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Tips For Tackling Morning Skin Care

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A morning skincare routine is a good way to start your day. It offers a concrete way to give your skin that little pick-me-up it may need some mornings while ensuring that you look your best. Making the most of morning skincare does require knowing what you’re doing though. Some things are best used in the morning while others are best saved for the evening. There are very good reasons for these separate product groups, but not everyone knows how to make the most of them. That’s what we’re going to try to fix in this article. Knowing the right tips can enhance your morning skincare routine and ensure that your skin not only looks its best all day long, but also is a healthier for it. We’re going to need to confront a few misconceptions about product use to do this so that we cut back on those unknowing mistakes we’ve all made at one point or another.

What Not To Use
Certain anti-aging products are ill-advised as part of a morning routine. Check any that you’re using for retinol or retinoids. These are derivatives of vitamin A that are incredibly good for increasing the skin’s cell turnover rate, but they have an unfortunate downside. Products using those ingredients tend to be lightly irritating to the skin as well as making the skin more immediately susceptible to sun damage. The reason for this is twofold. A lightly acidic effect helps to clear the skin slowly over continuous exposure. That’s why redness and peeling are common effects when we first start using retinoid products. That lightly acidic effect helps to clean the skin, but also ends up reducing the overall barrier between your inner layers of skin and the outside world. The other reason is that some studies suggest the ingredients react to sunlight in such a way that it makes matter worse. So avoid retinoid-based anti-aging products in the morning.

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Clean Thoroughly
Morning routines are the time to thoroughly cleanse your skin. This is to help make up for the oils and debris that have settled onto your skin overnight as well as potential lapses in remembering to remove your makeup before bed. Thoroughly cleansing your skin is key to ensuring all of your products work as well as possible. Remember that the rinsing before your cleanse needs to use lukewarm to warm rather than hot water to avoid any damage to your skin from overly hot water. Beyond that, morning routines are a good time to experiment with a double cleansing technique. This process of using first an oil and then a foam or water-based cleansing product goes a long way towards ensuring that your skin is as clean as possible. You’ll be able to properly use a serum and any other nourishing products your choose to use in the morning to give your skin a boost in health.

Focus on Moisture
A morning routine is your chance to prep your skin for the day. This is particularly important to remember in winter and summer where the weather is at more extreme ends than the other two seasons. Moisturizing is key to keeping your skin properly healthy and resilient in the face of potential skin damage. Getting the most out of moisturizing isn’t that hard. The main goal is to remember to apply your moisturizers while you’re still in the shower, but after you’ve turned off the water. Damp air will keep your skin moist while you’re applying products and make it easier for your moisturizer to seal a healthy amount of moisture into your skin. This extra effort will help reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier and hereby make it more resilient to all forms of damage during the day. Additionally, it will help ensure your skin is more filled out to create the look of perfect health many of us desire.

Morning skincare routines are our chance to set the tone for the day. It offers a clear way to support one’s skin by making sure that it is appropriately clean and ready for the rest of the products you choose to use. Admittedly, one of the biggest things to focus on is proper moisturizing. Don’t accidentally use any retinol products though as the last thing you want to do at the start of the day is sensitize your skin to sunlight. Keeping these tips in mind should help you make the most of your morning routine.

Morning Routine for a Healthier You

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By this time, a lot of people have given up on at least some New Years resolutions simply because of forgetting them to many times. It is understandable and most professionals advise against trying to make drastic changes to your life quickly. This is where most resolutions simply end up failing. This can be a particularly frustrating fact for those of us dedicated to making 2016 a year for a healthier self. OROGOLD understands it is quite difficult to try to both create and set new habits at once, but one shouldn’t give up on the goal of a healthier life because it is trouble. A higher dedication to your health will help your beauty in the longer run. We’ve put together a quick suggestion on a healthy, general morning routine you might want to try to keep that resolution going long past the time friends and acquaintances abandon their own goals. The trick is keeping it simple.

Start With Breakfast
Breakfast may no longer be touted by everyone as the most important meal of the day, but you do still need to eat something when you wake up. There’s no escaping the singular gnawing feeling in one’s stomach that hits most people after a good night’s rest. Listen to your body, but don’t feed it based on an impulse. Work with your habits to shift them towards healthier ones. A good step is to try to cut back on caffeine and drink more water with breakfast. Additionally, fiber-rich foods alongside fresh fruits or other nutrient-rich foods will provide you with energy for the day while keeping all of you working properly. Keep your breakfast light though as this is only the first step in our suggested morning routine pattern.

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Exercise is one of the dreaded commandments many people end up getting from their doctor routinely. They do have a point though. After you have your breakfast, OROGOLD suggests letting your stomach settle briefly before engaging in light exercise. This isn’t about working up a massive sweat or any form of training. You simply need to be moving for a little while. A brisk walk around the block once or twice is a good option for most people, but you may prefer to jog or do yoga. Pick your exercise according to your particular needs. Ideally, your exercise should be something that you don’t mind doing as it needs to be part of your routine. Sticking to this portion of the routine will help motivate circulation across your body. The blood flow will help your skin in various ways in addition to your digestion. Don’t be afraid of a light sweat.

Finish Preparing for the Day
Logically, you’re going to bathe after exercising. The sweat and circulation will help loosen grime on your skin in addition to giving you a healthy glow. It will make your shower or bath that much more effective. Afterwards, all you really need to do is stick to your skin care routine. We talk about how to create, manage, and refine these constantly. Stick to using the knowledge you gain when it comes to refining this. You should notice that the previous steps, when you stick to them, will gradually result in better skin than you already had with your routine alone. Some of your products will benefit greatly from you have exercised beforehand as well. The best way to think of this is that your skin care routine is the capstone that refines your natural beauty in a healthy morning routine instead of being the only part of it.

A healthy morning routine is doable for most people. All we have to do is set aside the time in our schedules and make the commitment to keeping them. OROGOLD strongly recommends following the advice of experts and easing into a healthier routine one habit at a time. Start by making your breakfast healthier or finding an exercise you don’t mind doing after breakfast and build from there. This will give your body time to adjust to new habits and help you keep them.