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Total Body Anti-Aging Solutions

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The signs of aging are varied and difficult to keep under control unless you know what you’re looking for and what to do. Most of the time we tend to be fairly focused on the face when it comes to preventing the signs of aging. It makes perfect sense given how prominent of a place our faces have, but there are other areas of the body that can be equally revealing if we’re not careful. Proper anti-aging skincare involves being aware of your entire body. It isn’t that hard to pick out what area is going to need the most attention on your body if you know what increases their chances of being a problem later. We’re going to review the most common problem areas and quick way to help counteract the effects of time. There is no fully stopping the signs of aging, but appropriate attention and awareness can ensure you age gracefully.

The Face
While this is the most obvious area for attention, we can’t skip it without ignoring part of the body. Most of us are well-acquainted with many issues that beset the face as we age. Wrinkles, dull skin, oiliness, and sagginess are all major issues that we hope to avoid for as long as possible. Some of the core problems come from damage done to the skin over time through sun exposure. As a result, you want to counteract it by nourishing your skin with products rich in vitamins A, C, and E. These will support your skin’s overall healing processes as well as providing the materials necessary to fuel it. Anti-aging products rich in antioxidants are particularly encouraged as they help to minimize the long term damage of sun exposure. Remember to pay special attention to protecting the area around your eyes due to the over thinness of the skin meaning that area will begin to wrinkle first.

The problem with the attention we place on the face is the fact that it tends to need to the neglect of the neck and the decolletage. This area tends to suffer just as much, if not more, from overall exposure to the sun and elements as the face. Care for the area isn’t even that hard. All you really need to do is continue your facial skincare routine down along your neck. This is needed because the skin of the neck is as thin or thinner than the skin of the face in some areas. Without the attention and care, your neck will begin to sag and show lines faster than your face. This betrayal of your apparent age will undermine the rest of your efforts. Don’t forget to moisturize and exfoliate the decolletage regularly. This area can benefit from nourishing skincare too, but basic skincare can be enough if you make sure to tend to it regularly.

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We almost never actually think about the health of our hands unless they are feeling uncomfortable. It is another unfortunate truth about skincare because the hands truly need care and attention to stay healthy. They are almost never covered, we don’t think to apply sunscreen to them, and constant motion means the skin is continually stretched and folded as we go about our daily routines. All of this is a recipe for a long term lack of health for the skin. The best way to counteract this is to remember to regularly moisturize your hands. Keep a hand cream available to use when the skin of your hands feels taut instead of ignoring the feeling. Try to find moisturizers that nourish your hands as well. This will help give them an extra boost. Lastly, don’t forget to treat them like the rest of your skin. Apply sunscreen to them front and back.

These three areas represent the parts of our skin that tend to suffer the most as we age. Exposure, movement, and a lack of attention to detail can lead us into a situation where our skin ends up prematurely aging. Remembering that and taking steps to counteract it with a good card will go a long way towards ensuring you’re able to look your best for years to come.

Hand Care

hand care

In skin care routines, we often end up fixating on our faces. Most products available tend to be marketed towards retaining all of our youth and beauty there rather than anywhere else. It makes it hard to remember that there are other places we need to be concerned about as well. Your hands help you with most things that you do and it is understandably easy that they’re easy to overlook, but you shouldn’t neglect your hand when it comes to skin care. They accumulate damage and age just like the rest of your skin. Since most people don’t think about hand care that frequently, OROGOLD has put together a quick primer on things you can do to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Protect Your Hands
Our constant use of our hands it actually one of the things that puts them at risk. Each and every task we do typically ends up involving our hands. This is especially true when we’re cleaning or doing work outside. You want a good pair of gloves for any housework that you do. There isn’t always a helping hand around to deal with every little mess. The chemicals used in most cleaning agents are highly effective at their job, but can hurt the skin if they touch it. As a result, wearing gloves will let you clean without worry. The same goes for any outside work, but we’d like to also stress making sure you cover your hands with sunscreen as well. Not every outdoor situation calls for gloves. Those that do will still benefit from you being in the habit of properly covering your hands with sunscreen too.

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This is a good habit to be in for all of your skin. Your skin craves being properly moisturized and that’s one of the primary ways you can hold off signs of aging and keep your skin healthy. Properly moisturized skin is much more resistant to external damage. A good lotion is one option for helping keep your hands moisturized. OROGOLD would like to highlight that you may wish to consider a hand cream if your skin is particularly dry, live in a dry climate, or it is winter. The richness of a cream will provide more moisture to your skin and protect with more effectively. We would also like to stress the importance of not washing your hands excessively. You need to keep your hands clean, yes, but too frequent washing can dry the skin out and lead to cracked skin. Try using soaps with moisturizing components to reduce this as a problem.

Spot Treatment
Your hands can be subjected to hyperpigmentation as readily as the rest of your skin. This most commonly happens due to sun damage, but age can encourage the issue. This is partly why we wish to stress the importance of always wearing sunscreen. Regardless, there are specialized and non-specialized products that can help deal with pigmentation, loose skin, and lines. Sometimes the generalized products are marketed mainly for face, but can work well on your hands as well. We encourage you to try this as most facial products are meant for the thinner skin of the face and, as a result, shouldn’t cause any true harm to your hands. However, you may wish to look for products meant specifically for your hands as these will often contain other ingredients that support the focus. Proper care and judicious product use should keep your hands feeling soft and young.

Hand care is just as important as any other aspect of skin care. You may not think of them as often, but they can be just as telling as your face if you’re unkind to them. As a result, OROGOLD encourages you to consider taking steps towards proper hand care. All of your skin deserves to be pampered.