The Benefits of Adding Yogurt To Your Diet

The Benefits of Adding Yogurt To Your Diet
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Yogurt is one of those foods that people end up having strong feelings about for no apparent reason. Some people absolutely can’t stand it because of the texture. Everything else about it gets ignored because they can’t understand why anyone would eat it. Others might have dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating it. For the majority of us, it can be a decidedly healthy addition to our diet and a pleasant treat. We just need to find a yogurt that we actually want to eat. The benefits of yogurt tend to vary among varieties, but most of the time we can all derive at least a few benefits from any give kind of yogurt. Most of us probably leaped at the idea of “probiotics” when seeing we were going to be talking about the benefits of yogurt. We’re going to touch on this, yes, but there are other benefits we should all be aware of too and a few things need to be cleared up about probiotics along the way.

Probiotic Support
The dominant pitch for eating yogurt lately is getting support for your gut flora, the bacteria in your intestines, by eating yogurt. It has spread from a few select kinds of yogurt to most of them at this point and is more than a little misleading. Every kind of yogurt is not going to give you probiotic support. Additionally, not every brand advertising that they have it is actually giving it to you. Yogurt needs to have an active culture of bacteria in it to actually be of any use as a probiotic. Finding the right brand for this requires a little research to help you pin down exactly who is telling you the truth and what brand is best for the support you want. Fortunately, the information is out there and easy to acquire. Probiotic support of this kind will help ease your digestion and overall make the entire process easier on your body overall. Additionally, it can help make you more resistant to certain kinds of invading bacteria. The fact a single thing can support your health in so many ways is why probiotics are so popular. There are other ways yogurt can help though.


A Little Bit Of Everything
Yogurt is actually a good, general purpose addition to many diets. Regardless of the type, the food tends to be fairly rich in plenty of vital nutrients. These help to support the body in countless little ways across various systems. Notably, you can customize what you’re getting out of the yogurt in some cases by picking the fruit yogurt that you’re eating carefully. This will allow you to control for some of the more dominant nutrients that you want in your yogurt. It is simply another way to get a little bit of fruit in your diet in this case. Eating a fruit yogurt does detract from the other potential benefits of yogurt though. This is because there is less room for just the plain yogurt in the container at that point. Fruit, after all, is a little bulkier than a gel-like food. Regardless of the kind of yogurt you’re eating, it is a relatively healthy addition to your diet as long as you’re not eating to excess. We recommend sticking with low-fat yogurt for the most of the benefits with as few issues as possible for a dairy product.

Staying Dense
Osteoporosis is a serious issue that ends up affecting all of us over time. This is especially true for older women and others with higher estrogen levels. It simply becomes harder over time to maintain our overall bone density. That’s why many women begin taking vitamin D supplements earlier in their lives and eating to include more calcium in their diets. It helps to counteract the higher rate of osteoporosis later in life. Other people need to worry about the problem too. It becomes a pronounced issue for many of us as we age. Yogurt, as a dairy product, tends to be a fairly good source of calcium. This is good on its own, but many companies fortify their yogurts with vitamin D as well. Vitamin D helps your body to absorb and utilize calcium more effectively. That makes yogurt one of the better foods you can be eating for long term bone health. It is also relatively simple as far as goods go and easy to process. This is also useful as we get older.

Yogurt is one of those foods that is surprisingly healthy for you. Most people reach for probiotics as the reason why, but people are overly willing to throw that word around without fully understanding what it requires to be meaningful. Genuine probiotic yogurts are useful for your health, yes, but other yogurts can support bone and general health easily too. We recommend including a little yogurt in any healthy diet where you can actually consume dairy. It will support you more than you know.

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