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Five Reasons to Love Your Greys

Smiling mature woman with greying hair

Grey hair is an inevitable part of life as you age, and while your initial reaction may be to cover these up and try to hide them, you could instead learn how to love them. The 20% of greying American women who choose not to dye their hair have managed to do this, and this has resulted in them feeling more empowered and free than ever.

Not Dyeing Your Hair Saves Time and Money
If you have already been dyeing your hair for a few years now, take a minute to think about how much money, as well as time, you have spent on this. Whether you dye it yourself or have it done professionally, this is something that will have to be repeated every couple of months, meaning that the time and money that it takes from you can really add up. By saving money on all of that hair dye, you will be able to treat yourself in other parts of life.

Challenge What is Expected of You
In many societies, women are now expected to keep themselves looking as young as possible, and many feel as though they do not have a choice when it comes to dyeing their greys. However, think about the generations who are younger than you, and the type of message that you want to send to them. If you would prefer for women to be able to simply be themselves, and be proud of the way that they look, then you need to begin leading by example.

Mature woman feeling empowered

Feel Empowered
As mentioned above, keeping your grey hairs, and being proud of them on top of that, is something that challenges society’s expectations of women. By doing so, you will no doubt end up feeling empowered and free, as you are no longer following an unwritten set of rules that do not actually benefit you.

Show Off Your Wisdom and Maturity
Grey hair tends to mean that you have reached a certain stage in life, and with this stage comes added wisdom and maturity. Rather than dyeing your hair or cutting out your greys, leave them in so that other people can perceive you to be just as wise as you really are.

Woman with stylish greying hair

Grey Hair Does Not Need to Be Boring
Grey hair has actually been quite trendy in recent years, and many celebrities have proudly sported the shade. While many women think that grey hair is aging and boring, this definitely does not need to be the case. You can still experiment with different cuts, styles, and shades of grey, still allowing your hair to showcase your personality.

Many women who embrace their greys tend to call them silver, rather than grey, as silver is seen as a medal of sorts, while grey has more of a negative connotation. Whatever you want to call it, this is a part of life that you will not be able to avoid, so rather than trying to put off dealing with it for as long as possible, embrace it, love your greys, and be proud of who you are.