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Safe Tanning Options

Woman sunbathing

There are few things that look as appealing as a healthy tan. It looks good, feels good, and complements one’s looks at almost every time of year. Unfortunately, the process of getting the tan tends to be a problem. Naturally tanning yourself in the sun involves exposing your skin to┬álarge amount of UV rays and just adding on to the amount of sun damage you’ll have to answer for later in life. Many people try to get around the problem by opting for a tanning bed, but this is even worse as it exposes your skin to many times more UV rays than just tanning outside. Everyone wants to look tanned, but the most immediately obvious options are bad for us. There are plenty of ways to get a tan that doesn’t involve exposing your skin to UV rays while still giving us the much-coveted look. We’ve got a quick overview of some of the easiest ones.

Spray tan

Spray Tan
Yes, we’ve all heard horror stories about various sunless tanning options. Spray tans are no different in this regard, but we need to stress that the bad days of these options are long past. Most options are perfectly acceptable and natural looking these days as long as you’re ensuring you’re getting a quality treatment. Spray tans, in particular, tend to be relatively safe given a poor one results in a bad reputation for the business providing the service. A spray tan is a relatively simple and quick way to get the tanned look with minimal fuss. Many beauty-oriented businesses will offer them. It involves the simple application, typically airbrushing, of the compound that will give you look you want. The downside is that spray tans tend to have a comparatively short life cycle and tend to need to be touched up every week to week and a half compared to other options. Sprays tans are generally good if you’re looking for a tan for a specific event.

Sunless Tanning Lotions
This option, in particular, has been subject to a lot of horror stories. There is really no reason left for it either. Sunless tanning lotions are actually one of the best options now but they take time to actually do their job. They rely on repeated applications to create the desired effect. You slowly build up to your favored level of tan through repeated application and use the lotion to maintain that level of tan as opposed to actual tanning. They are useful, stable, and natural-looking. The slower build does mean that lotions are less than ideal when it comes to quick prep for an event, but they are a good way to maintain a seasonal tan that is otherwise indistinguishable from actually getting the sun. This makes them particularly good for a light yet healthy tanned look in seasons like winter where one wishes to maintain healthy look despite the lower light levels. They can be used in any season to great effect though.

Woman applying bronzer

Some of us have experimented with this kind of makeup, but not all of us. Bronzers, true to their name, try to emulate that healthy tanned look for many people. A light application creates the effect of a basic tan for many people while adding that extra layer natural vibrancy that so many of us want. There are plenty of forms that bronzers take as well. Powders tend to be the most popular with sticks and spray being fairly close behind. The former tends to focus exclusively on the face while the latter can often be used anywhere. Gels are another option when you’re looking to get a good look, but they aren’t necessarily ideal as they are easy to mess up. Mistakes with gel bronzers do still lead to unnatural skin tones that are both highly obvious and embarrassing. Bronzers of all sorts are good for very limited events or simply looking your best for an evening thanks to the ease with which they can be removed.

Getting a tanned look doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your skin’s long term health. Natural tanning and tanning bed use both expose your skin to unwelcome levels of UV rays. Internalizing this knowledge and finding safe tanning options is ultimately what will help protect your skin. Making the effort will help ensure that you look your best for years to come and don’t hurt your own chances at aging gracefully.

Get Glowing Skin Without the Sun

Tanning is a bit of mixed bag when it comes to skin health. You can get beautiful skin with a healthy glow from it, but even tanning responsibly in the sun does cause sun damage. There’s less than if you’re tanning without a thought to your skin’s health, but the problem does still remain. But what are you to do if you want to enjoy a healthy look without the skin damage? OROGOLD has a few recommendations for you to consider that will help you look your best without risking you skin. Most focus on making the best of your natural skin tone, but don’t worry though as there remain options for you if you want the tanned look without the tanned problems.

Bronzing makeup

If you’re eating and taking care of yourself, your skin’s natural glow can be easily enhanced with the right makeup. There are a myriad of options depending on a lot of factors ranging from your skin tone to your face shape. The main trick is finding what works best to enhance your looks without it being too extreme. OROGOLD suggests you opt for subtler options such as blush that enhances the color to your face without being too obvious. Alternatively, you always have the option of tinted products that can lightly shift the tone of your skin to give you a tanned look without actually having to tan. Don’t opt for an extreme look, but instead try to think of the tone you naturally tan to and aim for that. Those with skin that burns easily should opt for a shade of only up to two tones darker than their normal skin tone.

Woman eating citrus fruits.

Eat Right
Taking care of your skin requires you to take care of your body. We sincerely cannot stress this idea enough. If you do not eat the right food, you body won’t get the nutrients it need to repair and otherwise keep your body in its best shape. Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, you sincerely need to eat right to avoid your skin getting dulled or developing other skin issues. On top of this, you can even tailor your diet to have more nutrients good for your skin in it. Citrus fruits, bell peppers, and dark, leafy greens all have a lot of nutrients good for your skin in them.

Liquid moisturizer

Bronzing Lotion or Spray Tan
Yes, both of these options have negative reputations, but this is largely centered on inferior products from an early era. The early days of these products were particularly notorious for the somewhat inhuman skin tones they created when the formulas were bad. Today’s quality products are far better and capable of tinting your skin in subtle ways without going overboard. Lotion, in particular, tends to focus on repeated application to avoid the change being dramatic. Using this kind of topical product instead of makeup does mean you’ll need to be careful to apply enough for adequate coverage though. Try not to miss a spot either.

There are still other options for getting a healthy glow to your skin without the sun, but these three general options are a good starting point. Experimentation to find what works for you is a routine part of skin care. You will still need to use sunscreen even when you’re using these options. Never forget it. OROGOLD hopes that these suggestions help inform your skin care routine and ensure you can look and feel your best.