also offers free product trials at every OROGOLD store so that our customers can verify that the product suits their skin. All you need to do is conduct a patch test on your skin using the OROGOLD product that you wish to purchase to check for any allergic effects or reactions to any of the ingredients in the product.

OROGOLD Ingredients

Each and every OROGOLD product and collection is designed after a lot of research. We follow a simple standard when it comes to formulating OROGOLD products – we only use the highest quality ingredients. We make sure that the ingredients contained in our products will beautify your skin.

Some of the main ingredients in OROGOLD products include Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extracts, Seaweed Extracts, Salicyclic Acid, Citric Acid, Vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, Chitosan, Collagen, Kojic Acid, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Diamond Dust, Pearls and our signature ingredient – Gold.

The Luxury Spa Experience

Orogold Caviar FacialEveryone deserves to be pampered and have their skin cared for, but OROGOLD products are about much more than that.

At OROGOLD Cosmetics, we strongly believe that besides offering you top quality skin care products, every luxury skin care brand should offer you just that – luxury.

To give each and every customer an experience unlike any other, we ensure that each and every aspect of OROGOLD is dripping with luxury – right from the beautiful store decors and ambiance to the our packaging and product consistency, the OROGOLD experience simply screams of opulence.

Our ultimate goal is to make you feel like royalty in your own home!


The OROGOLD Guarantee

OROGOLD stands behind its skin care products 100%.

Our products are sure to make your skin look lovely and make you feel fabulous. Our staff is happy to help you with whatever you may need, whether they are the store staff at OROGOLD locations or our corporate customer service. Please contact us with any questions or comments – we are happy to assist you. So if you have any doubts, questions, clarifications or comments, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to assist you in any way that we can.

Good Luck.

323 thoughts on “Why Use OROGOLD

  1. Sharon N

    I was just in Las Vegas and came upon your store. I didn’t have much time as we were meeting up with some friends but I was impressed with what I saw. The consultant gave me a sample and I loved it! Can’t wait until I can save up enough money to buy some of your products…….or maybe I might win some and be extra happy.

  2. Mary Hoffman

    Aloha from Koha,Hawaii..I was not aware that there was actually Diamnd Dust & Pearl in this lovely product. I wish though that we had an Oro Store here…Ive love to try it!

  3. Margot C

    I am impressed that one of the biggest advantages of choosing OROGOLD products is that their ingredient combinations are created after a lot of research. They ensure that their products are simple to use and made of the highest quality ingredients.

  4. Desire'

    Love all the orogold products I have tried! Use them on a regular basis. I am 56 and they take years off my face. Also the caviar collection can be used on other parts of the body as well to remove wrinkles. Would love to try the neck lift cream but cannot afford at the time. Hurricane Irma victim!

  5. Lorrie Cutter

    Besides the impeccable quality of Orogold Cosmetic products, I think it is wonderful you give clients a free trial to make sure they have no adverse reactions to your product! Kudos Orogold!

    1. Tamara

      I want to use a product that focuses on my skin problems and caters to my skins needs. I want a product that works and feels luxurious and that I feel good about using, and that I could be excited to use while caring for my skin. I want a product that helps me feel fabulous and look radiant.

  6. Angela Mason

    I really would love to try your products, and I enter every competition. I just can’t afford them as I am on disability from a car jacking incident in which I was shot. It’s been a long hard process to recover but I am about 90% now. Thank you for the opportunity and enjoy your weekend!

  7. Samantha Gambello

    This looks like true luxury skin care. I love the fact that you can sample things in the store. And that there are employees that are knowledgeable. It’s also great that you can bring home a sample so you can see if you like the product before you buy full Size. That is a huge plus. A true business knows to make money you have to spend money!

  8. Sarah Gould

    With aging why watch my skin sag, and the “Age Lines” begin to become more prominent (when I can do something about it ! ) ? This sounds like an amazing product, and I am very happy that I got introduced to it! I hope that I am one of the lucky ones to win, to be able to try it !

  9. Jaima

    I would love to try this brand. I wonder if the gold in the formula is colloidal gold or maybe even monoatomic gold… I’d love to try it anyway and see and feel for myself what it can do for me…

  10. Barrie

    I wish we had a store in our area! I’ve only heard of Orogold online so I had no idea there was an actual store! This company is just what I need for my aging skin.

  11. Sheri Macy

    I like the quality ingredients that are used in Orogold products and the fact that Orogold backs its products 100%. I would love to try this brand on my mature skin.

  12. Abigail Stinson

    I’ve heard really nothing but good things about your brand I’m really excited to try it! I think your company is also very nice and professional.

  13. Deborah Caudill

    I received the body lotion as a gift and it made me feel so pampered. My skin was actually glowing and was luxuriously soft and smooth. I have been wanting to try the face products for a long time. I am 62 and my skin has few wrinkles, but it does have some brown spots that are from sun damage I obtained as a young child when there were apparently no sunscreens. Orogold has been made with the most exquisite products that help advance what good qualities our skin started out with and those that enhance what our skin needs to maintain and improve elasticity, collagen replacement and fillers to diminish those small fine wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth. I would love to see what Orogold could do to improve the texture, look and feel of my skin.

  14. Holly Daniels

    Sounds like just what my skin needs. I love that I can actually understand the ingredients and know what I’m putting on my skin. Can’t wait to try!

  15. Christine W.

    I like the ingredient list. I also like that we can try the product first because I have tried other products that actually dried out my skin when they were supposed to moisturize.

  16. Lisa Nguyen


  17. Popi T

    I had try them on a visit that I had to London and since then I love them! O have buy only the 24K day cream because I don’t want to buy something without try it first and in my country we don’t have orogold..

  18. MagB

    I love companies that stand behind their products. I cannot fathom how much $$ I’ve spent on ‘miracle’ products that were a total waste of money and ended up in the trash.

  19. NolaRover

    Please when can we expect Orogold to be available in New Orleans? We don’t mind getting it when were in Miami or New York but it would be nice to have it readily available locally.

  20. lipstickandhighheels1985

    Their skincare is just so hard to beat due to the optimal skincare results you experience when you use their fabulous products!! The ingredients and thought & care that’s obviously put into every product they develop speaks for itself!

  21. NJ Nowoselski

    I have never tried your products but I am impressed with the ingredients you use. In fact I am shocked you actually have gold listed. I would love to try but I am still concerned since I have sensitive skin. Entering your contest so I may be able to try out.

  22. Joan Fore

    The products are pricey however you get what you pay for… beautiful cases in which they have the very best ingredients which does the job feels great on your skin

  23. Mary Songer

    I love the motto of making us feel like royalty in our own homes. Orogold makes only the highest quality products and the packaging is so wonderful that it is like a decoration for my vanity.

  24. Joyce McDaniel

    My skin would love to have these products. I know they would help me a lot. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford them. So hoping to win your giveaway.

  25. Michele Ziemann

    I don’t think I could afford to use the products or even try any of the services but I would love ❤️ to! But I am on disability and I can’t afford to pay for much.

  26. Jad Cheaib

    I have went ahead and did some research on your product. I must say after reading the reviews and how it works the product itself seems great. What is really attractive about this product is their ingredients list. All of which are rich.

  27. Debbie Welchert

    This product line sounds so wonderful. I love that you can try a sample to make sure you are not allergic to it. I know everyone here, men and women, would love using any of your products.

  28. John H.

    I think that it is cool that some of the main ingredients in OROGOLD products include Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extracts, Seaweed Extracts, Salicyclic Acid, Citric Acid, Vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, Chitosan, Collagen, Kojic Acid, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Diamond Dust, Pearls and our signature ingredient – Gold.

  29. Lauren Jones

    I really love how I am able to try before buying which in return makes me feel like this company actually cares about me as a customer and truly values me as a potential future customer.

  30. Jennifer Rose

    Orogold is hands down the best skincare products out on the market today. I agree their a little pricey but lets face it the ingredients they use aren’t found at Walmart. If they were cheaper they probably wouldn’t be as beneficial as they are!!! Thank you

  31. Dana Morin

    I would love to try Orogold products, I defiantly need to find a location near me! I have tried so many anti aging products and have found nothing I am impressed with yet. Orogold sounds like what I’ve been waiting for!!

  32. Cheryl Davies

    I absolutely love the day moisturizer that I have from OROGOLD, but sadly it is almost empty, and but it will soon be time to replace it, and that means I can try out some new products, which is an awesome bonus.

  33. Dana Smith

    I was blessed with good skin (thanks to the family genes) but everyone has bad days from stress, lack of sleep, hormonal breakouts, so having a good skincare regimin does help. Love Orogold!

  34. Gail Lindsey

    I think people should try Orogold products, because you let your customers try them for free to see if they have any allergic reactions to them. Plus, the products are wonderful for your skin!

  35. Diana

    I would love to say they are awesome products; but have not tried them! Would be great to win this so I can pamper myself! Quality products would be great for my skin!

  36. evonne Brooks

    I would love to be able to say how wonderful your products are and why I use them but like many others,I have never been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to buy them as they are out of my price range for a beauty product.

  37. Sandy Reis

    I would love to try these products! My skin is older so I really need to find some new products that will help me keep up with the aging process!

  38. Lorrie Cutter

    I love all my Orogold skin care products. The feel good, are easy to appy, have a pleasant scent, not irritating and absorb quickly. I high quality product I would recommend to any one wanted to keep their skin looking and feeling its best or even to improve the quality of troubled skin. Products that make me feel beautiful!

  39. Valerie

    My husband gave me an early Christmas gift. He bought me the body butter, body lotion, body salt, and hand cream. I love the difference it’s already making in my skin. Even shaving my legs feels like a closer shave. The fine lines around my eyes are fading… it’s been less than 2 weeks and I am hooked for life! I may have to give up my retirement though…. they could definitely use a discount option or points card for loyal customers.

    1. OROGOLD

      We are so glad you are enjoying your OROGOLD products! OROGOLD stores offer special loyalty programs with discounts and other perks for our valued customers, check them out next time!
      Thank you,
      How to Use OROGOLD

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