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Does Topical Botox Exist?

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Botox is a treatment that is now synonymous with a cosmetic procedure. The quick and effective treatment is capable of providing you relief from forehead wrinkles for up to six months. It achieves this by acting on the muscles and preventing their movement so that you can’t keep forming those wrinkles that often prove to be so bothersome. There is a small problem though: the needles. Many people out there don’t enjoy the prospect of an injection even if it is relatively quick. This leads to the pursuit of a topical botox option that can provide all the benefits without a needle ever entering the picture. Some people have taken to waiting on this product and wondering why it isn’t here yet. This is worth taking a closer look as it is one of those instances where our hopes may have gotten ahead of our science. It turns out that topical botox does exist in some fashion, but it isn’t necessarily safe just yet.

Skipping the Needles
There have been a number of companies working towards achieving a cosmetic botox product for some time. After all, it would be a boon to any company thanks to its ability to bypass some of the common problems associated with botox. A topical option couldn’t penetrate far into the muscles and as a result, it could be used in more places than standard botox. The shortened length of effect would be more than made up for with this added flexibility. One company even got relatively close to having a market-ready product within recent years. The variant on botox actually entered into human clinical trials. It passed through multiple phases of testing before stalling out in the final one. The end result is that the FDA has not yet approved of any true topical botox products. They have not yet met the safety and quality standards necessary to be available outside of a laboratory environment. This is unfortunate but it brings us to another topic worth covering.

Knock Offs
The promise of a topical botox has led many people to get ahead of themselves. Various companies have made a move towards trying to provide such an effect. Furthermore, some less than scrupulous people have tried to make their own and market it quietly. None of this is necessarily good news for our skin. Companies offering products with similar effects are worth looking into as they will likely help your skin, but you can typically expect relatively short-lasting effects. Nothing can yet replace the actual effect of botox effectively. This is worth remembering if you want a truly effective treatment. Anyone trying to market these products on the sly away from a major company could be running a risk with your health. Untested treatments can end up hurting your skin and given that botox is a controlled use of a toxin, it makes far more sense to wait until there is an approved form available in the market.

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The Options Available
What we really want out of topical botox is simply a way to get the facelift look quickly, effectively, and painlessly. That’s a rather long list of demands for just one product. A lot of products try to meet that marker though. Unfortunately, as highlighted above, few things can actually provide the same results as botox. That would require them emulating the effect of the toxin on the muscles and that is harder to do than you might think. There are plenty of options available for temporarily tightening and firming the skin though. All of the products that offer this give you a short-term way to address an issue and counteract it slightly so that you feel better about your appearance. Actual long-lasting effects require dedication to skincare and even admitting that you do have to use some form of botox treatment. As frustrating as it might be that you still have to have injections for the treatment, there is no denying that it is highly effective and may be what many of us end up looking for at some point in our lives.

Topical botox may be everyone’s favorite “what if” talking point when treatment options come up, but it isn’t yet a reality for most of us. All treatments and products need to be officially approved for both their safety and effectiveness. The lack of a topical botox product is specifically due to the options thus far not making it past that barrier. People will keep innovating though. Eventually, we may very well see a topical botox option, but it certainly isn’t there yet.

Not Ready For Botox? No Problem!

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Botox is, for many, one of those beauty inventions that is almost beyond reproach. It lets us tame stubborn wrinkles that seem unable to be stopped all while ensuring lasting progress is made. Admittedly, the treatment has garnered a particular reputation for needing to be done correctly to ensure a natural look. There’s also the small matter that improperly administering it can also lead to paralysis issues in the face and jaw. This sort of baggage is why not everyone is always keen on reaching straight towards Botox treatments when they have stubborn wrinkles. The good news is that you have plenty of options even if you’re not ready to try Botox injections or similar treatments. We’ve put a few together in a short list as well as explanations of how they can provide you with similar results. This should help you make an informed decision about your cosmetic goals.

Retinol, Retinoids, And Your Face
There are few words are common in skincare these days as retinol. The compound is a particular form of vitamin A with its relatives, the retinoids, in turn being derivatives of it. All of them are useful when it comes to skincare for a number of reasons. One of the most important things they can do is actually encourage the overall cell turnover rate where they’re applied. This is important as maintaining a good cell turnover rate actually helps to overall minimize how readily wrinkles appear by denying them extra aid in formation. Some studies also imply that retinol can actually support the production of collagen in the skin as well. This structural protein is the entire reason why your skin is comparatively firm in youth. Gradual collagen depletion across life tends to be what causes wrinkles to form over time as habitual damage becomes permanent where skins folds regularly. This makes regularly using retinol and similar compounds incredibly useful when it comes to smoothing and minimizing all forms of wrinkles.

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Exfoliation Expertise
Many of the best options you have as an option other than Botox involve making a commitment to using specific products. Retinol, as we discussed before, is one of these, but another is ensuring that you’re remembering to exfoliate with a good chemical exfoliation compound. The biggest names in this category are the hydroxy acids. You’re more commonly going to run into the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic and citric acid than you are their older relative salicylic acid, one of the only beta hydroxy acids the skincare industry uses. These acids are all approved for use on the skin in specific concentrations. They help by dissolving dirt, grime, and layers of built up dead skin cells that can deepen wrinkles. Regularly exfoliating with these products goes a long way towards helping keep wrinkles to a minimum while applying them by lightly massaging the skin can cause blood flow that in turn supports collagen production. Notably, over-the-counter products take time to have a clear effect, but a supervised chemical peel can get you faster results in exchange for needing more aftercare.

A More Permanent Fix
Interestingly enough, there are a number of comparatively minor surgical alternatives to Botox that can permanently achieve many of the same results. Some of them focus on breaking up underlying issues by breaking accidental attachments between the surface skin and other structures deeper in the skin while others literally cut away the problem. The latter is perhaps the closest to the actual effects of Botox. These procedures work by removing the connection between muscles in the forehead of some of the muscles themselves to prevent the wrinkling from constant movement and bunching of the skin. The result is the same in that it allows the skin to repair the area over time and smooth out the lines to the point that they can potentially vanish. It is worth noting that as these are surgical alternatives that there is a risk of there being a minor scar involved, but much of the time the incisions involved are so small that proper care will make them practically invisible with time.

Most of us are so used to Botox being a standard beauty procedure that we don’t pause to consider alternatives. Good care goes a long way towards helping minimize wrinkles all over the face, but sometimes you need to go that extra step and have a procedure done. Your best course of action is almost always to talk to your dermatologist or cosmetic professional about your desires. They will be able to point you towards potential treatments that meet your criteria even if one of them is “Not Botox”.

Five Ways To Highlight Your Décolletage

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Age tends to force us to make certain concessions when it comes to how we present ourselves. We tend to reevaluate our appearance every decade to decade and a half for this reason. No matter how much care we provide, there is eventually a point where we can tell we need to make a change in how we present ourselves. We need to be clear about this to ensure there are no misunderstandings though. This doesn’t mean there are certain things you must be automatically banned from wearing after a certain age or that a particular look is for one age only, but rather that how we look asks us to experiment and find something that suits us again. Experiment with all the looks you choose and, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find one that is always in your favor. Not all of them are though as clothes that expose one’s decolletage can be less flattering once we hit our 40s or older without taking the right steps. The decolletage can become a sign of age instead. We have some tips on how to make it stand out even as we age though and be a point of pride instead.

Appropriate care if your best option when it comes to properly emphasizing your decolletage as you age. The skin tends to be thinner and as a result it tends to be more susceptible to damage and other ill-effects. You’ll generally see wrinkles by your 40s if you’re not taking proper care of the skin. Exfoliating it regularly is a great step towards helping maintain your decolletage though. Exfoliation helps keep the skin clear and youthful looking while minimizing the potential for wrinkling. We recommend massaging the area as you apply your exfoliating product as well. This will encourage a healthy and attractive natural glow from blood flow. Be gentle with the area though.

In a similar vein, you’ll want to ensure you’re regularly moisturizing the area as well. Dry skin wrinkles easier than any other skin and is even more prone to it thanks to folds being deeper from dead skin cells. Regularly applying moisturizer helps to maintain the moisture barrier of the thinner skin while keeping it plump with a healthy amount of moisture. This maintains the youthful, healthy, and smooth look that can start to fade in our 40s and above. Maintaining the look will help add emphasis to your appearance that others lack.

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Try Highlighting
You can add a bit of makeup to help highlight the area once you’ve appropriately cared for it for a little while. This trick involves using the play of light on the decolletage. As a result, it generally isn’t the most suitable for low light situations, but can be highly tasteful for particular spring and summer outfits. You’ll want to use a highlighting product, but instead of centering it directly above the cleavage you want to target your collarbone instead. This trick will help encourage the flow of the eye throughout the area and add emphasis everywhere you want it instead of a particular area.

Try A Specialty Product
There are actually products available that can help you reverse or improve the overall appearance of your decolletage even if you’ve noticed a bit of sagging. Firming creams are useful for just this purpose. They help by supporting the collagen in your skin. Collagen is a vital structural protein that provides firmness for much of your skin’s life. Additionally, many firming creams also support the production and maintenance of elastin, the protein that lets your skin snap back in place and minimizes wrinkling.

Keep Protecting The Area
You’ll likely already be experiencing a little wrinkling if you’re in your 40s and even more if you’re older. We recommend using this as a reminder that you want to protect the area to prevent wrinkling from becoming a problem. Proper protection that minimizes wrinkles will make your decolletage even more noticeable as you age by helping you remain youthful looking. Follow the other care suggestions we’ve given and make sure to apply sunscreen to the area. It should be at least SPF 30 and offer broad spectrum protection to get the most protection.

You can do a lot to help emphasize your decolletage as your age. Tastefully doing this involves helping it look its best and minimizing the impact of age on the area. You can use a few makeup techniques to give a slight tasteful highlight with the right skills too. Remember that looking your best by defying age tends to draw more eyes as we age. Consider trying these tips out now that spring is approaching. You might just be able to break out that old favorite outfit of yours without feeling self-conscious.

How to Pamper Your Décolletage

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Most of us are familiar with the concept of pampering our skin by this point in our lives. After all, pampered skin helps us look our best no matter the situation. It can be a difficult path to travel though. There are so many little things we need to remember about proper skincare. You need to do this before that with something of that temperature right after you do that other thing. Confusing doesn’t even begin to cover how it all appears from the outside. All these little rules and reminders serve a purpose though. They are what makes sure we don’t neglect one part of ourselves for another and thereby diminish our appearance overall. Making sure we get all of these little bits right is in many ways the key to fighting back against the signs of aging across each of our lives. With that in mind, we’re going to talk about the appropriate ways to pamper and treat your décolletage.

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My What?
The term isn’t necessarily as widely known as it once was, but it remains an important part of skincare and fashion language. Simply put, the décolletage is an easy way to refer to your neck, shoulders, and upper torso. It particular it tends to reference the area of the upper torso along the cleavage in particular. The term is French and originally referred largely to the upper line on low cut dresses, but naturally shifted to encompass the area as well. Many of us have our share of outfits that make the most of exposing this area. They’re a good confidence booster and help us both look and feel younger. Improperly caring for that area tends to add years onto our apparent age though. That’s because wrinkling of the area is fairly common and easily caused by our outfits and habits. Creating cleavage can fold some skin and as can sleeping on our sides or being neglectful of protecting the area. Fortunately, you can correct and work against these problems quite easily.

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Protective Factors
Wear sunscreen. This is sincerely the single most important thing that you can do for your décolletage. Sun damage helps to degrade the collagen in the skin and as a result it begins to lose firmness. When this skin folds, it folds even deeper and damages yet more collagen over time. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles forming comparatively quickly if we’re fond of lower cut shirts. It is important to note that you also stand the chance for a higher rate of skin discolorations in the area if you’re not wearing sunscreen on it as well. So remember to use SPF 30 sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection anytime you’re going to be outside or near windows for most of the day. It is a simple and easy way to guard against signs of aging. Additionally, you’ll want to stick a pillow between your breasts if you’re prone to sleeping on your side. This will prevent further creases from forming due to gravity while you rest.

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Care and Pampering
Taking care of the area isn’t actually that hard. It largely just involves extending your normal skincare routine a little lower than you normally would. For instance, your décolletage benefits from regular exfoliation and moisturizing just like the rest of your skin. This can be particularly important if you’re fond of low cut tops. Exfoliation will help keep the skin look and feeling healthy. This is important as it also reduces the rate as which wrinkles form by helping to shed unwanted layers of dead skin. Additionally, the process of applying the exfoliating product massages the area and as a result boost blood flow. You’re further promoting healthy skin by doing this. Moisturizing the area will help make the most of the regular exfoliating by helping to keep the area at a health level of hydration. This keeps the skin plump and smooth looking. In turn, your can expect your décolletage to look that much younger and healthier. It is made up of your skin and follows the same rules as the rest of it. Just remember that gentleness is key.

It remains strange that so few people know that they need to tend to their décolletage to help ensure their appearance long term. You need to care for all your skin to keep it healthy. This goes doubly when you’re potentially exposing an area of skin to the sun regularly. Learning to take proper care of often neglected areas of your skin will go a long way towards helping you look your best for years to come.

Protect Your Skin from Disease and Early Signs of Aging

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Protecting our skin is something most of us take seriously. After all, the time and effort a good routine can take to assemble and regularly use is a distinct investment. Making the most of it is important. The goal of good routines is to help clean and protect your skin. This helps to minimize the overall chance for skin disease. An added benefit is that many of us will also age a bit more gracefully if we’re looking after our skin carefully. Knowing that a good routine can help do each of these is all well and good, but what are the elements that do it? If you know what to focus on, you can better protect your skin overall. We’re going to go over the necessary steps for properly protecting your skin so that you know some of the better techniques for protecting your skin. This way you’ll be better informed and be able to feel more confident about your skincare.

Wear Sunscreen
You’d be surprised how many people forget to do this. Your skin needs regularly protecting from sun exposure. Yes, a certain amount of sun is healthy and helps you to properly produce vitamin D in many cases, but any exposure for this purpose needs to be paired with sunscreen to lower the overall chance of skin damage. Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of premature aging. The UV rays introduce free radicals into the skin that damage collagen within your skin and increase the overall chance for wrinkles. This also degrades your skin’s ability to heal itself due to constant levels of low level damage. Your best and only solution here is prevention. Fortunately, this isn’t hard at all. All you need to do is look for a sunscreen or other SPF based product that offers broad spectrum protection with an SPF of 30 or more. It generally doesn’t matter what kind of sunscreen you’re using, but you’ll get more out of products that utilize the physical blocker zinc oxide as an active ingredient.

Be Gentle, Be Mindful
It can actually be relatively difficult to protect your skin from skin disease. A lot of them you don’t really get much of a choice in as they’re simply part of your genetics. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do your best to avoid causing them to manifest though. Helping to minimize the chance of skin disease manifesting from your genetics is as simple as being gentle to your skin. Harsh products and rough treatments tend to be the things that will trigger the initial inflammatory response that can spiral out of control. Be particularly gentle when it comes to using products on your face as that area of your skin is extra sensitive. You will also want to be mindful of ensuring you wash your hands regularly before touching your face. Try to avoid sharing products with others as well. These simple steps will minimize your exposure to outside factors that can increase the incidence of skin diseases.

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Stay Moisturized
Another big step you can take towards keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking is to remember to properly moisturize. Our skin things as we age and is less able to trap moisture than it is when we’re younger. This lessened ability leads to situations where our skin becomes drier and less resilient in the face of any sort of damage. In fact, it actually becomes more susceptible to sun damage without a proper moisture barrier. All of this is relatively easily solved by the simple act of moisturizing properly. You’ll want to figure out the appropriate kind of moisturizer to use with your skin though. People with oily skin are going to want to stick to things like toners for the most part that are more water than anything else. This will help prevent other skin issues by adding to an oil buildup. By contrast, anyone with dry skin will want to consider oil-based creams as their best option depending on how dry their skin is at the time. The rest of us can generally get away with products like lotions that fall at neither extreme.

Protecting your skin from both disease and premature signs of aging is a commitment. You need to remember to use the right products and to avoid habits that can leave your skin more susceptible. It isn’t that hard though. Anyone can learn these rules and others to help them work towards better skincare. In the end, it all comes down to how much you’re willing to do to ensure your skin remains healthy as the years go by.

Preventing Wrinkles During Weight Loss

We all need to lose a little weight at one point or another. After all, very few people can deny that sometimes we just stop being concerned about taking care of ourselves and the pounds begin to add up as we’re busy dealing with other issues. Excess weight isn’t good for us though. This is especially true when it comes to belly fat as it is a risk factor for both heart disease and diabetes. Fortunately, it is easy enough to talk to your doctor about diet and exercise plans that can help you work on losing weight. You’ll get rid of the pounds eventually, but a lot of us tend to worry about the prospect of wrinkles both during and after weight loss due to there not being anything to hold up the excess skin. Don’t worry though. You can do plenty of things to ensure that that isn’t an issue and that you lose those extra pounds without adding unwelcome wrinkles.

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Eat Right
One of the things your doctor will tell you about weight loss is that it is about making good habits. A healthy diet can go a long way towards helping you lose weight by helping you to both manage your appetite and help regulate your metabolism a little better. It is actually crucial to ensuring your skin’s health while you’re losing weight too. Your body will deal with the excess skin, but it needs materials to deal with things naturally. A rich diet in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, as well as dark, leafy greens will provide your body with what it needs to help rebuild and adjust your skin as you lose weight. A healthy diet is actually what will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to ensuring you’re not dealing with wrinkles from weight loss. Admittedly, you’ll also want to make sure you’re drinking enough water as well. Try to avoid excess alcohol consumption because it will hurt both your attempts at weight loss and your skin’s overall health.

Protect Your Skin
We all turn to different kinds of exercise to help us with weight loss. The key is finding something we’re passionate about that can hold our focus long enough that the exercise becomes a habit. For a lot of us that can become jogging or walking outside. It is important to remember that part of long term skincare is remembering to protect your skin from the sun. This becomes especially true when you’re trying to lose weight. Expose to the sun introduces free radicals into your skin that damage the collagen, a primary structural protein. Damaged collagen is unable to support your skin properly and it increases the rate at which you form wrinkles. As a result, good sun protection is also part of helping to reduce the chance for wrinkles while you’re losing weight. It is a good rule whether you’re exercising outside or inside though. Broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher is required to properly protect your skin. You can also use a moisturizer with the appropriate components for your face.

Working out
Take Your Time
Diet and sun protection will do a lot for your skin, but you need to lose weight gradually. We all know the commercials that advertise miracle fat burning pills that will make you lose tremendous amounts of weight quickly. This is incredibly tempting to those of us with slower metabolisms who had trouble losing weight, but you don’t want to take that route. You can never really go off weight loss supplements without gaining weight back and still worse is the fact that losing weight that fast is what is most likely to cause wrinkles. Your body needs time to gradually process all the energy in fat cells so that it can adjust your skin and other parts of your body around this gradual loss of weight. Focus on building towards long term weight loss. Eating right and exercising regularly with the goal of building and maintaining a healthy amount of muscle will let you lose weight at a healthy rate that minimizes unsightly wrinkles and will make it easier for you to keep the weight off.

Wrinkles and weight loss may be connected, but only because we aren’t taught how to lose weight properly most of the time. Western culture demands results in an instant and often skips over the fact that some things take time. Lose weight slowly by eating a good diet and exercising properly. That will do wonders to help minimize your chance at wrinkles as long as you’re taking most normal steps to nourish and protect your skin from damage.

Lifestyle and Environmental Factors That May Lead To Wrinkles

woman with fine wrinkles
Wrinkles are one of those sad instabilities of skincare. Most of our practices are designed to make them stay away longer and be less obvious as they come in. In effect, good skincare is really about aging as gracefully as your genetics allow…or more gracefully if you’re willing to put in the effort. We’re used to hearing about how we age being related to countless little factors that it feels like we have to manage. Genetic factors are the ones we all worry about because there is precious little you can really do if you inherited less than perfect skin from a relative. You can do a lot to help minimize outside factors though. Lifestyle and environmental factors in particular are relatively easy to manage over the long term. Learning some of the more common factors will allow you to remove or minimize the potential problem and extend the youth of your skin. Let’s look at some of the more common factors that continue to be a problem for a lot of us.

The high point of smoking has come and gone culturally, but it remains a popular habit for many people. It isn’t actually the best habit for you if you’re intending to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Smoking is associated with dry, unhealthy skin among other things. Compounds in it also contribute to the breakdown of collagen in your skin. Both of these are factors that dramatically increases the likelihood of wrinkles. Dry skin builds up and causes fine lines to show more readily. The biggest issue is the collagen breakdown though. Your skin needs collagen if it is going to provide structure. That structure is what keeps your skin filled in so that there aren’t any wrinkles. You typically get them simply because your skin can’t keep collagen production on the same level as the habitual damage of folding skin. Adding on to the problem by causing collagen to break down is only going to make you get wrinkles faster.

Those of us who live in cities have gotten used to simply looking for a pollution alert before we go out. It is simply a trade off if you live in a large enough city. Those warnings are worth more than telling you how long it is healthy to be outside and exposed to the air though. It is also a warning that the air won’t be any good for your skin. Ground level ozone has particular properties that lead it to age the skin on contact. Small pockets of it exist along roadways in particular and other areas with particularly high concentrations of polluted air. They contribute to skin issues such as collagen breakdown and dry skin. Particulate matter in the air is also a problem. It can hurt your lungs, yes, but it can also hurt your skin at the same time. Little, sharp particulate matter can give your skin microscopic cuts that speed the aging process on top of their ability to get stuck in your skin’s natural oils and cut even more of your skin while being held close to it.

woman sleeping

Getting a good night’s sleep these days is hard. The sounds of cities and the country fade away to those who live there, but it seems like most of us simply have trouble getting the sleep we need. This is connected to disruptions to our natural sleep cycle brought on by modern innovations. All the light everywhere all the time tend to disrupt your body’s internal clock to the point that it doesn’t quite know when it is time to actually sleep. A chronic lack of sleep hurts your skin, though. Your body needs you to get regular sleep to ensure that it can repair any problems that occur in your skin over the course of the day. Failure to get the sleep means your skin doesn’t quite get the care it needs. We all need to put in a little more effort towards getting the right amount of sleep due to this. Turn lights low in the evening and consider turning off your phone so that no noises can wake up or disrupt the calm environment for the evening. That may help you get to sleep sooner than you otherwise would.

The many lifestyle and environmental factors involved in the appearance of wrinkles can be managed for, but we need to be careful about that management. It involves making changes to our habits to ensure we’re not hurting our skin and that we’re protecting it when we need to do so. We’ve touched on only some of the most common factors too. There are still others you may wish to look into to help ensure your skin is as healthy as possible. Just remember that some changes to your habits will be harder than others.

Focused Cold Therapy


In general, many people try to avoid the cold. It is unpleasant for people who like warmth and even people who like the cold often find it leads to things like joint pain or other problems. Dry skin, in particular, is an issue with the cold that many are used to fighting. It becomes relatively easy to start thinking of the cold as an obstacle to overcome instead of being a potentially useful ally. The truth is that cold has been used medicinally for millennia. It does need to be used appropriately to get the best effect out of it though. Focused cold therapy is one of the way in which both medical and cosmetic professionals routinely use cold today. Its use of cold can actually offer multiple valuable services to people who don’t mind a little chill in their care.

What Is It?
Focused cold therapy is, in essence, a method of directly targeting nerves in the human body. The goal is to freeze a nerve to the point it is no longer usable and to then allow the body to gradually renew and repair the nerve. While the nerves are frozen and damaged, they are unable to maintain their function. This makes focused cold therapy ideal for treating chronic pain and for relaxing muscles that might otherwise be causing wrinkled skin. Most focused cold therapy utilizes hollow needles inserted carefully into the skin. The needles are placed around a nerve before they are injected with a chilling substance like liquid nitrous oxide. It, in essence, flash freezes the nerve causing a highly specific form of damage to the nerve that it can come back from. The treatments generally last for several months before needing to be renewed.

Cosmetic Uses
Wrinkles tend to occur in the face around the places where the skin and muscle are most animate. The wrinkles caused by these dynamic movements build up quickly and easily as they’re often focused on areas that help us express ourselves. Focused cold therapy used in this way is actually somewhat similar to using Botox to paralyze facial muscles. The difference is that focused cold therapy is much more directly targeted and helps the face relax instead of paralyzing the muscles in place. Temporarily impairing the nerve prevents it from being able to trigger the muscles to make the expressions that cause the wrinkles. You should try to picture it as achieving the same results, but through the polar opposite means. It should be noted that this does mean that focused cold therapy is, like Botox, best used to deal with forehead wrinkles so as to avoid awkwardly impaired facial movement.

Medical Uses
Chronic pain is difficult to the people suffering from it. This is especially true if it is due to particular nerve impairments that prevent there being an easy solution. Focused cold therapy’s targeted damage is just the thing to help certain forms of chronic pain as a result. Treating pain from knee and back injuries is a common use for focused cold therapy as a result. It has seen some use in trying to help deal with migraines. In most cases, doctors are suggesting it as a being used in conjunction with traditional therapy to augment it. It has particular promise when it comes to reducing the overall need for painkillers for a patient and allowing them to undergo things like physical therapy with less overt issues that sometimes prevent patients from keeping up with the therapy.

Focused cold therapy is one of the many medical uses for cryogenic technologies. It’s targeted use may be the path to larger things in the future. For now, it offers a potentially slightly more body-friendly way to treat unwanted facial wrinkles or pain. Try talking to your doctor or dermatologist about whichever is most applicable to you. It will, at least, give you another option for particular courses of treatment.

Eye strain

Eye Strain and Wrinkles

Eye strain

Wrinkles are one of the seemingly inevitable skin problems. This is a fairly accurate assessment simply based on the way the skin works. It gradually loses its ability to repair and replace lost cells of particular types. We lose the definition and structure required to fully support our skin. Between this and other factors, fine lines and then wrinkles begin to form that deepen until they feel like they threaten to take over our appearance. You may be doing your best to try to stave off this problem. This will take you a long way, but you may be neglecting another possible source: eye strain. Not taking care of your eyes can lead to you adopting behaviors that encourage wrinkle formation and cause premature aging. Fortunately, we’re going to go over the hows and whys so you can know what and what not to do.

Eye Strain? Seriously?
Yes, seriously. Think about what you do when something is just out of sight. You squint at it to try to bring it into focus so that you can see it clearly. It’s an automatic and very human reaction. Squinting causes the skin around our eyes to crinkle as we attempt to get a better idea of whatever it is that we’re looking at at the time. Repeatedly doing this continues to crinkle those places in the skin and causes damage to the underlying tissue. This is especially true if you’re not already taking good care of the skin around your eyes. In turn, fine lines and wrinkles begin to form at a faster rate than they normally would simply from age alone.

Your skin needs three things to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance: moisture, collagen, and elastin. Each of these decreases in your skin with age. You can readily keep your skin relatively moist, but it will never be quite as moist as it once was simply due to the way aging works. Collagen and elastin are far trickier to help than applying a good moisturizer though. Both collagen and elastin are structural compounds in your skin. Collagen is what gives your skin a firm scaffolding to build off of and helps fill out your skin. Wrinkles primarily start to form where collagen has been damaged sufficiently. Elastin, however, is what helps keep your skin taut even if the collagen itself is a bit damaged. Beauty fans are likely already familiar with the many uses of topical vitamin C, but it bears repeating that it is useful for reminding your skin to make more collagen and elastin. It isn’t perfect, but it can help delay wrinkles.

What Can I Do?
With eye strain, the best thing you can do is to minimize your chances of having eye strain. Think about the things you end up squinting at on a daily basis. If it is your smartphone or tablet, then you should consider upping the size of the text and icons on the display. This will make it easier to read without you needing to squint. However, if you’re squinting at far more things than regular or if you’re certain you shouldn’t be squinting at your phone, then you should consider seeing an optometrist. It may be time to get your eyes checked for a prescription. A tasteful set of glasses or contacts can not only help you reduce eye strain, but it can also add another level of fashion to your appearance. Just remember the goal is to squint less so that you don’t crinkle the skin around your eyes as much and encourage wrinkles.

Eye strain initially seems like a strange culprit to blame for wrinkles, but it makes perfect sense. The skin around your eyes is particular sensitive due to how thin it is and much more prone to damage. Constant squinting can easily wear down the collagen in the area. This fosters the fine lines that transform into wrinkles without proper care. So remember that maintaining your beauty includes taking care of other aspects of your health like your eyesight as well.