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Alleviating Existing Skin Issues

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Everybody faces their own unique combination of different skin issues, but these can often be quite difficult to identify. In order to help people to understand exactly what their skin needs, there are now DNA test kits available, that you can do yourself at home, which will put together a skin profile for you based on the results.

What the Test Involves
The DNA sample for your skin profile is usually taken via a swab in the mouth, but you need to rinse your mouth out a few times before swabbing. After doing so, simply rub the swab on the inside of your cheeks so that it can gather enough saliva, and then place it back into its protective sleeve and send it off to be analysed.

Skin Aging
One of the aspects of your skin that the DNA test will look at is the way in which your skin is aging. This will tell you a lot about your genes, as these are able to regulate the aging process, protecting it from wrinkling, thinning, and other forms of damage. Whether your skin aging profile is normal, strong, or needs improvement, this is a great way to learn about how your skin has been affected by your genes.

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Skin Elasticity
Just like with skin aging, the skin elasticity part of the test will also take a close look at your genes in order to find out just how strong and elastic your skin is. This will tell you how susceptible you are to collagen breakdown and cellulite, while providing you with suggestions on how you can help to work on any issues that have been discovered.

Skin Health and Appearance
While many people can easily identify their skin type, the DNA test will still be able to tell you whether or not you are predisposed to having a certain skin type, such as dry or itchy skin. It will also identify how capable your epidermis is at sending water into the rest of your skin, which will help you to decide on the best form of hydration and moisturization. There are also certain genes that some people carry that reflect acne, and these will also be pin-pointed during this part of the test.

Sun Sensitivity
The sun has such a significant impact on the health of your skin, which is why the sun sensitivity part of the test is an extremely useful one. This will help you to discover just how sensitive your skin is to UV radiation and sun exposure, and how much damage your skin will suffer each time you are in the sun. No matter what the results may show, wearing sun protection is still essential, but this test will help you to decide just how strict you need to be about this.

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A DNA test to learn more about your skin can be extremely useful. While you may already know some of the results, such as your skin type and whether or not you are prone to acne, there is so much that can be discovered about your skin that you would have had no idea about, enabling you to provide an extra level of care that caters directly to your skin’s exact needs.

OROGOLD Examines the Best Solutions for Skin Problems that Come in Pairs – OROGOLD Reviews

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As if dealing with the signs of aging were not enough, we also need to deal with all sorts of skin problems that usually come in pairs. This double whammy is quite common for people all over the world and the only way to deal with them is to understand what issues come together in pairs and learn how to best deal with them. OROGOLD tries to examine the best solutions for skin problems that come in pairs.

Acne along with Dryness

Haven’t you ever been told that the main reason behind your acne was your dry skin?  Well, if you were warned about this before, you should have taken it seriously. The human skin relies on its lipids to act as a barrier and protect it from bacteria and irritants. It also expects the lipids to maintain a consistent skin turnover. When the skin is dry, it is compromised in its ability to protect the skin, thereby making the skin prone to issues like breakouts. One of the best ways to deal with acne ravaged skin is to add ingredients like Vitamin B and Sodium Hyaluronate into your skin care routines.

Skin Sensitivity along with Oiliness

Once you get into your thirties, you receive all sorts of confusing signals from your skin. If you have oily skin and also suffer from things like lines, acne or redness; you usually reach a point when exfoliation actually causes more harm than good. The best way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that you use gentle exfoliation ingredients and add things like peptides into your skin care.

Skin sensitivity along with Dryness

Dry skin is believed to be extremely prone to issues like itching, redness and flakiness. It also ends up being more sensitive to issues like irritants and environmental stress. You might be tempted to use rich hydrating moisturizers because of your dry skin, but make sure that you carefully scrutinize the ingredient list in order to prevent flare-ups. The best way to deal with sensitive skin is to add Vitamin C based skin care products into your skin care routine.

Wrinkly Eye Area along with Oiliness

Oily skin can also be prone to dryness. For example, your skin might be oily, but you might still be suffering from wrinkly under the eye area. As a result, you simply cannot use those thick and oily moisturizers on your skin. The best way to deal with this problem is to purchase a light, yet perfectly nourishing, eye serum.

Oiliness/ Breakouts along with Wrinkles

If you laughed when you heard that people with oily skin were less prone to wrinkles, you wouldn’t be laughing now. This statement ended up being entirely true. Turns out that oily skin is less prone to issues like dehydration and this can help to protect the skin from issues like fine lines. However, with oily skin come larger sized pores, damaged skin and breakout-prone skin. The best way to deal with oily skin is to add antioxidants to your skin care routines, avoid products that contain nasty chemicals and look for products that offer the right amount of moisturization for your oily skin.