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Tips To Help You Save Your Cuticles

Woman filing her nails at her desk

Most of us use lotion on our hands at least once a day. That dry, cracking feeling from sun exposure just isn’t fun for anyone. The lotions tend to be used mainly on our fingers, palms, and the back of our hands though. We often forget to pay close attention to the tips of our fingers where our nails lay forgotten and suffering from it. Our nails need loving attention too to keep them healthy. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with our cuticles. They are the most fragile parts of your nails and can easily suffer permanent damage if you’re not caring for them properly. The fact that they are incredibly thin skin and sensitive skin tends to be the main reason for this. Many of us have neglected our cuticles so long that they need special attention. That’s why we’re going to look at a few good tips for have we can all save our cuticles.

Moisturizing is necessary to keep your cuticles healthy. The fact that the skin is so thin means they are incredibly susceptible to damage from all sources and that there is less to seal in moisture in that part of your skin. This is a bad mixture for their health. It means that even a few days of neglect at the wrong time can lead to cracking cuticles. As a result, you generally want to make sure that you’re rubbing your hand cream or lotion around your nails at the same time that you’re touching up the rest of your hands. This will provide a continuous moisture barrier that helps keep the skin healthy and refreshed. You can help your cuticles recover even faster by looking for a nourishing cuticle oil as well. This will help restore and rejuvenate your cuticles while keeping them healthy and moisturized. There are other options available to you as well that can further help restore them.

It is important to stay aware of the fact that countless little things we do in a day can hurt our cuticles. The biggest offenders tend to be harsh products that damage our skin. Avoiding this is a little easier than you might think. Just wear gloves when handling household chemicals or any other harsh product with your hands. This will keep a barrier between your cuticles and the chemicals outside. Detergents, bleaches, and cleaners are all potential sources of problems. However, it isn’t just household cleaners that can be an issue. If your cuticles are looking worse for the wear, it is time to step back from nail treatments and polish for a little while. These products and the removal process tend to be unnecessarily harsh on the skin and particularly on cuticles. Cutting back on exposure to these sources of damage will help your cuticles heal. Moisturizing and protecting your nails will go a long way, but there is one last thing to remember if you want to save your cuticles.

Woman getting manicure done at nail salon

Get Professional Care
Mani-pedis exist for a reason. There’s no shame in the fact that we all tend to get sidetracked occasionally. Sometimes this ends up resulting in damage to our cuticles. Mistakes happen and it is possible to come back from them. You’ll likely want a little extra help though. This is especially true if your attempts at personal cuticle care have resulted in accidentally trimming or pulling a cuticle in the wrong way. Most professionals should be able to give your cuticles that extra care they need to heal. They also generally have the tools and know-how to help shape them a little to help disguise any accidental damage done during the healing process. Just try to make sure you find a reputable spa or nail salon to have your hands pampered at to ensure a quality treatment. As long as you do this, you should be able to help save your cuticles and bring them back from their damage state.

Caring for your cuticles is as much about nail health as it is ensuring your nails look good. Healthy cuticles simply help to give your nails a naturally beautiful look. It does take effort to maintain that good health though. Learning how to care for your cuticles properly should go a long way towards minimizing any nail care emergencies, but never forget to keep building up your own knowledge of skin and nail care to keep working towards looking like the best you.