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Professional Advice for Reducing Under Eye Puffiness

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Puffy eyes are a fairly common beauty problem. They can come up for any number of reasons, but the results tend to always be the same: they detract from your chosen look. We all learn quick ways to try to hide puffiness, but after a certain point we just want to be rid of it rather than applying a quick fix. Reducing under eye puffiness takes a little work though. Changing various habits can help to reduce the overall rate at which you experience puffy eyes. We all know how hard it is to break habits though. With that in mind, we’re going to review some of the advice that professionals regularly give people to help them learn to control puffy eyes. These tips will be relatively basic and something any of us can do unaided. You may need to work at them though to help make any lifestyle changes stick. These tips should hopefully be enough to help you get the puffiness back under control.

Getting Some Rest
It doesn’t take long for most of us to figure out that puffy eyes tend to show up preferentially in the morning. There’s a reason for that too. One of the primary causes for puffy eyes is literally fluid pooling beneath the thinner skin of the eyes. The end result is the all too apparent puffiness. Most of the time it only really starts to accumulate when you’re sleeping on your side or stomach. The positions allow gravity to be able to pull fluid and make it pool in the area beneath your eyes. You can fix this entirely be sleeping on your back. It uses gravity to help prevent the pooling at the same time that it helps avoid bunching your skin together and encouraging wrinkles. Learning to sleep on your back can be difficult if you’ve never done it before though. An appropriately contoured pillow can help aid the transition to your new sleeping position, but it will take a little time and effort to make it stick.

Protect Your Eyes
Sleeping on your back is a good go-to measure when it comes to ensuring that you can prevent or minimize puffy eyes, but it isn’t your only option. It isn’t even an option for some of us. You can achieve a lot by properly protecting the area around your eyes though as any damage contributes to the likelihood of puffiness. That’s why many professionals recommend ensuring that you’re applying a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF around your eyes to appropriately protect the sensitive skin. This will help keep the skin thicker and stronger than it would be from continual damage. It will overall simply be more resistant to puffiness.

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You can build on this by remembering to wear sunglasses as well when you’re out and about. Try to remember to use products that encourage the health of the skin around your eyes as well to keep them as healthy as possible. This step works especially well when combined with sleeping on your back, but there is yet another option available if neither of these appeal to you.

Cooling Down
We’ve been largely covering preventive measures that can help reduce a regular problem, but we all need a quick fix now and again when they aren’t a regular occurrence. A good way to go about this is actually to chill some of your favorite eye cream. You can take it out and apply it whenever you’re dealing with puffy eyes to calm and nourish the area quickly. This tends to last longer than most other options because the nourishing part of the eye cream will offer a longer term solution for settling the area. You can achieve similar results with any kind of suitable product kept cold and put around the eyes. The cold is what will be doing most of the work by calming the area around your eyes, but quicker fixes like an ice cube don’t work as well as a product as the effect dissipates faster with nothing left over to help continue to calm the skin. It is worth noting that you may need to apply the cold product more than once for it to be fully effective, but you will get results.

Combating eye puffiness isn’t that difficult of a task, but the best way to do it is prevention. Sleeping on your back and protecting the skin around your eyes tends to do most of the preventive work without any additional help. Sometimes things will creep by though and a cold eye cream or similar option will be all you need to banish the puffiness away again. These tricks have been recommended by professionals for ages and will likely continue to be passed along. Their simplicity is ultimately the key. Hopefully these tips will be all you need to avoid dealing with puffy eyes ever again.

Highlighting with Face Gloss

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Contouring is one of those tricks that we’d all like to pick up, but that aren’t the easiest to learn. There are a few simple techniques anyone can learn that are readily available online. Such techniques can improve the definition of your face for various potential styles. Night time contouring is probably the most popular set of techniques available to help make up for the loss of definition at night. All these suffer from the fact that they are difficult to master and can be obvious when done poorly. It is little wonder that so many people end up feeling stuck when trying to learn to contour. Highlight, however, can offer similar benefits at the right time of day. These techniques have only gotten easier with the growing popularity of face gloss. Let’s take a quick look at this trend to see if it will be your new favorite makeup technique.

A Brief Word
Face gloss, true to its name, is a gloss applied to the face. You do need to be careful when applying most kinds of it though. Gloss is generally a colorless gel meant for careful application in specific places rather than broad application. It will easily pick up any powders you’re using and as a result, you’ll want to avoid using it broadly. You also don’t need much gloss to get the look that you want when applying it. It will be helping bring out the rest of your look with a subtle boost to a natural healthy glow. You can use it broadly across your face, but be mindful that it best suits anyone going for as natural a look as possible with minimal other makeup. Most techniques for using face gloss are at the very least tolerant of eye makeup.

Speaking of Eyes…
One subtle, but truly effective way to use face gloss is as a lift for your eyes. Careful dabs on the eyelid are a basic technique anyone can use. You need only a little for this trick. Apply it carefully to the center of your eyelids with one finger to add a glimmer to your eyelid. It is particularly effective on its own and helps to draw the eye in such a way to give them a visual lift. Additionally, it works well as an accent to the rest of your look if you’re only using it to highlight your eyes. Most people won’t actively notice the subtle shine, but it will remind them of where to look to fully appreciate your beauty. Notably, you can apply the gloss over eyeshadow if you are very careful. Do expect the gloss to pick up a little coloration from the eyeshadow though.

A Glimmering Smile
Two other basic techniques are directly tied to helping to accent your smile. The most common version involves gently applying the gloss across your cheekbones and blending it carefully. This will provide an accent to your cheekbones that will be particularly visible in good lighting. You can build upon it by using gloss around the middle of your lower lip as well. It provides a visual point that gives the appearance of fuller lips without the need to apply a rich color. This is a good way to stay on trend with the “natural” makeup approach without entirely foregoing subtle emphasis. It does need to be stressed that both these applications involve only using a light amount of the gloss. Over-applying it in either area could disrupt other makeup if you’re wearing it. As a result, you should experiment with gloss highlighting when you’re not about to go out the door.

Face gloss is a simple, easy product that allows you to take a common makeup technique and make it simpler. The subtle light catching effect of the gloss provides the same emphasis as more complicated highlighting routines with less work. Don’t think this means the results are less impressive though. You can still expect an elegant and beautiful result with face gloss even if you’re used to conventional highlighting.

Under-Eye Circles: How to Deal and How to Hide Them

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Most of us have one skin problem or another that we can trace back to one of our parents. If we’re lucky, it is something minor and easily dealt with like being a little more susceptible to the sun. Some of us are less lucky and inherited a tendency to form dark circles under our eyes. There are countless little tricks we learn to try to deal with them. The right shade of concealer works in a pinch and provides a fresh-eyed look, but it is often annoying to remember to try to apply concealer. Some of us don’t even want to bother with it. The trick is figuring out what you feel comfortable doing to hide under-eye circles. OROGOLD has put together a few quick tips you can try to reduce the occurrence of those annoying circles and hide them if they insist on being stubborn.

Try A Retinol Eye Cream
One thing we’d like to stress immediately is that the dark circles under your eyes are, more than likely, not an issue of skin discoloration. The skin around your eyes is some of the thinnest skin on your face. Things that aren’t normally visible under your other skin tend to shine through around your eyes…like the blood vessels beneath your skin. Dark circles are commonly light simply catching the network of blood flow beneath your skin and reflecting the darker color back up. One of the best ways you can counter this over the long term is an eye cream incorporating retinol. These vitamin A heavy products penetrate the skin and promote collagen production. This will increase the overall thickness of your skin. Ideally, you should see a gradual decrease in the dark circles. Some products do offer a skin lightening effect as well that can deal with any discoloration issues. Another trick you can use is to prop your head up slightly while sleeping with an extra pillow. You can use this one when traveling.

Work On Your (Bad) Habits
Another way to help deal with dark circles is to acknowledge that you need to make some lifestyle changes. Not everyone remembers to look after themselves appropriately and it is easy to fall into a habit of moving non-stop through life. Try to remember to take an antihistamine for any allergies you have when the appropriate season arrives. Under-eye circles as often related to allergies as they are to circulation. Additionally, OROGOLD suggests trying to drink more water than you normally do if you’re not a water person. Dehydration can contribute to dark circles. This likewise means you should consider cutting back on alcohol if you’re more likely to reach for that than water. Lastly, you should remember your sunscreen. We stress this a lot because sun damage has many effects on the skin and habitual, untreated sun damage can cause discoloration of the skin. This is most likely to happen to sensitive areas of skin, such as the skin around your eyes, before other areas simply because the skin can’t defend itself as well in those locations.

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When in Doubt, Conceal
We may have exaggerated how many people know to use concealer for dark circles earlier. The truth is that most people think of it, but there’s a difference between thinking to use concealer and knowing how to use it properly. Many shades of skin benefit from utilizing concealer with an orange tint when trying to blend out dark circles. The exact shade can vary and you may wish to experiment or ask a friend about appropriate concealer shades for this task if you have a particularly dark skin tone. Additionally, don’t forget to apply the concealer in a soft triangle beneath your eye. Try to let the base of the triangle be along the top of your cheek with the other sides being beneath your eye and along your nose. Blend the concealer out carefully with the tip of your ring finger for maximum care. This should help reduce the appearance of the circle or cover it up completely.

As with most things in beauty, dealing with dark circles is part lifestyle and part art. You can take steps that will minimize the appearance of dark circles with relatively tiny adjustments to your lifestyle. These are especially important for those of us whose parents gave us less than perfect genetics for our skin. OROGOLD hopes that you have a clear picture of what causes under-eye circles and how to deal with them. A bit of makeup can help disguise them, but taking preventive measures will always serve you best in beauty.

Caring for Puffy Eyes

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A good rule to live by is to get enough sleep. We don’t always have the luxury of a full night’s rest, but taking advantage of it when it is available is good for your health and your appearance. It helps reduce the amount of times we wake up with dark, puffy eyes. Unfortunately, getting enough sleep isn’t always enough to permanently avoid puffy eyes. Lots of little factors play into puffy eyes ranging from hydration, allergies, and even sleeping position. Eating right and getting enough sleep will reduce how often you wake up with them, but OROGOLD has put together a quick list of tricks you can try to care for them when they turn up. These tips should help you reduce their appearance and the amount of time they’re around. Despite their annoying persistence in appearing, puffy eyes are actually fairly simple to treat.

Have Some Water and Do a Little Light Exercise
You can combine two strategies into one when trying to deal with puffy eyes. As we highlighted, hydration plays a part in puffy eyes. In essence, when the water content in your body gets too low the natural salinity of your body rises without the water to dilute it. Water then begins to be retained in parts of your body until you’re drinking enough water again. Drinking a glass or two and engaging in some light exercise in the morning helps by not only ensuring you get enough water, but increasing circulation. It will distribute the water faster and help wake you up. You don’t need to necessarily work up a sweat, but you do need to move enough to wake your body up for the day. A quick walk around the block should be enough, but incorporating more vigorous exercise is a good way to create a healthy lifestyle.

Eye Creams
Many of us don’t necessarily have time to set aside for exercise in the morning. This initially seems like it might be a problem when it comes to dealing with puffy eyes, but it actually isn’t. OROGOLD and other companies produce eye creams and serums that are specifically designed to offer a cooling, soothing effect to puffy, under-eye skin. It offers a quicker way to take care of the problem in the morning. Many creams favor using particular extracts known for calming the skin and increasing circulation to help with the problem. You may want to wait a couple of minutes to allow the product to begin working appropriately after using it as described, but afterwards you can continue to prepare for your day. If you can combine this with exercise and water, it will make the results even better.

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Quick Fix
Vacations are a time for forgetting things. Sometimes what we forget are our worries, but much of the time we also forget a few things we intended to bring at home. You can deal with puffy eyes quickly if you’re on the go and forgot your favorite products. The main thing you need to remember is that you want to soothe the puffy area under your eyes. A cool compress of some sort lightly placed over your eyes can help. This is, to a degree, what many eye creams achieve, but the creams include other ingredients as well to increase the efficacy of the product. You can also use very carefully applied aloe to reduce puffiness, but we do suggest being as precise as possible as some aloe products irritate the eyes.

Puffy eyes are just one of those things that everyone has to deal with over the course of our lives. Sometimes it is because we haven’t been taking care of ourselves and sometimes it is simply one of the smaller facts of aging. Puffy eyes don’t have to be a permanent fixture of your features though. OROGOLD believes that you should be able to use these tips to confidently deal with the problem the next morning it decides to take up some of your time. Just don’t overlook taking an antihistamine if it’s allergy season as that can be an even simpler solution to the problem.

Care for Your Eyes for Better Skin

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We’re always trying to help you take the best care of your skin. Not all skin is the same though. Certain parts of it are more sensitive to damage and the simple act of living more than others are and this means those areas require special attention. We’re focusing on eyes this week and with that in mind, we’d like to cover the best ways to care for the skin around your eyes. Most people are highly familiar with how annoying the area under the eyes can be simply thanks to discoloration from a lack of sleep. This and other problems stem from the fact that the skin is very thin by comparison to even the rest of your face’s skin. Additionally, the skin around your eyes actually has less supporting elements than the rest of your face. This is why we’ve put together our tips on how taking care of your eyes actually supports better skin care.

Make Routine Eye Appointments
Try to schedule seeing an optometrist at least once a year. Your eyesight is important and this will help track any easily missed loss of vision. This actually connects back to skin care as people tend to reflexively squint at things when they’re fuzzy. Ostensibly it helps us make things a bit clearer, but doing this definitely crinkles the skin around your eyes. You can squint now and again without issue. The problem comes in when you are unknowingly spending a lot of time trying to see something that you used to be able to see without aid. This promotes the creation of fine lines in wrinkles in the eye area due to their sensitivity. It is much easier to diminish the presence of collagen in those areas. All you need to do is make and keep eye appointments each year to ensure your vision is fine. Even if nothing changes, you’ll, at least, enjoy the confidence of knowing your eyes are fine.

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Sun Protection
Like all skin, the area around your eyes benefits immensely from being protected from the sun. It actually benefits more than the rest of it due to how thin the skin is there. Make sure that you spend time applying a product with SPF around your eyes when you have the chance. There are plenty of specialized products intended for precisely that use available, but you might not always have those available. We would like to stress that it is better to have an SPF-infused product, but you can actually make do with a decent pair of sunglasses. A good pair should cover your eyes and the surrounding area tastefully. This will offer the skin of your eyes a measure of protection. Ideally, you want to have both an SPF product and the sunglasses though. Both will contribute to protecting your skin. Sunglasses provide the additional benefit of helping you to avoid squinting when exposed to bright sunlight.

Pay Special Attention to the Area
One of the best things you can do for the area around your eyes is to set aside time to pamper the area. Numerous products exist to cater specifically to the specialized needs of the area. Moisturizers are good for helping to counteract how susceptible to dry environments they can be and boosting products exist that help to minimize puffiness. Try to be aware of what the area under your eyes needs the most as that is where you’re more likely to see signs of aging first. Moisturizers and retinol products will be your biggest allies in fighting back fine lines. Retinol, in particular, can help both boost collagen production in the skin and help smooth out fine lines already present. We suggest talking to your esthetician to get an idea of products that will work best with your skin types and help support your natural beauty.

Caring for your eyes can take many forms. Products are useful for some aspects, but we also encourage eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All of these can work in combination to help maintain your eye and skin health as your age. We hope this gives you an idea on habits and product choices to cultivate that will help you remain confident about your eyes. As the windows to the soul, your eyes should be readily visible to give a look into the hidden depths you possesses.

OROGOLD Takes Care of Your Eyes

Young woman taking care of her eyesThe skin around your eyes is the thinnest. Therefore, you need to make sure that you take special care of this area to prevent things like saggy skin, bags, dark circles and bulges. Furthermore, the skin around your eye area is also prone to aging. To save yourself from a tired or dull looking appearance, you need to have a proper eye care routine that refreshes and rejuvenates the skin around your eyes and allows you to look younger, healthier and more beautiful. OROGOLD Cosmetics has developed a reputation for offering its customers with solutions for all sorts of skin problems. In fact, we have an entire collection of products that specifically cater to the eye area. The OROGOLD 24K Eye Collection is an ideal way of getting your eye area to look smoother and younger. This guide helps you to understand how to use the Eye Collection so that you can take better care of the sensitive skin around your eyes.


Step 1 – Cleansing (Morning and Evening)
Cleansing the skin around your eye area is very important. Since the skin around your eyes dries up easily, you need to ensure that it remains clean. The best way to do this is to cleanse your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Night cleansing is extremely important as it allows you to effectively remove your make-up and gently clean your skin to remove the dirt that accumulates throughout the day. We recommend trying the 24K Vitamin C Cleanser. This impressive cleanser contains ingredients such as Vitamin C and Gold and it produces a gentle foaming action to cleanse your skin and give you a neat and clean look. It also makes your face seem less oily and refreshed.


Step 2 – Moisturizing (Every Morning)
Your body moisturizer simply won’t cut it when you’re trying to take care of the skin around your eyes. The sensitive skin requires more attention, something that an eye cream readily provides. For best results, we suggest that you use the 24K Dark Circle Eye Solution cream every morning. All you need to do is apply the product around your orbital bone. Follow this product with the 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum. This serum gives you a younger look by helping to hide the appearance of those deep lines and improving your skin care routine. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen lotion after the serum to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. We recommend broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreens.


Step 3 – Moisturizing (Every Night)
Cleanse your face to prepare the skin around your eyes for moisturizers. The night eye care routine is a bit different than the morning eye care routine in the sense that you should use a different cream at night. For best results, we suggest that you use the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream. Apply this product on the sensitive skin around your eyes and allow it to work its magic. Using this product every night and following it with the 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum (the next morning) can allow you to see tremendous improvements in your eye area. The skin looks younger and your eyes begin to look refreshed as well.


Skin Care Extras
Having a well defined skin care routine is an excellent way of protecting the skin around your eye area, but following a proper skin care routine and not concentrating on other aspects of skin care isn’t going to get the job done. Here are some of the things that you must take care of in order to ensure that you give your eyes the best possible protection.

  • Proper Sleep. Sleeping for at least 7 hours every night is extremely important. Sleeping properly allows you to avoid things like dark circles and wrinkles. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.
  • Maintaining your diet. Make sure that you eat a lot of nutritious foods like fresh fruits and green vegetables. Carrots are known to be excellent for your eyes because of the fact that they contain beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant. Other food items to look forward to include broccoli, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, spinach, sardines and wild salmon.


Ingredients to look for
As mentioned before, the skin around your eye area is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body. This makes fine lines emerge faster because the collagen in this area degrades faster. The best way to prevent this from happening is to look for ingredients that help to boost collagen formation and nourish the skin around your eyes. OROGOLD suggests that you stay on the lookout for ingredients like Vitamins A, C and E as well as Allantoin.