The Men and Women of OROGOLD

The Men and Women of OROGOLD

It would be easy to assume that male skin and female skin have the same needs. After all, skin is skin, right? However, when you take a look at the different layers and components that make up the skin, male skin and female skin are actually quite different in several ways, largely due to each gender’s varying hormones. One of the biggest differences is in the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin. Men have an epidermis that is usually around 20% thicker than that of women, meaning that their skin tends to be stronger, firmer and better capable of retaining moisture. Male skin also produces more collagen and elastin than female skin, which is why women usually develop fine lines and wrinkles at an earlier age than men.

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Since male skin is inclined to a faster cell renewal rate, it is much better protected and less susceptible to the damage caused by free radicals and the UV rays of the sun. However, although male skin is less prone to negative influences, it can still be subjected to a range of skin care problems due to more visible pores.


The male lifestyle can also play a dramatic role on the condition of their skin. Although the trends have been changing, men are not known for paying much attention to their skin. When you add the damage caused by regular shaving into the picture, you have the perfect mix for problems like irritation, dry skin and sensitive skin to constantly haunt men of all ages and skin types.


24K Men's Collection

These major differences in skin require men and women to use skin care products that concentrate on their type of skin. However, before we proceed, it is important to understand that, in most cases, men and women can use the same kind of products for their skin care requirements. Items like cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers can work equally well for both male or female skin. However, there are a few concerns that need to be treated separately, making dedicated skin care collections for each gender a must.


OROGOLD has designed the 24K Sir Collection with male skin in mind. The collection consists of five superstar products that have been formulated to address the main anti-aging concerns that men often experience. From dullness, roughness and discoloration to fine lines and wrinkles, the 24K Sir Collection will soon have you on your way to skin that looks stronger, smoother and revitalized. Another prominent difference between male and female skin is that men usually shave their faces far more frequently, often every day. This is why we created the 24K Men’s Aftershave Balm. Just a couple of drops on your face after shaving will leave your skin feeling calm and refreshed, while reducing the appearance of any redness and other post-shave irritations.

On the other hand, when it comes to women, the demands are much more centered on helping the skin to combat aging, so as to ensure that it retains its firmness, texture and youth. To achieve this, OROGOLD offers its female customers the unique 24K Collagen Collection. The 24K Collagen Collection helps in improving skin elasticity, and tries to prevent female skin from looking older because of collagen breakdown. This in turn allows a woman to get younger and firmer looking skin. The collection cosists of two standout products – the 24K Collagen Pre-Mask and the 24K Collagen Renewal Cream. Both of these products can easily be incorporated into your existing skin care routine to enhance the overall appearance of your skin.


Finally, there are a number of OROGOLD products that can equally benefit both men and women. The 24K White Gold Collection contains products such as the 24K Deep Moisturizer, 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling, 24K Mousse Cleanser and 24K Purifying Toner, all of which are a glowing example of unisex products. The OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Collection is yet another collection that can easily be used by both men and women. It consists of the wonders of gold, along with the goodness of Vitamin C, helping the skin to look younger and firmer.

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  1. Divya Asha

    Wow… Now even men have some wonderful skincare products from Orogold. It has become an unisex brand. That’s great! Will recommend these products to my brothers 🙂

  2. Edmund Chee

    My name is Edmund and my daughter, age 16 struggled with acne problem for over long period. She tried everything from strong medications, different cosmetic brands to diet to try and calm her skin. Nothing has helped, I believe this product work for her. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to feel radiant and youthful again. Thank you

  3. Deborah Caudill

    All of these collections sound phenomenal. I have used some of your products over the years and found them to be luxurious and made with the best quality ingredients. I didn’t realize you had mens’ products or as many collections as you now have. I would love to try the collagen renewal or the Vitamin C collections. My skin is extremely dry and has past sun damage, so I think either of those would help me retain moisture.

  4. Rachael O'Brien

    This looks truely luxurious. I’d be hugely grateful to try as have only recently been interested in taking care of my skin at 34 and 20 months of broken sleep , it’s taking its toll now x

  5. Sandy Weinstein

    it is not fair that men’s skin does not age as fast as women’s. i would love to win this to try some of your products. i wish they were not so expensive.

  6. Jessica W.

    It’s so important to have skin care products tailored to your skin type and especially important to be made for men and women, since their lifestyles and skin care routines can be so different.

  7. Guinless

    This product looks unbelievably luxurious. I would love to try it to se if it can help my mature skin look better than it does right now. every little helps, as the saying goes.

  8. Avena

    I would love to win this I’ve heard so much about the product. It will be an awesome birthday gift for me, May 14. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  9. Peggy Radiotis

    Would it be possible to buy a sample before investing in this product?
    It is quite expensive and before making that kind of commitment I would like to try it first.

  10. susan carter

    ive used your hand cream, and it is the best hand cream ive ever used, im a single mom and your a little pricey. I would love to enter the draw for the 24k gold mask.

    thank you
    susan carter

  11. Nora Grahe

    I am amazed at how well your products work! So many have tried to dupe what you have but not possible for you truly have most wonderful and amazingly fabulous products, Thank You! I really hope to finally win and grateful for the chance! So exciting and it would mean so much to win, Thanks again!

  12. Karen Klinck

    Obviously a lot of thought has gone into Orogold (goldgold?) Aloe is a wonderful ingredient for any skin product; I keep a couple of aloe plants around for emergencies, such as burns. It’s good that you have both men’s and women’s products. Some men need more skin care than others. I’m glad I don’t need to shave! (At least, not my face.) I’m intrigued by the product.

  13. Maria

    This product seems like something I would like to try. There are so many ways to protect our skin. I do wear sunscreen but I know there are several steps that I am missing. I really need to make my skin a priority so that I can help with the signs of aging.

  14. Dagmar Finch

    It makes good sense to help female skin to stay firm with good care and hydration. Skin is your first line of defense, if it isn’t in good shape, it can’t protect you.

  15. Marion Anderson

    I love OroGold! Such great results and really easy to use!!! These products are my daily routine now and all my friends have noticed the results!!! I send them all to OroGold!!!

  16. Brenda Cremer

    I love the Orogold products, the creams are very luxurious and moisturizing, it absorbs into your skin and makes it feel like silk. The cleanser smells so beautiful and makes your face feel so smooth and soft after you wash your face. Definitely a luxury product line.

  17. Troy

    Very useful information, learned more about male skin than I knew before, it’s brands like Orogold that offer this information and know the science that obtain my loyalty.

  18. Raymond Langer

    Io have sensitive skin and prone to breakout even in my 50’s. I need a product that will help moisturize while hydrating my skin. Orogold has what I need.

  19. Honest Reviews

    I prefer to have unisex products at home, because that way there is a bigger chance my hubby would use them, and if he doesn’t, they wouldn’t go to waste. So I am happy that you have both gender specific and unisex products.

  20. Deborah Cochran

    I love that Orogold also has products for men. Having unisex products is cost effective and gives men the products they can rely on without strong scents or abrasive.

  21. Anne

    I didn’t know that male skin has faster cell renewal! And I agree that men do not pay too much of attention to their skin that is why I introduced my 16-year-old to moisturizers already. I hope he continues to take care of his skin until he grows older. Serums and moisturizers have been very effective for him since his acne has visibly reduced. Excited to try the 24k collection on him!

  22. Gabrielle

    You really seem to understand men and women’s unique skin needs – not surprising given how terrifically effective your products are. Love your masks!

  23. Navdeep

    I am a returning satisfied customer since 2012. Discovered Orogold products first time in Dubai, then London, afterwards USA and later finally in my own town A’dam. Looking forward to receive a personalised customer contact.

  24. Victoria Scott

    I like that there are products for both men and women. My husband and I have similiar skin types, so it might be helpful to use the same products.

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