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Safe Tanning Options

Woman sunbathing

There are few things that look as appealing as a healthy tan. It looks good, feels good, and complements one’s looks at almost every time of year. Unfortunately, the process of getting the tan tends to be a problem. Naturally tanning yourself in the sun involves exposing your skin to large amount of UV rays and just adding on to the amount of sun damage you’ll have to answer for later in life. Many people try to get around the problem by opting for a tanning bed, but this is even worse as it exposes your skin to many times more UV rays than just tanning outside. Everyone wants to look tanned, but the most immediately obvious options are bad for us. There are plenty of ways to get a tan that doesn’t involve exposing your skin to UV rays while still giving us the much-coveted look. We’ve got a quick overview of some of the easiest ones.

Spray tan

Spray Tan
Yes, we’ve all heard horror stories about various sunless tanning options. Spray tans are no different in this regard, but we need to stress that the bad days of these options are long past. Most options are perfectly acceptable and natural looking these days as long as you’re ensuring you’re getting a quality treatment. Spray tans, in particular, tend to be relatively safe given a poor one results in a bad reputation for the business providing the service. A spray tan is a relatively simple and quick way to get the tanned look with minimal fuss. Many beauty-oriented businesses will offer them. It involves the simple application, typically airbrushing, of the compound that will give you look you want. The downside is that spray tans tend to have a comparatively short life cycle and tend to need to be touched up every week to week and a half compared to other options. Sprays tans are generally good if you’re looking for a tan for a specific event.

Sunless Tanning Lotions
This option, in particular, has been subject to a lot of horror stories. There is really no reason left for it either. Sunless tanning lotions are actually one of the best options now but they take time to actually do their job. They rely on repeated applications to create the desired effect. You slowly build up to your favored level of tan through repeated application and use the lotion to maintain that level of tan as opposed to actual tanning. They are useful, stable, and natural-looking. The slower build does mean that lotions are less than ideal when it comes to quick prep for an event, but they are a good way to maintain a seasonal tan that is otherwise indistinguishable from actually getting the sun. This makes them particularly good for a light yet healthy tanned look in seasons like winter where one wishes to maintain healthy look despite the lower light levels. They can be used in any season to great effect though.

Woman applying bronzer

Some of us have experimented with this kind of makeup, but not all of us. Bronzers, true to their name, try to emulate that healthy tanned look for many people. A light application creates the effect of a basic tan for many people while adding that extra layer natural vibrancy that so many of us want. There are plenty of forms that bronzers take as well. Powders tend to be the most popular with sticks and spray being fairly close behind. The former tends to focus exclusively on the face while the latter can often be used anywhere. Gels are another option when you’re looking to get a good look, but they aren’t necessarily ideal as they are easy to mess up. Mistakes with gel bronzers do still lead to unnatural skin tones that are both highly obvious and embarrassing. Bronzers of all sorts are good for very limited events or simply looking your best for an evening thanks to the ease with which they can be removed.

Getting a tanned look doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your skin’s long term health. Natural tanning and tanning bed use both expose your skin to unwelcome levels of UV rays. Internalizing this knowledge and finding safe tanning options is ultimately what will help protect your skin. Making the effort will help ensure that you look your best for years to come and don’t hurt your own chances at aging gracefully.

Get Beachy

Both summer and tropical getaways are permanently associated with beaches. The warm sand and saltwater-scented air conjure a variety of ideas depending on what you like to do. Most of us end up thinking about enjoying ourselves in the sun or indulging in a little time in the waves. This has the added bonus of adding a special sort of “beachy” look to our hair and features if we’re out there long and often enough. You know the potential downsides of going out on the beach though. The constant sun beating down on your skin is consistently doing damage even when you’re wearing sunscreen. Getting a tan isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing for your skin either despite it looking attractive. So how do you get the beach look without the downsides? It is simpler than you think.

Woman with beachy hair

The Hair
Easy, relaxed curls and waves have long been the hallmark of beachgoers. Hair ends up being lightly textured from the salt water, sand, and wind. This look is frequently associated with California, but it is truly the property of the beach…though you can get around that with a little know-how. Knowing that beach hair is frequently the result of it coming into contact with salt water is really all anyone ever needed to figure out. This has lead to a wide variety of products cropping up that can give you the perfect beach hair without spending any time at the beach. You’re looking for sea salt or saltwater texturizing sprays. They are specifically designed to cultivate beach hair. You can add it this by using the texturing spray on a drying braid or bun as well to give your hair that extra encouragement for waves. Hair is only part of the look though.

Woman with tanned skin

The Tan
It is hard to recommend that anyone genuinely get a tan. Outdoor tanning is far better than indoor tanning, but both are distinctly dangerous for your skin. You end up being constantly bombarded by UV rays that work against your goals of appropriate skin care. Each kind of UV ray does differing damage to your skin. The worst ones are responsible for premature aging. Those wanting to take the best care of their skin should be trying to minimize their time out in the sun. You can do this by finding sunless tanning products. These products cause your skin to take on the appearance of tan without needing to spend any time in the sun. Notably, they are well past the old days where such products were a joke and a good way to turn your skin orange. Instead, you can now find a wide variety of reliable products capable of giving you the level of tan you want. Most of them work through repeated use and will have specific instructions on how to get the tan you want and maintain it without going outside. With the hair and the tan done, you only have to worry about the rest of the look.

Summer style

The Look
Most of us know the value of a good outfit. A carefully chosen one can set a mood or stop a room by inviting attention. Things are no different when you want to get the beach look. You can get the look by favoring airy, summer clothes. Remember that the beach clothing is typically worn over bathing suits and as a result is seldom skin tight. Cultivate an airy, relaxed wardrobe that looks ready to be set aside at a moment’s notice for playing in the surf. Light blouses, sun hats, and wide legged pants are all capable of catching the wind and fluttering like they’re in a sea breeze. Sundresses are also good options. Sandals are a must to complete the beach look too. There’s a lot of room for variation here as you can mix and match many different styles within these themed kinds of clothing to perfect your beach look.

Hair, tan, and clothing all come together to create a beach look. Most of the time they are simply the effects of going out and enjoying the beach, but you can tame these formerly wild happenstances and make them your own. You don’t need to harm your skin to look like you’ve just come from the beach. All you need to do is remember these tips and work on perfecting your own look. It will certainly give you a fresh and beautiful summer look even if you haven’t seen a beach in months.

Common Acne Misconceptions

Every time someone has a breakout there is someone who “helpfully” suggests something that the person dealing with the breakout is doing wrong or that they should change so they don’t have to deal with acne anymore. Even worse are the mistaken bits of information we hear and think are true that we later try to use to deal with acne. OROGOLD would like to try to clear up some of the more common misconceptions that people have about acne. There’s no shame in thinking some of these things as its hard not to believe something you’ve heard a thousand times before. All you need to do is to make sure you remember the true information after you’re finished reading this article.

Woman having a chocolate bar.

Chocolate Isn’t a No-No
Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to give up chocolate. This common misconception tends to circulate more among teenagers, but few people ever have the idea corrected. People always look for something outside of themselves to blame when dealing with stressful issues like acne, and more often than not they blame food. You should eat right because a healthy diet is a crucial part of your overall health. Your skin benefits directly from your diet as assuredly as the rest of your body. The mistake in the myths about chocolate and other comfort foods is assuming that treating yourself now and again is the problem. It really isn’t and you certainly deserve to pamper yourself a little when fighting a persistent breakout.

Woman getting a cleansing treatment.

Take it Easy on the Scrubbing
There is a very human temptation to just keep doing something until it works. This extends to acne treatments. We all just want them to work right away and when we don’t see an improvement the first time, we turn right back around and do it again. Some acne fighting compounds do direct you to use them multiple times a day, and that is typically fine. The problem comes in when you keep using them several times beyond that. All of these products irritate your skin thanks to the chemicals involved. Those chemicals do help clean your skin, but…think back to when you or a friend learned to ride a bicycle. There is always at less one fall where someone scraped their leg up because they fell on rough ground. Using acne fighting products is like that except for your facial skin. Too much and you’re hurting your skin and it will become more susceptible to the breakout.

Woman sunbathing.

Tanning Away the Pain
Sunlight is good for you when you’ve got proper sunscreen on, and safe levels of exposure even help your body function. You cannot just use sunlight to make acne go away though. Your skin is much more sensitive during a breakout and if you aren’t careful with sun exposure you can end up drying out your skin quickly. Drying out your skin like that causes a reaction from your skin where it begins to produce more oil than before in an effort to maintain healthy levels of moisture in your skin and more oil means more potential clogged pores. Plenty of people say they notice a bit of improvement from exposing their acne to sunlight, but the fact is that any improvement is more than likely just going to be temporary. Your acne will come back worse than before thanks to the additional oil you’re making your skin produce.

These are some of the most common misconceptions about acne, but far from the only ones. OROGOLD encourages you to look up any advice you get from a friend on why you’re dealing with a breakout. Some of that advice could very well lead to your skin becoming more damaged if you’re not careful. As always, talk to a dermatologist if you’re having a particularly severe or lasting breakout. Professional help can ensure you do the least damage to your skin and get back to looking and feeling like yourself faster.