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Try These Quick Mood Boosters

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Trying to maintain your mood throughout the day can be more difficult than you might think. Random things throughout the day all have the chance of getting to us even if we’d like to think we’re better at handling them than we are. It might be when something happens, what it reminds us of, or something entirely beyond of perception that causes our mood to fall, but we have to deal with it regardless of the root cause. That makes it useful to know some of the quick things you can do to help boost your mood when you suddenly find it beginning to fail on you. The good news is that there are plenty of small things you can do to get your mood back under control. Let’s take a quick look at some the most useful ones that most of us can use the next time we start to feel a bit down so that we can maintain control of our lives and our moods.

Get Some Sun
The simplest and most fundamental way to improve your mood is actually to just exposure yourself to a little sunlight. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and sitting in the sun though. Simply seeing sunlight and being in the same room as it tends to positively affect our moods. It triggers particular reactions within the body that act as a boost. This makes it an incredibly easy way to counteract a slight drop in your mood. A little time in a warm, sunlight room will start warming your dampened spirits. This can actually help a lot for anyone who is more profoundly affected by a lack of natural light such as people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Most of us will just get a small, but noticeable boost that can help get us center ourselves. There are other options available beyond sunlight for anyone who wants to add more boosts on top of this one.

Exercise A Little
Another good option is literally to just get out there and exercise a little. A brisk walk for half an hour to forty-five minutes can end up having a distinctly positive benefit on your mood. This is because physical activity that meets a certain threshold actually starts to trigger the release of compounds in the brain that stimulate the areas associated with reward and pleasure in the brain. You naturally start to feel a little bit better after that. There’s also the fact that certain kinds of physical activity can provide an even more pronounced benefit. Runners in particular have an experience known as a “Runner’s high” when they hit the point where they’ve pushed their body far enough and begin to feel wonderful. You don’t necessarily have to push yourself that far to get a small boost though. A short burst of exercise should be enough for most of us to battle everyday dips in our mood.

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Treat Yourself
When in doubt, nothing says you can’t indulge a little when you start to feel bad. Most of us get a quick boost to our mood by getting something we enjoy. How this is defined is going to vary though. Some of us might prefer to get a sweet treat to enjoy while others might promise a particular bit of music they want to themselves later. The key here is simply getting something small that you will enjoy. It gives your brain a little boost of happiness that can alter the course of a downturn in mood. You don’t even necessarily have to buy anything either. Studies have shown doing something as simple as adding things to a wishlist on a website can actually give you a similar boost to actually getting the item due to how the brain works. All you need to do is allow yourself to get or take a step towards getting something for that little boost to keep your day going well.

It isn’t unusual to feel or mood and motivation flagging at times during the day. Physical and mental energy are being depleted all the time that we’re doing things and it can end up making us have less of what we need to keep getting through our day. Taking the time to use a quick mood booster or two can keep us moving steadily towards the end of our day though. In the end, that will help us to stay all the healthier and have a more satisfying life.

Take Precautions Against Tinea Pedis

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Exercise is one of those things that we cannot genuinely go without. The human body evolved under circumstances that required fairly consistent movement to find the necessary foods to survive. It helped to shape everything from the tastes we value to the rate at which our metabolisms work on average. Despite our cultural and technological advancements, our bodies are still quite solidly back in the hunter-gatherer era and expect a certain level of movement. Our bodies suffer if we don’t get it. Overcoming the initial hurdles to exercise such as the difficulty in starting and maintaining motivation can be difficult, but once you do it the rewards tend to help you keep going. Admittedly, it does start creating circumstances where tinea pedis, more commonly known as athlete’s foot, will affect us. Taking precautions against that can ensure we get our exercise without dealing with an uncomfortable condition.

Socks Are Your Friends
One of the easiest ways you can minimize your chances of athlete’s foot is simply to wear socks. These seemingly easy to overlook articles of clothing provide a barrier between your skin and contact with various kind of bacteria that can end up leading to athlete’s foot. Wearing socks most of the time will provide you with two kinds of protection. The one we’ve already covered helps by ensuring you don’t accidentally pick up bacteria from the floor of your home or another interior area where you’re walking around without shoes. Additionally, socks offer a good way to draw moisture away from your feet. Keeping your feet from being habitually moist helps to stop them from providing an environment that supports the growth of the bacteria responsible for athlete’s foot. As a result, socks are a wonderful way to protect your feet. The reasons for this all point to another good habit to cultivate to help you avoid experiencing athlete’s foot.

Woman drying feet after a bath

Dry Your Feet
Damp feet are a major risk factor for athlete’s foot. As we highlighted above, it relates back to the fact that a damp environment helps support bacteria growth. Most of the time we’re not going to have terribly damp feet as long as we’re wearing socks, but certain circumstances do create that situation. The most common one is getting out of the shower or bath. Not only are our feet damp, but the room tends to be damp as well and a lot of the time we’re going to be barefoot. This makes the bathroom a very clear place one can pick up athlete’s foot. Another one is a pool and the changing rooms or bathrooms. The entire area is once again damp and promotes bacteria growth. Pools tend to be a bit more egregious about this than bathrooms though given how many people will be walking around. Try to remember to fully dry your feet when getting out of the shower or pool for this very reason. It will support the health of your feet.

Wear Shoes That Breathe
In continuing with the theme of avoiding damp feet, make sure that you wear shoes that permit at least some airflow over your feet. Air flow is important as it helps to further reduce the chance that your feet will be damp. Drier feet are less likely to be a problem. Additionally, this simply makes shoes more comfortable overall. It is worth noting that sandals and similar shoes are even better thanks to the greater level of air flow. The fact that they are also exposed to the sun doesn’t hurt either. We do need to stress that most of these benefits do hinge on you wearing socks in addition to the shoes. Remember that the interior of your shoes can end up damp or pick up bacteria too. Even the surfaces of sandals can end up being a problem quite easily. Without clean socks, your feet are potentially exposed and you will have to deal with the consequences.

Athlete’s foot is a very common worry and yet typically shouldn’t be a big issue in clean environments. If you regularly clean your bathroom, you probably won’t pick it up there. The biggest worry is typically just avoiding your feet being damp for too long. Even if you do get athlete’s foot, it isn’t that hard to treat. It is always worth taking precautions to avoid a simple problem though. You’ll be all the happier for the effort and your life will be far less disrupted.

Improve Your Internal Constitution For Better Skin

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Skincare often becomes easily obsessed with the surface of our skin. It is easy to understand how this happens. The surface is all we can really see, touch, and feel. That’s how we get feedback on how things are going deeper in our skin and within our bodies. This does lead to an unfortunate situation where we forget that what is going on inside is just as important as what we’re doing for our skin on the outside. All of our topical products can only do so much if we’re dragging our body down in other ways. In this way, our internal health is directly related to the health of our skin. There are certain things we can all do that will help improve our health internally and in turn improve our skin. They’re worth considering if you truly want to make the most of your skincare and health as they’ll help your skin be more resilient and ensure you age that much more gracefully over time.

Watch Your Diet
This may seem like a given, but it needs to be highlighted given so many of us tend to take shortcuts when it comes to our diet. A healthy diet is good for all of you. Your body needs you to eat a balanced diet so that it has all the materials necessary to keep itself functioning and healthy. We often forget this and end up thinking about eating as simply a matter of not being hungry. Eating a healthy diet is easier than you might think, but it does take some lifestyle adjustments. The human body is best support with a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables with meats playing a supporting role in our diets. That will generally get us the nutrients we need without it involving too many excess calories like a meat heavy diet. Changing one’s diet can be a difficult process though. Consider talking to your doctor for help in adopting a healthier diet and working towards an overall better lifestyle.

A good diet is a beginning point to improving your internal health. It provides the materials your body needs, but you can take measures to improve distribution of those materials. Regularly exercising goes a long way towards helping to maintain better overall circulation throughout your body. This is particularly important to your skin as it often has lower priority than other organs of your body. Improving your overall circulation through exercise will ensure your skin, like the rest of your organs, gets its fair share of the nutrients that you’re eating. Improved blood flow is also associated with improving your skin’s ability to repair itself. All of this contributes to improve your overall internal health as well. Your body will be more resilient in the face of various kinds of damage and better able to handle whatever the world throws at it just like your skin. Diet and exercise are incredibly useful for improving your internal health and thereby your skin quality, but you do have another important thing you can do too.

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Improvements to internal health take many forms. There are active things we can do like the ones we’ve discussed and then there are the passive ones that involve making sure we’re not doing something. Giving up some of our bad habits tends to go a long way to improving both internal health and skin quality. Drinking more than one should is one of the big culprits here. Remember that alcohol is technically a poison and every drink has to be processed and filtered out of your body. One to two drinks a day is the maximum for adults looking to keep their health and what counts as a glass will vary depending on your choice of drink. Another major culprit is smoking. The particular combination of chemical introduced through smoking hurts your internal health and can end up directly damaging your skin. Giving up the habit is necessary if you want to ensure you have the best skin possible. This doesn’t mean smoking less, but truly giving it up and staying away from the habit so your body can repair the damage. It may be hard, but your health will improve.

Your internal health and the health of your skin are intimately connected. Working your way towards the best skin possible requires making sure that you’re taking care of it both from the outside and the inside. Remembering this will help ensure your body has all it needs to take proper care of itself and ensure your overall health and appearance are more to your liking. Making the adjustments to care for things like this will take effort, but it will repay itself in time.

Seven Minutes To A New You

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Everyone has a busy schedule these days. That makes it hard to find a place in one’s schedule even for the important things in life. This isn’t a particularly good thing given sometimes we all feel the need to work towards figuring out how to reinvent ourselves or our lives in some way. That’s a large task when you’ve only got so much time in a given day. The good news is that you can work towards a new you with a lot of little changes that all add up over time. All it takes is willingness to commit to the changes and add one on top of the other over time. In the spirit of keeping things quick, we’ve got a quick list of things you can do to work towards a new you that shouldn’t take you too long to read so that your busy schedule doesn’t get delayed.

Try A New Haircut
We all have different looks that look appealing on us. The trick is life is often finding what looks best for a given part of your life and sticking with it. Starting to look again can be a relatively easy way to work towards a new you though. Discussing potential hairstyles with friends and stylists can go a long way towards helping you figure out the next look you want to claim as your own. Most people feel pretty good after adopting a new hairstyle that they feel confident about. You can even pair this with another option to further define a new look.

Makeup Experimentation
Not all of us get our start on makeup early. Some of us shy away from it earlier in our lives only to come to it later. The rest of us tend to easily pick out a core look that we stick with because it is easy to manage and replicate each day. Teaching yourself to use makeup or improving your skill with it will open up an entirely new realm of potential appearances that you can play with to find something that suits you. This small change can end up going a long way depending on how you use it.

Woman eating fruit

Healthy Snacking
There’s no getting away from the fact that most of us snack. Those snacks typically aren’t the healthiest thing either and that tends to show on our bodies. Working towards an overall healthier diet by shifting our snacking in the right direction can actually go farther than you might think. The key is figuring out what healthy snacks actually appeal to you and can keep you on the healthy path. Discuss options with your doctor and try out different options until you find a few that you like to stick with for a while. Your body will thank you.

No one enjoys exerting themselves that much in the moment. The one possible exception to this are runners with their runner’s high, but for the rest of us, we can minimize discomfort and still get in exercise with a brisk walk. Try to find a space you can have this walk in three to five times a week for half an hour to an hour. That’s really all you need to help your body stay in decent enough shape that it lasts longer and keeps you overall healthier. You do have to commit to maintaining the pattern if you want to keep the benefits though.

Busy schedules may make it hard for us to sit down and focus on self-improvement as a large-scale task, but that doesn’t mean we can’t break them up into bite-sized chunks. This quick guide should give you a clear path forward to working towards building an all new you that is healthier and happier. The best part is that reading all of this probably took you less than seven minutes.

The After Workout Glow

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Exercise is one of those things that is absolutely crucial to our health. We have to constantly utilize our muscles or they can and will start falling into disrepair. Consistent, moderate exercise has countless health benefits that reflect this ranging from less chance of injury as we age to maintaining healthy cognition to simply being at less risk from various ailments. Interestingly enough, you can also include looking a little better with the effects of a good workout. Most of us are familiar with a kind of after workout glow that fades as our bodies cool down, but there’s no denying it looks wonderful while it is there. The benefits to your appearance don’t stop at that though. Longer term benefits to your complexion exist as long as you’re willing to make the effort to ensure some of the downsides don’t catch up to you. With that said, let’s take a quick look at some of the dos and don’ts of looking your best during and after a workout.

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The Prep
Making proper use of the after workout glow means being ready for it. It isn’t uncommon for many of us to wear makeup when we exercise. This is especially true if we’re going to a gym and have a chance of being potentially made to feel less than confident about ourselves. Light makeup is one’s best friend in this situation. Exercise necessarily means that we’re going to sweat and sweat tends to result in running into the unenviable position where thicker makeup can run or smear. You end up far more likely to cause a breakout later than you are to enjoy looking your best. Sticking to lighter foundations or largely eye makeup can go a long way to keep feeling confident without creating a situation where your skin ends up suffering later. The glow will complement this light touch after you’ve finished exercising and make you look all the better. Admittedly, what that glow means is already a sign that you’ll be looking a bit better, but that requires a little more detail to explain.

Boosting Your Skin
That natural glow most of us experience after exercising is actually just increased blood flow beneath out skin. Your body doesn’t actually give your skin as high of a priority as your internal organs. This makes perfect sense for keeping you alive, but it has the unfortunate side effect of meaning your skin typically isn’t as healthy as it could be without exercise helping things along. The glow is, in essence, being able to see that blood flow through the layers of your skin. It brings with it all the nutrients you’ve eaten recently. This is how you keep your skin properly fed and ready to care for itself. Providing it with a share of the nutrients means it will be able to repair itself properly and keep everything looking its best. That in turn helps you skin to be just that much more resilient to any damage it faces as well. There’s one last thing you need to know to make the most of that after workout glow.

Woman after shower

Clean Up
You can extend the glow with a nice shower after you exercise. It will still fade soon enough, but warm water will keep it apparent for longer than leaving things on their own will. Additionally, you’re going to want to remove all that makeup as well as the sweat of the workout. Sweat itself is a healthy activity on the part of the body that is trying to prevent you from overheating. The problem is that the sweat can accidentally pick up unwelcome debris in the form of dirt and makeup along its path along your skin. This can end up slipping into your pores and mixing with your natural oils. That’s the sort of mixture that ends up clogging your pores. Washing after you shower and ensuring that the sweat and makeup are gone will let you prevent any added risk of having a breakout from regularly exercising with makeup on. Remember this will let you make the most of that lovely glow without paying for it later.

It doesn’t take very much to keep looking your best during and after you exercise. A little makeup goes a long way towards complementing the natural glow that results from increased blood flow. Making the most of it can let you look absolutely radiant for a short while after you exercise. Don’t forget to wash all that sweat and makeup off later to ensure you keep your skin healthy though.

Tightening the Skin on Your Arms & Thighs

Life does a lot of things to us. The highs and the lows form a kind of rhythm that it seems like we can never quite get the hang of because we always seem to be caught off guard by what happens next. There’s a simple beauty in that that one can come to appreciate even if it is also a source of annoyance. What we have to get used to various, but frequently we have to make peace with shifts and changes in our body with comparative regularity. Age and diet tend to make this one of the most fluctuating pieces of our lives. Issues with sagging skin tend to be particularly common in both cases. This tends to not sit particularly well with us as it detracts from our beliefs surrounding our own appearance. Fortunately, it is easy enough to tighten sagging skin if you know the right steps to take.

Woman exercising
Working On It
Exercise is probably one of your best options when it comes to tending to sagging skin. It tends to be the result of excess weight that gradually leads to more skin hanging on to the body. Regular exercise goes a long way towards encouraging healthy weight loss. There are specific exercises you can use to target this problem in general though. Running and jogging tend to be particular good when it comes to helping to get your thighs in shape. These exercises are good for tone in many aspects. You can get similar benefits from squats and similar exercises though as that work the muscles in the area. Your arms can generally benefit from things as diverse as lifting light weights and various exercises including them to push-ups. The key is simply ensuring the muscles in the areas are being worked. This method will take time to reduce sagging skin though as your body will need to gradually remove the excess skin.

Eat A Healthy Diet
This step is typically best used alongside the previous one. Eating better tends to help your body take overall better care of itself and reduces the amount of weight you’re putting on regularly. A good diet can actually help you lose weight at a higher rate than exercise alone if you’ve previously been eating poorly. The goal is to eliminate excess bad fat and sugars from the diet to reduce the amount of weight you’re putting on. This is best achieved by focusing on learning how to eat a healthy diet and sticking to it. You’re typically going to want to talk to your doctor about your options when starting a genuine diet. You want something designed to help you rather than a rapid weight loss diet. The latter will simply lead to even more of an issue with sagging skin. A genuine diet will favor fruits and vegetables with meats forming an accent to the diet. Talk to your doctor about your nutritional needs before trying to create a customized diet though.

Woman applying sunscreen
Be Good To Yourself
Our last suggestion on how to help tighten sagging skin involves eliminating bad habits that can accelerate and magnify the problem. One potential problem is failing to remember to wear sunscreen. Exposure to UV rays damages structural proteins in the skin that help keep it both firm and in place. Too much exposure earlier in life can easily lead to sagging skin as you age. The best approach is to pair good sun protection habits with the application of antioxidant rich products. Sunscreen and other products with SPF will help protect against previous damage while the antioxidants will help make your skin’s nature healing processes a little more effective at fixing the area. You also want to cut out any disastrously bad habits from your life. This is especially true when it comes to smoking. Smoking regularly is associated with a more rapid onset of the signs of aging. Sagging skin is quite common among smokers. Quitting and sticking to it will gradually help you body heal.

Tightening the skin around your arms and thighs requires you doing your best to take care of yourself. Healthy habits are ultimately the keys to helping reduce sagging skin. That way your body doesn’t have an excuse to make more and is better at keeping it off. These suggestions will all lead to slow improvement and that is what is necessary to properly fix the situation. Quick solutions will just lead to the issue being magnified. So take it slow and enjoy the path towards better health.

Re-energize and Hydrate Skin

We all reach a point where we come to the realization that our skin isn’t exactly in the place we’d like it. It looks a little too dull or a little too dry or maybe a little too red. These are relatively common complaints. No one is perfectly satisfied with their skin. You can do something about it though. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a way to re-energize your skin. You can hydrate and nourish it to great effect providing you know what you’re doing. This involves knowing a decent combination of both products and techniques you can use to help give your skin this extra boost. Few of them are terribly complex and hard to understand though. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short overview of some of the things that any of us can do to give that extra spark of life and beauty to hydrate skin even if we’ve been previously neglecting it.

Woman sleeping
Get Some Shut Eye
If you’re truly committed to helping re-energize your skin, you’re going to want to make a commitment to regularly get enough sleep. Our culture tends to be plagued by a lot of sleepless nights where we just can’t get to sleep due to one project or another. There are plenty of reasons for this, but the fact that it is happening is a greater concern to us than the causes. You need sleep if you want your skin to look its best. “Beauty sleep” isn’t a laughing matter. You genuinely need sleep if you want to look your best because your body uses the time you’re sleeping to make the most repairs. It knows you’re not up and moving about. That gives it all the extra time and energy it needs to get things done while you’re not causing more wear and tear on the body. Not getting enough sleep tends to make us look pale and ill as opposed to healthy. Getting that sleep goes a long way towards ensuring your skin starts to look re-energized.

Exfoliate and Moisturize
Most of us already know that exfoliating our skin is important. It is integral to helping ensure that our skin looks as healthy as it can. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard of a task. You really only need to find a suitable exfoliating product, be it a scrub or a chemical exfoliant, and carefully use it. This will help ensure your skin looks that much less dull. When exfoliating your face you can make this even better by applying your chosen product in tight circles on your face. Carefully massaging it around your skin will help stimulate blood flow that in turn will improve your overall pallor. Don’t stop there though. You’ll want to make sure you moisturize after this. Cleaning and exfoliating your skin will mean your natural moisture barrier is a little compromised. Using a good moisturizer will help replenish it while adding a further healthy look to your skin.

Woman with healthy food
Live Well
One other thing you can do to re-energize and properly hydrate your skin simply involves making sure that you live well. This means a healthy diet and exercise. How do they help though? The diet is one of the key factors for helping to re-energize your skin. It helps by ensuring your skin is getting all the nutrients that it needs to keep itself healthy. This also improves pallor, overall tone, and helps minimize the potential for skin issues. Make sure you’re drinking enough water as well to ensure you’re getting adequate hydration from the inside as well as the outside. This is all useful, but exercise further builds on this aspects. It helps to ensure that your overall circulation remains that much healthier. This promotes greater distribution of nutrients throughout the body and this in turn magnifies the effects of a good diet. Not only will your skin look better in the long run, but you’ll feel a lot better as well.

There is no getting around the fact that a lot of us tend to vary in how well we stick to our skincare routines. Eventually, we notice we’re no longer happy with our skin and want to fix it. Re-energizing and properly hydrating your skin will go a long way towards this goal. The combination of products, techniques, and lifestyle changes that can make it happen will also have many long term benefits to your skin. So what are you waiting?

Make A Few Sustained Changes To Look Younger Than Are

Age eventually reaches us all, but it isn’t something any of us need to surrender too. Working towards aging gracefully is something that takes most of our lives and committing to sustained changes. Even though the required changes vary from person to person, the simple fact is that a lot of us aren’t doing as well as we could be in caring for ourselves. Properly caring for our health is necessary if we want to look younger than we actually are because our appearance is, in many ways, a reflection of our health. You can relatively easily adopt various changes to your lifestyle and habits that can reduce your apparent age simply by cutting down of the negative effects of routine exposure to various things. Let’s go over a few of the things you can do you help you look younger than you are so that you know what sorts of changes need to be made typically.

Woman exercisingExercise
There’s no point in delaying the most painful news we have for you. You need to exercise if you truly want to look younger than you are. Exercise has a myriad of benefits for the body. These help to enhance how you look, how resilient you are, and how well you can simply go about your day to day life. Those who exercise tend to look younger than they are because they’re better able to maintain a healthy body weight that keeps them looking young. It also leads to an overall better circulation throughout the body regularly as exercise gets your heart pumping things more effectively. The benefits of this are twofold. First, your skin begins to get better access to the nutrients in your body. This directly benefits it by ensuring that your skin has the materials it needs to keep itself properly repaired. Second, all the circulation lends a healthy, youthful looking appearance to your features. The only downside is that exercise is, well, exercise.

It really isn’t possible to stress this point enough. You need to be wearing sunscreen if you want to help yourself look younger and stay that way for longer. This is because of the nature of sun exposure. UV Rays are responsible for multiple levels of damage to your skin. Some of them lead to internal damage, but the ones we tend to most notice are the ones that cause premature aging. These tend to cause an accumulation of dull, dry skin to begin on the surface that overall leads one to looking a bit weathered and worn down as opposed to youthful. You can work against this with various products, but you absolutely must remember to use sunscreen or moisturizers with SPF. The best options for protecting your skin are all SPF 30 or higher and offer broad spectrum protection that targets both UVA and UVB rays. However, you’ll want to put in slightly more effort than that to ensure that you find a sunscreen that uses a physical blocker like zinc oxide in its active ingredients to ensure the best protection. Sunscreens like that reflect rather than absorb UV rays and thereby provide slightly better protection.

Woman sleeping

Get Enough Sleep
The final thing we all need to do is make the commitment to get some sleep. We get it. Life is a chaotic mess where you can frequently find yourself up far later than you expect trying to get one thing or another done. Everyone deals with that and it is frustrating when all you want is time enough to deal with all the things going on in your life. Sacrificing a few hours of sleep may seem wise at the moment, but that starts to add up eventually. It is important to note here that sleep is vital if you want to look younger. Dark bags under your eyes aren’t going to help you look any younger, after all. Sleep is so important because the idea of “beauty sleep” isn’t simple vanity like some people believe. Your body literally uses the time in which you’re sleeping to make most of its repairs. Not getting enough sleep means the wear and tear on your skin simply starts to add up. It looks duller and less full of life. So make sure to get the right amount of sleep regularly if you’re interested in looking youthful.

Looking younger than you are requires sustained commitments to various lifestyle changes for many of us. We need to remember to wear sunscreen, get some sleep, and exercise regularly if we truly want to look our best. All of this is on top of having a healthy skincare routine. It may seem like a lot, but in truth, it all becomes routine relatively quickly. You simply need to make the commitment to the changes.

Tips for Better Skin in 2017

Woman with great skin
Continually seeking improvement is an aspect of ourselves that a lot of us take fairly seriously. What we’re trying to improve tends to depend entirely on who we are though. A lot of us made skincare mistakes in 2016 simply because we didn’t necessarily know any better. There’s no shame in this and it simply gives us room to grow and improve. Ideally, we do want to make up for those mistakes though. That means looking for ways to have better skin in the coming year. Fortunately, improving how well you take care of your skin is relatively easy as all you need to do is learn how to pick up a few new habits. We’re going to go over a handful of useful tips for better skin in 2017. You’ll need to be dedicated to make the most out of these tips though.

Watch Your Diet
The truth is that a lot of us can really improve our skin if we’re willing to take the time to fix our diet. This is one of the hardest, but most rewarding options if you can stick to it. You’ll want to cut major sources of sugar out of your diet for starts. Yes, sweets are wonderful, but the spikes in sugar aren’t doing your skin any favors. You’ll also want to work on ensuring that your diet meets the general rules for a healthy lifestyle. That means cutting back on any excess of meat in the diet while favoring plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables with plenty of dark, leafy greens as well. The collective greenery will do more for your skin than a lot of things. Taking care of yourself in this way will help build your overall health while evening out your complexion and ensuring your skin is more resilient than ever.

Woman using sunscreen
Remember Your Sunscreen
This is a skincare sin that we’ve all failed at plenty of times in the past. There is no overemphasizing the fact that we need to all be better about remembering to wear your sunscreen though. Exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of premature aging. Smoking is high on that list too, but the fact that not everyone smokes prevents it from being one of the true leading causes. The only thing you really need to do to help improve your skin is to remember to protect your skin every day. This involves making sure you are applying products with at least an SPF of 30 that offer broad spectrum protection. Ideally, most of the time this will be a sunscreen with a physical blocker like zinc oxide as one of its active ingredients. There are plenty of skincare products on the market with SPF now though. Those are equally useful when it comes to helping improve your skin this year.

Get Moving
Exercise is also important if you want to work towards improving your skin’s overall appearance too. It is important to note here that your skin is your body’s largest organ and taking proper care of your body is inherently necessary if you want healthy skin. Exercise is particularly helpful in this case as your skin is, sadly enough, on a slightly lower priority than the rest of your body as it can ostensibly take care of itself. Exercise helps to counter this issue by improving blood flow all over the body. This extra blood flow circulates more of the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs and ensures that it has the appropriate fuel for helping maintain itself. That alone is useful. However, you can also expect better color routinely thanks to improved blood flow too. It will help you both look and feel healthier than you have before. Remember that exercise doesn’t mean a fancy gym routine in this case. It can, but all you really need is to routinely take brisk walks last up to an hour a few times a week. Exercise is a simple as that.

Improving your skin in 2017 is as easy or as hard as you make it. The tips we’ve covered involve lifestyle changes and making good habits. These are the sort of issues that are most frequently neglected in favor of expecting products to solve the problem. That makes correcting such issues the clear path forward for many of us this year. Don’t stress too much if you slip up along the way though. There’s always time to work on improving your skin.

Lifestyle Changes That Tighten Saggy Neck Skin

Woman working out

Life changes us all. It does this largely through the changes that occur as we age. They’re small and hard to track, but can begin to add up. A particular problem that a lot of us can start to experience as we age is a sagging neck line. Skin begins to build up in the area and wrinkle as the excess skin builds up. It can be a real hit to our self-confidence if we see such a problem beginning to happen at any time, but taking poor care of yourself can actually increase your chances of it happening and accelerate it if it is already there. Surgery isn’t necessarily the answer to correcting a sagging neck though. You can actually make a few lifestyle changes and commitments that can go a long way towards minimizing the problem. They won’t necessarily entirely fix the issue if it has gotten to pronounced, but they can almost certainly help you minimize the look.

Don’t Smoke
Smoking is a huge culprit when it comes to causing sagging skin around the neckline. All the chemicals in cigarettes have countless negative impacts on your health that are hard to entirely track. What we do know is that they have a large impact on skin health though. Smokers experience collagen damage and loss at a vastly accelerated rate compared to non-smokers. This leads to unhealthy looking skin that ages far faster. The skin buildup is largely the result of the loss of collagen to fill out and firm that skin. If you value your appearance, the odds are good that you shouldn’t be smoking at all as it can, will, and probably already has hurt your appearance. A sagging neckline is a clear sign that you need to give up the habit. Not everyone who gets a sagging neckline is necessarily a smoker though and that needs to be addressed.

Protect Your Skin
Sagging skin in general is an issue we all face with increasing age. It has a lot to do with the damage our skin accrues over the course of our lives though. Most of us eventually begin to notice it even if we’re taking good care of our skin. There are particular habits you’ll want to cultivate and focus on that can help minimize the problem though. Sunscreen isn’t something you can skip any time you intend to go outside or be exposed to sunlight. Your skin needs that protection to help guard against damage from UV rays. Similar to the chemicals in cigarettes, sunlight introduces free radicals into the body that can cause a substantial amount of collagen damage over time. You can counter this with sunscreen for protection and a good moisturizing routine. The latter is important as it helps boost and maintain your skin’s natural moisture barriers that protect against sun damage too. Starting on all this even after noticing sagging skin around your neck can go a long way towards helping fight back against the issue.

Build A Better You
There are other things that you can do too. Sagging skin can also be the result of unhealthy weight loss or improper diet. Changing these factors can help fight back against sagging neck skin. You’ll want to start with finding a way to eat a healthier diet though. That will help give you a bit of extra energy and reduce the amount of unhealthy weight you might add on to your body from your diet. The extra energy will come in handy when you talk with your doctor about potential exercise routines. Strength training exercises have been shown to have a positive effect on your overall health as you age and to actually help fight back against wrinkles to a degree. It helps by ensuring weight loss comes at a healthy rate so that there isn’t any excess skin left behind. Additionally, the right exercises can firm muscles in your neck that will likewise perk up your skin.

Fighting back against sagging skin on the neck is relatively easy. You do have to be willing to dedicate yourself to fighting back though. Your diet, the amount of exercise you get, your habits, and your skincare routine all feed back into possible factors that can help or hurt your goals. Living a healthy life and remembering to exercise is your best non-surgical option for helping to minimize and reverse sagging skin around the neck though.