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Keeping Your Skin Care in Check

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While you may have a trusted skin care routine that you follow each and every day, your skin will experience so many changes on a regular basis, due to everything from illness to stress to changing seasons. In order to prevent your skin health from declining, you need to know how to keep your skin care in check during these times.

Seasonal Changes
Each season brings with it many changes in the environment around you, and your skin will naturally react to these. While winter is full of harsh, drying air and biting winds that exacerbate sensitivity, summer leads to an increase in oil production, and, therefore, more chances of clogged pores and breakouts. This means that your skin care routine needs to reflect the seasons in order to maintain your skin’s health. The summer months should be all about light lotions and oil-controlling cleansers, while the winter requires rich, thick moisturizers and increased exfoliation, so make sure that you are taking all of this into account.

High Stress
Completely avoiding all stress is impossible, but periods of prolonged stress can really be detrimental to your skin, as well as your overall health. Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol, which can then lead to acne, psoriasis, hives, and a whole host of other skin issues. While each of these symptoms can be treated individually, your best bet is to work on the root cause, which is the stress itself. When you find that it is getting too overwhelming, learn how to take some time out and relax your mind, whether this may be by spending time on a hobby that you love, working out for 20 minutes, or trying out a few breathing exercises, as this can almost instantly lower stress levels.

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Falling ill can really take its toll on your body, including your skin. When this happens, you should try to take more of an overall holistic approach to skin care, meaning that you care for your body and health as a whole, and allow your skin to reflect this. This means consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as these will contain the antioxidants that your body, and your skin, need to recover. Fatty fish is also great, thanks to their omega-3 fatty acids, while nuts contain vital vitamins that are important for skin health.

Hormonal Changes
Whether due to age, pregnancy or a medication that you are taking, the body’s hormone levels can often fluctuate, and your skin will tend to be one of the first areas to reflect this. Each hormonal change will bring about different results in your skin, meaning that the treatment you opt for needs to be tailored to this. While you may need to do some research with each hormonal change, it is important that you take the time to do so, so that you can understand what is going on with your skin and adjust your skin care routine to cater for this.

Your skin is going to experience so many different changes throughout the months, meaning that even if you have a fail-proof skin care routine, you will still need to adjust this regularly. From adding in extra antioxidants if you have been ill, to switching up your products as the seasons change, keeping your skin care in check is the best way to stay on top of all of your skin’s needs.

You Need An Anti-Aging Routine For The Skin Below Your Jawline

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Anti-aging skincare routines are something that we all end up being a little interested in eventually. After all, it seems like all our efforts before the problem starts did nothing since the problem actually started. This isn’t a healthy way to look at it. All the skincare that we do before it drifts towards focusing on anti-aging techniques serves the purpose of delaying when we have to become truly concerned about them and likewise helps to minimize the overall effects by comparison to others who didn’t take such steps. None of this stops it from being a little disheartening to see signs of aging where you didn’t want them. Most of us concentrate on our face to help minimize the signs, but they are prevalent in various places and not just above your jawline. Taking care of areas below it can be particularly beneficial to maintaining a youthful look. This is particularly true when it comes to the neck and decolletage.

The Importance of Care
We feel the need to stress that this routine needs to be average for all of us. This is because focusing just on your face ends up ignoring so much. The neck and decolletage tend to show age very clearly if they are not tended to and when paired with a comparatively well-cared for face it leads to clear visual dissonance. It makes it harder to maintain the look that you desire if your appearance is telling two separate stories. This is the same reason that you’re told to take care of your hands as well. Maintaining a healthy appearance that ages gracefully involves caring enough to put in the effort to target these problem areas to help minimize issues. Your face isn’t the only part of your skin that is sensitive. Remember that any area that enjoys routine exposure to the sun is going to need that extra bit of care to help minimize the effects of sun damage over time. With that in mind, let’s return to the topic at hand and look at the kind of habits you want to cultivate.

Extending Things Downward
You can actually get a lot out of simply remembering to extend the routine you use for your face downward. Rinsing, cleansing, and moisturizing the area will go a long way towards helping to keep the area healthy. You are going to want to pay particular attention to extending exfoliation into this area. This is thanks to the fact that the neck and decolletage tend to gain a heavily degree of sun exposure and as a result the extra exfoliation will help remove any dead skin and keep the area clean for nourishing products. Moisturizing regularly will also provide a great deal of help. The sensitive skin of your neck and decolletage is thinner than the rest of your skin just like your face. Adding that extra moisture back helps to protect against the inherent moisture loss from the skin being thinner and helps it remain more youthful and plump. All of these are things you can do for the area to help heal and maintain, but you need to do one more thing to keep the area below your jawline happy: protect.

Sunscreen Is Always Necessary
There is no escaping the fact that the best thing you can do is to remember to regularly apply sunscreen to your neck and decolletage. A lot of outfits exposure this area and the sun damage will add up over time. Sun spots, fine lines, and other issues all tend to appear readily in this area thanks to this fact. When all you need to do is remember to apply a sunscreen following the basic rules, there really isn’t much of an excuse not to make the effort to care for the area properly. This involves make sure you’re using a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30. We should all probably escalate this rating some as we age, but it is important to note that you get diminishing returns from numbers higher than 30. So don’t end up going too high unless advised by a doctor. Additionally, you’ll want to consider looking for one a sunscreen that utilizes zinc oxide. It is a physical blocker that will reflect the UV rays instead of absorbing them instead of your skin. Reflecting them provides better protection.

Anti-aging routines are key for many sections of your skin. After all, there are plenty of places that can show the tell-tale signs of age beyond our face. The hands are a prominent one, but even more prominent is your neck and decolletage. Without proper care, they’ll give an idea of your age even if you take perfect care of your face. Aging gracefully takes its share of work and we must all accept that if we wish to age well.

Not Ready For Botox? No Problem!

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Botox is, for many, one of those beauty inventions that is almost beyond reproach. It lets us tame stubborn wrinkles that seem unable to be stopped all while ensuring lasting progress is made. Admittedly, the treatment has garnered a particular reputation for needing to be done correctly to ensure a natural look. There’s also the small matter that improperly administering it can also lead to paralysis issues in the face and jaw. This sort of baggage is why not everyone is always keen on reaching straight towards Botox treatments when they have stubborn wrinkles. The good news is that you have plenty of options even if you’re not ready to try Botox injections or similar treatments. We’ve put a few together in a short list as well as explanations of how they can provide you with similar results. This should help you make an informed decision about your cosmetic goals.

Retinol, Retinoids, And Your Face
There are few words are common in skincare these days as retinol. The compound is a particular form of vitamin A with its relatives, the retinoids, in turn being derivatives of it. All of them are useful when it comes to skincare for a number of reasons. One of the most important things they can do is actually encourage the overall cell turnover rate where they’re applied. This is important as maintaining a good cell turnover rate actually helps to overall minimize how readily wrinkles appear by denying them extra aid in formation. Some studies also imply that retinol can actually support the production of collagen in the skin as well. This structural protein is the entire reason why your skin is comparatively firm in youth. Gradual collagen depletion across life tends to be what causes wrinkles to form over time as habitual damage becomes permanent where skins folds regularly. This makes regularly using retinol and similar compounds incredibly useful when it comes to smoothing and minimizing all forms of wrinkles.

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Exfoliation Expertise
Many of the best options you have as an option other than Botox involve making a commitment to using specific products. Retinol, as we discussed before, is one of these, but another is ensuring that you’re remembering to exfoliate with a good chemical exfoliation compound. The biggest names in this category are the hydroxy acids. You’re more commonly going to run into the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic and citric acid than you are their older relative salicylic acid, one of the only beta hydroxy acids the skincare industry uses. These acids are all approved for use on the skin in specific concentrations. They help by dissolving dirt, grime, and layers of built up dead skin cells that can deepen wrinkles. Regularly exfoliating with these products goes a long way towards helping keep wrinkles to a minimum while applying them by lightly massaging the skin can cause blood flow that in turn supports collagen production. Notably, over-the-counter products take time to have a clear effect, but a supervised chemical peel can get you faster results in exchange for needing more aftercare.

A More Permanent Fix
Interestingly enough, there are a number of comparatively minor surgical alternatives to Botox that can permanently achieve many of the same results. Some of them focus on breaking up underlying issues by breaking accidental attachments between the surface skin and other structures deeper in the skin while others literally cut away the problem. The latter is perhaps the closest to the actual effects of Botox. These procedures work by removing the connection between muscles in the forehead of some of the muscles themselves to prevent the wrinkling from constant movement and bunching of the skin. The result is the same in that it allows the skin to repair the area over time and smooth out the lines to the point that they can potentially vanish. It is worth noting that as these are surgical alternatives that there is a risk of there being a minor scar involved, but much of the time the incisions involved are so small that proper care will make them practically invisible with time.

Most of us are so used to Botox being a standard beauty procedure that we don’t pause to consider alternatives. Good care goes a long way towards helping minimize wrinkles all over the face, but sometimes you need to go that extra step and have a procedure done. Your best course of action is almost always to talk to your dermatologist or cosmetic professional about your desires. They will be able to point you towards potential treatments that meet your criteria even if one of them is “Not Botox”.

Make Sure Your Products Match Your Skin Type

Dedicating yourself to proper skincare involves learning a lot. Obviously we all learn a few basics as we’re growing up, but the actual details tend to elude us until we make a concentrated effort. You then learn that there’s plenty that needs to be done simply to ensure that you’re using the right products. We put in this effort because using the wrong products doesn’t do our skin nearly as much good and can even cause skin issues. One of the major factors that goes into determining how well a product will fit you is if it is meant for your skin type. Those of us with average skin tend to have a bit of flexibility in this regard, but that isn’t the case when it comes to those of us with more extreme skin types. If you’re unsure on how to properly match your products to your skin type, we’ve got a quick guide to give you an idea on the best approach to take.

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Dry Skin

This skin type tends to be among the most finicky. It makes sense given it is one of the extremes, but dry skin also frequently matches up directly with sensitive skin as well. This makes appropriate management of the skin particularly important. You’re generally going to want to make sure to avoid any product that tends to leave the skin dehydrated. That means favoring scrubs or powders for exfoliating to avoid chemical exfoliants that can dry the skin. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re using the thickest moisturizers available. That means using creams rather than anything lighter. Oil-based creams can be particularly effective in this regard. Face oils can also be an effective product choice when it comes to cleansing your skin as they will be both gentle and hydrate the skin some at the same time. Gentle, hydrating products will always be your friend when you have dry skin.

Oily Skin
Despite what you might initially think, oily skin isn’t the exact opposite of dry skin. It tends to be finicky as well. The reasons for that finicky nature are simply different. Oily skin requires a consistent level of control to be exercised to keep the oil in check while not pushing so hard that the skin is hurt. You’ll want to favor water-based products in almost all cases. Oil-based products will increase your chances of having a breakout or experiencing other issues. You’ll get the most out of slightly more powerful than average cleansers and chemical exfoliating products as well. Salicylic acid is frequently one of the best ingredients you can find for oily skin. Pay careful attention when using oil control products though. You don’t want to dry out your skin in excess as you’ll simply cause it to produce even more oil. Toners are good options for light moisturizing and other benefits. You’ll likely want to rinse and cleanse more than once a way to properly manage this skin type.

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Average Skin
When you’re not subject to any extremes, you have access to a wider variety of products. That is freeing, but it doesn’t mean your product choice is any less important. Favoring products meant for either extreme can lead to breakouts, dry skin, or chronic inflammation if you’re not careful. Moisturizing is easiest for people with average skin though. All you need is to find a decent quality lotion to help support your skin. Cleansing and exfoliating tends to be more of a balancing act though. Chemical exfoliates are still typically your best options, but you’ll want to look for products that use alpha hydroxy acids like citric or glycolic acid as an active ingredient. These are potent enough to get the job done without being as potent as the ones required by oily skin. You can also get away with using face oils like dry skin, but you should be mindful to make sure they don’t accidentally cause buildup on your skin. As a general rule, you will also want to make sure you look for gentle products to be kind to your skin.

Looking after your skin by matching your products to your skin type is slightly above basic skincare. It represents your first steps into truly customized skincare. You probably won’t get it right the first time either. Unless a product is clearly hurting your skin, give it a month to do its job and see if your skin improves. Changing products too rapidly in pursuit of the “right” one will only hurt your skin. Slowly refining your product choices will eventually lead you to better skincare than you previously imagined.

Re-energize and Hydrate Skin

We all reach a point where we come to the realization that our skin isn’t exactly in the place we’d like it. It looks a little too dull or a little too dry or maybe a little too red. These are relatively common complaints. No one is perfectly satisfied with their skin. You can do something about it though. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a way to re-energize your skin. You can hydrate and nourish it to great effect providing you know what you’re doing. This involves knowing a decent combination of both products and techniques you can use to help give your skin this extra boost. Few of them are terribly complex and hard to understand though. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short overview of some of the things that any of us can do to give that extra spark of life and beauty to hydrate skin even if we’ve been previously neglecting it.

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Get Some Shut Eye
If you’re truly committed to helping re-energize your skin, you’re going to want to make a commitment to regularly get enough sleep. Our culture tends to be plagued by a lot of sleepless nights where we just can’t get to sleep due to one project or another. There are plenty of reasons for this, but the fact that it is happening is a greater concern to us than the causes. You need sleep if you want your skin to look its best. “Beauty sleep” isn’t a laughing matter. You genuinely need sleep if you want to look your best because your body uses the time you’re sleeping to make the most repairs. It knows you’re not up and moving about. That gives it all the extra time and energy it needs to get things done while you’re not causing more wear and tear on the body. Not getting enough sleep tends to make us look pale and ill as opposed to healthy. Getting that sleep goes a long way towards ensuring your skin starts to look re-energized.

Exfoliate and Moisturize
Most of us already know that exfoliating our skin is important. It is integral to helping ensure that our skin looks as healthy as it can. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard of a task. You really only need to find a suitable exfoliating product, be it a scrub or a chemical exfoliant, and carefully use it. This will help ensure your skin looks that much less dull. When exfoliating your face you can make this even better by applying your chosen product in tight circles on your face. Carefully massaging it around your skin will help stimulate blood flow that in turn will improve your overall pallor. Don’t stop there though. You’ll want to make sure you moisturize after this. Cleaning and exfoliating your skin will mean your natural moisture barrier is a little compromised. Using a good moisturizer will help replenish it while adding a further healthy look to your skin.

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Live Well
One other thing you can do to re-energize and properly hydrate your skin simply involves making sure that you live well. This means a healthy diet and exercise. How do they help though? The diet is one of the key factors for helping to re-energize your skin. It helps by ensuring your skin is getting all the nutrients that it needs to keep itself healthy. This also improves pallor, overall tone, and helps minimize the potential for skin issues. Make sure you’re drinking enough water as well to ensure you’re getting adequate hydration from the inside as well as the outside. This is all useful, but exercise further builds on this aspects. It helps to ensure that your overall circulation remains that much healthier. This promotes greater distribution of nutrients throughout the body and this in turn magnifies the effects of a good diet. Not only will your skin look better in the long run, but you’ll feel a lot better as well.

There is no getting around the fact that a lot of us tend to vary in how well we stick to our skincare routines. Eventually, we notice we’re no longer happy with our skin and want to fix it. Re-energizing and properly hydrating your skin will go a long way towards this goal. The combination of products, techniques, and lifestyle changes that can make it happen will also have many long term benefits to your skin. So what are you waiting?

Minimizing Eye Wrinkles and Bags

As age begins to creep it, we all start fixating on our eyes. That’s because the signs of aging begin to creep in there first. The skin around your eyes is far thinner and sensitive than the rest of your face and folds constantly as we move our eyes around and express ourselves. It simply isn’t fit to resist the overall impact of them on its own. Anti-aging products can help, but nothing really thickens the skin and makes it less susceptible to the problem. The best you can do is work to minimize the problem before it becomes particularly noticeable. There are plenty of ways to do this for both wrinkles and the ever-encroaching dark bags under your eyes. None of them are particularly difficult either. We’re going to cover some tips to help you minimize eye wrinkles and bags so that you know where to go from here if you wake up one morning and are having a hard time recognizing yourself.

Woman looking at eye wrinkles
The Weights Under Your Eyes
Bags under your eyes can be a particularly annoying thing. The dark circles tend to be both obvious and just look unwell. Most of us do our best to try to avoid them, but there are always times in our lives where we’ve got to do something about them. Prevention is key to dealing with dark circles though. You need to ensure that you’re getting enough sleep to help ensure that your skin has enough time to perform proper upkeep and keep the collagen around your eyes sufficiently thick to disguise blood flow. That flow is what you’re technically seeing when you’ve got dark circles. Additionally, you might want to consider keeping your neck at a slight angle to prevent blood pooling beneath your eyes while you rest. That’s another culprit. Both of these are easy enough to do, but aren’t the most immediate way to cure the problem when it comes up.

Woman applying face cream
Banishing Wrinkles
This is a slightly harder prospect when it comes down to it. The key is to do your best to ensure that you’re not contributing more to the cause of the wrinkles: the folding of skin. You can do this easily enough by sleeping on your back. Resting on your side or stomach puts weight on the face and frequently bunches the skin while you sleep. This contributes to further wrinkles. Additionally, you’ll want to do you best to ensure you’re applying proper skincare techniques this entire time too. Wear sunscreen around your eyes and sunglasses to prevent any extra damage to the collagen in the area. Keeping it healthy is what will help delay the onset of wrinkles for you and minimize them when they start to appear. Though, once again, these are mainly preventive measure rather than something you can do to instantly perk up your skin.

That Extra Boost
Quick solutions or ones that semi-permanently solve a problem that already exists are sometimes hard to come by when it comes to dealing with bags under your eyes. Typically the best solutions are all centered around lifestyle changes. You can apply a cold compress to the area to help reduce blood flow to the area for a little while though and thereby help minimize the bags. It is easier to find solutions for encroaching wrinkles. Various treatments are available that can help make them go away as quickly as it sometimes feels they appear. Fillers are a good semi-permanent option for those of us who are getting older as they’ll fill in for the absent collagen and help keep your skin looking firm. You might consider getting laser treatments though that can help tighten the skin again without the need for even a needle. These are probably your best options overall for relatively quick and decisive options when it comes to eye wrinkling.

None of us like to look in the mirror and see the abhorrent combination of under eye bags and wrinkles. It just so happens that gets more common as we age. Poor lifestyle choices can make it happen far sooner than it would otherwise. As a result, try to live a healthy life and remember that that includes getting enough sleep. Appropriate care and diet will go a long way to keeping these particular problems from troubling you too often.

Recommended Face Washing Frequency

Woman washing face
Most of us wash our face fairly regularly as part of our routines. There was a time when we didn’t though. We had to learn the appropriate times when and how to wash our faces to keep our skin healthy. Thinking back to such times it seems a bit silly that anyone ever had to tell us, but everything in life needs to be learned before we can know to do it properly. With that in mind, not everyone actually learns how often and when they need to wash their face. This can happen for any number of reasons ranging from bad advice to never actually being taught in the first place. This is important information at any age if we want to properly take care of our skin. If you’ve come to skincare later in life or are just starting out for another reason, it never hurts to have a bit of friendly advice to point you in the right direction. So let’s conduct a brief review of when professional recommend for face washing.

Basic Rules
The best way to start is to first make sure we’re all using the same terms when talking about washing our face. Properly washing your face involves rinsing and cleansing. These two steps help to remove dirt, debris, and your natural oils from your skin to keep it clean and health. As a general rule, you want to stick to using lukewarm to warm water for a rinse. Genuinely hot water tends to dry the skin out and potentially causes damage if done improperly. This is why you generally want to avoid showering or taking a bath in hot water too. Regardless, once you’ve rinsed you’ll move on to applying your choice in cleanser. Try to stick with a gentle one to ensure that your skin gets the benefits, but isn’t overburdened if you exfoliate the same day. Simple chemical exfoliating products are typically the best for the face, but you can find other products if you look for options meant for sensitive skin.

Woman washing her face
You’re going to want to wash your skin daily. How this translates is going to be different for each of us though. Many people favor a strict morning or evening only routine that tends to mean there will be only one instance of washing their face in a day. This is perfectly doable, but it is typically better to uncouple the idea of simply washing your face from a full routine. You’ll need to wash your face regardless of whether you’re doing the rest of your routine. A morning wash is typically good as it helps to clear your skin of anything that built up overnight and gets your skin ready for your other products. An evening wash is also good because it ensures you thoroughly remove any makeup you wear before you go to bed and prevents anything unwanted from being trapped close to your skin the entire night. This can lead to breakouts and other skin issues. Most of the time we all need to consider these basic two times required as far as washing goes. There are other times though.

After Exercise
The only other major time you absolutely need to wash your face after is when you’ve finished physically exerting yourself. We’re going to stick to exercise as an example, but this can encompass any strenuous activity that makes you sweat. Washing after exercise is important as all that sweat tends to make oils and grime run together on your face. This can lead to clogged pores even if you’re otherwise taking good care of your skin. Try to wash within a quarter to half of an hour after you’ve finished exercising to ensure that nothing has time to solidify in your pores. This is generally all you need to do to make the most of washing after exercise. There’s nothing else special that you need to do differently from morning and evening washing though. You just need to remember that your skin needs this extra washing to help it stay healthy.

Washing your face regularly seems like something that doesn’t even need to be taught, but we all need to remember someone taught us once. We also all need to remember that it is easy enough to forget something you know when your life gets too hectic and busy to keep your mind centered on what you need to do. Hopefully, this quick guide will help put you on the right path when it comes to skincare and lead you towards years of healthy skin.

Winter Skin Care Rules To Live By

There are few true universals in skin care. That’s because so much of it determined by each individual. Our past, heritages, and particular genetics each play a role in how our skin reactions a given thing. There are broad rules that apply to most people, but there always seem to be an exception. Wearing sunscreen is one of the universal rules that does exist though and similarly there are rules about winter skin care. We all need to pay just that much more attention in winter to help ensure that our skin looks its best and stays healthy despite the effects of the weather. All that cold, dry air doesn’t play nicely with anyone’s skin. The key is making sure that you figure out the best ways to keep your skin happy despite the issues. With that in mind, we’re going to review a few of the mostly universal winter skin care rules that will help you keep your skin as happy as you can this winter.

Woman with sunscreen
Wear Sunscreen
You didn’t really think this was going to be skipped, did you? Sunscreen is a universal rule for every time of year. Many of us tend to ignore its necessity to our own detriment. The thought process generally goes, “Well, it isn’t summer, so I should be fine.” Unfortunately, things don’t work like that though. Exposure to UV rays happens constantly happens when you’re exposed to sunlight. The sun doesn’t really care what season you happen to think it is and will keep on shining. As a result, wearing sunscreen is an important step in maintain a healthy winter skin care routine. You can expect to follow the same rules as usual when it comes to using sunscreen though. An SPF of 30 or higher offering broad spectrum protection is required to make the most of this rule. You do have a little flexibility on whether you want the active ingredients to be lighter chemical-based blockers or a physical blocker like zinc oxide though. The latter is always better, but not always the easiest to find.

Consider a Humidifier
Now this isn’t really a direct method of skin care like a product you should apply to your skin, but a humidifier can be an important part of winter skin care just the same. This is because it acts as a counterbalance to the dry air that dominates winter. A good humidifier reduces the overall potential impact by bringing the moisture levels in the air back to tolerable levels. You will want to figure out the size of humidifier that is good for your lifestyle though. For anyone working predominantly from home, you can get a lot out of simply getting a humidifier system for your entire home. They can regulate the internal humidity and keep it at comfortable levels with all the simplicity of central air or heating. However, it is easy to simply stick with a personal humidifier that is easy to move with you if your lifestyle is a bit more active. You can take it to your office and then set it up in your bedroom each night as well to ensure you have the benefits where you need them. The end result is happier skin either way.

Woman putting on lotion
Moisturize Regularly
Moisturizing is the biggest rule of winter skin care regardless of your skin type. The dry air is a constant attack on your skin that needs to be properly managed or it can become a season long problem. That’s a shame because of how simple it is to manage. You do need to change things a little from your summer routine though if you’re going to properly moisturize in winter. Take your usual moisturizer choice and make it one step heavier if at all possible. People with oily skin should consider trying a water-based lotion while those with dry skin will want the thickest oil-based cream they can find. The rest of us fall in between those two extremes. Using the right moisturizer will go a long way to keeping your skin healthy all winter. Don’t forget to carry a touch up moisturizer during the day either. These will let you add an extra layer of cushioning if you notice your skin starting to feel a little dry.

These three tips are at the core of good winter skin care. The trick is simply that most people don’t really pause and think about a humidifier as part of their skin care or remember that sunscreen is important all year. Learning to counter these bad habits goes a long way to ensuring your skin is healthy all season long.

You Should Have A Personal Spa Night

Woman taking bath
Are you feeling a little worn down lately? Does it seem like you’re not looking quite as good as you want to? Either of those is good cause for considering having a personal spa night. Just wanting to have a relaxing evening at home is a pretty good reason for having a personal spa night too. What does that mean though? It means taking the time to treat yourself right for a night and making the time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Most of us are running around constantly and forgetting to carve out the time to take care of ourselves. The stress of that builds up over time until it becomes hard to function. Making intermittent times away from it all is important to remaining happy and healthy. We’ve got some tips to help you figure out what to do if you’ve hit the point where you’re not quite certain how to go about treating yourself. Don’t worry. There are no schedules involved.

Set The Mood
An important part of any spa experience is the sense of atmosphere. Think about it for a moment. You generally have an immediate feeling for most spas you enter. That sense of relaxation and all-pervading soothing scents is carefully crafted. You should try your hand at it to make the most of your night. The best way to do this is to think about what you need to do to make a space comfortable. A good first step is potentially putting on some of your favorite low-key music to help build the sense of the atmosphere that will soothe you. A few candles or similar products of your favorite scents will also go a long way to creating a very personal spa experience for you as well. However, these are far less important than remembering to create your environment and maintain it by turning off your alarms and the various alerts on your devices. A personal spa night is about you and not the rest of the world. You’re allowed to disconnect for a little while.

Turning off our devices to secure that special alone time is difficult. You have to give yourself permission to do it, but doing so will help make the night all the more enjoyable for you. Consider running yourself a warm bath. Mineral salts or a luxurious bath bomb can make for a great addition to the water depending on your particular tastes. The salts are potentially good for both helping to exfoliate the skin to a degree as well as helping to nourish it. These tend to be a little more low key, but some of the ones available come in a myriad of pleasant scents that can make the environment even more spa-like. However, you can go for a bath bomb instead to give yourself a colorful and entertaining experience. They may be good for only one use, but the time it takes for a bath bomb to dissolve varies. Over that time you can get countless scents, colors, and patterns to make the bath a special experience. It doesn’t hurt that some of them also include ingredients that nourish the skin. Just make sure you’re getting a reputable product when it comes to both salts and bath bombs.

Woman with face mask
Mask in the Luxury
There are plenty of other things you could choose to do beyond a relaxing bath. One of these is making sure to give your face the treatment that it deserves. Multi-masking is a technique that helps you properly combine all of your favorite products in such a way that you properly each section of your face rather than just one. This involves applying the products tailored to a particular area of skin just to that area and doing this across your face until you’ve hit all your problem areas. The end result is the ultimate in luxurious personalized skincare. You can relax while you let the products do their work and then remove them when it is the appropriate time. This goes a long way towards helping your skin, but you can also opt for a more traditional mask as well. A good clay mask can be particularly beneficial as it provides light exfoliation as well as oil control, but a hydrating mask is better if you have dry skin. Regardless of your choice in mask, the luxury of it all is sure to remind you of the spa.

Your personal spa night should be all about you. It is your escape from the hectic world that often demands more of us than we think we have left to give. You can make it and prove you’ve got what you need, but you’re going to need a break every now and then. Give it to yourself by taking the time to pamper yourself occasionally and you’ll go far.

Esthetician OK’d Tips For Looking Young

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Everyone has an opinion on how to keep looking your best as you age. Some of these tips are okay while others are…admirable in their attempt to help, but not the most useful tips you could have received. The best way to sort the good from the bad when it comes to skincare tips is to actually find ones recommended by professionals. You want tips that have been tested and are approved of by the people who would know for sure and have an interest in the tips being correct. Generally that’s why you want to get your advice from an esthetician or a dermatologist if you’re wanting to look your best. This is especially true if you’re looking for tips that will help you manage the signs of aging effectively. We’ve gathered a few approved tips that you can try to help you make the habits to look your best.

Stick With Skincare
The recurring theme that many estheticians like to stress is that you can’t give up on skincare. Taking proper care of your skin is a truly lifelong commitment if you want to get the best results out of it. The modern era is one of instant gratification where we constantly expect or want what we’re working towards as soon as possible. Skincare frequently doesn’t work like that and much of the time you need a full month to even get the idea that a single product is working properly. Good skincare is a lasting commitment and many of the effects you’ll get come later when your skin has decidedly begun to obviously age. Your repayment for that dedication is aging more gracefully than those who didn’t bother to take care of your skin. To summarize, one major tip is to make the decision and commit to skincare without stopping just because immediate results are hard to come by. Sticking with your choice in products will help you in the long run.

Tan The Responsible Way
Keeping a healthy tan does a lot for our overall appearance. It not only makes us look younger, but it gives a distinct air of health that is hard to get any other way. That’s why a lot of us have so much trouble breaking our sun tanning habits. Those aren’t good for our skin though and as a result you need to find another option for tanning. We recommend you follow up on this bit of advice by finding a good quality sunless tanning product. The days of them resulting in unnaturally colored skin are gone as long as you’re making sure to use a quality product. It is important to note here that the best products tend to work by repeated use. These gradually darken the skin through repeated use and can be easily maintained with further appropriate usage. You can even keep a tan all year long this way and show up with a light and healthy-looking tan even in the depths of winter regardless of the temperature outside.

Woman sleeping
Get A Full Night’s Rest
Another thing that esthetician stress heavily is that we all need to get a good night’s sleep. Modern society means most of us are running around constantly trying to solve all the issues that we can in a given day. It tends to lead to a situation where we’re up far later than we intend to be and don’t quite know when to stop. It is one of the proverbial cultural sins of the modern era. Not getting a full night’s sleep tends to show on our skin and in our general health. Bags under the eyes and general poorer pallor contribute to making us look older and less healthy. As a result, we all need to look into practicing good sleep hygiene. This means going to bed around the same time consistently as well as minimizing potential distractions or interruptions to our rest such as our phones or other unexpected sources of late night interruptions.

Estheticians agree on many things, but we’ve touched one some of the most universal tips that turn up. Committing to skincare properly is a major step towards looking younger, but does require you to take an active interest in taking care of your skin. After all, skincare isn’t a passive affair. You’ll also want to consider helping yourself to a healthy sunless tan while making sure you get enough sleep. All of these combined will contribute to you looking younger and healthier for longer.