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You Need An Anti-Aging Routine For The Skin Below Your Jawline

Woman applying neck cream

Anti-aging skincare routines are something that we all end up being a little interested in eventually. After all, it seems like all our efforts before the problem starts did nothing since the problem actually started. This isn’t a healthy way to look at it. All the skincare that we do before it drifts towards focusing on anti-aging techniques serves the purpose of delaying when we have to become truly concerned about them and likewise helps to minimize the overall effects by comparison to others who didn’t take such steps. None of this stops it from being a little disheartening to see signs of aging where you didn’t want them. Most of us concentrate on our face to help minimize the signs, but they are prevalent in various places and not just above your jawline. Taking care of areas below it can be particularly beneficial to maintaining a youthful look. This is particularly true when it comes to the neck and decolletage.

The Importance of Care
We feel the need to stress that this routine needs to be average for all of us. This is because focusing just on your face ends up ignoring so much. The neck and decolletage tend to show age very clearly if they are not tended to and when paired with a comparatively well-cared for face it leads to clear visual dissonance. It makes it harder to maintain the look that you desire if your appearance is telling two separate stories. This is the same reason that you’re told to take care of your hands as well. Maintaining a healthy appearance that ages gracefully involves caring enough to put in the effort to target these problem areas to help minimize issues. Your face isn’t the only part of your skin that is sensitive. Remember that any area that enjoys routine exposure to the sun is going to need that extra bit of care to help minimize the effects of sun damage over time. With that in mind, let’s return to the topic at hand and look at the kind of habits you want to cultivate.

Extending Things Downward
You can actually get a lot out of simply remembering to extend the routine you use for your face downward. Rinsing, cleansing, and moisturizing the area will go a long way towards helping to keep the area healthy. You are going to want to pay particular attention to extending exfoliation into this area. This is thanks to the fact that the neck and decolletage tend to gain a heavily degree of sun exposure and as a result the extra exfoliation will help remove any dead skin and keep the area clean for nourishing products. Moisturizing regularly will also provide a great deal of help. The sensitive skin of your neck and decolletage is thinner than the rest of your skin just like your face. Adding that extra moisture back helps to protect against the inherent moisture loss from the skin being thinner and helps it remain more youthful and plump. All of these are things you can do for the area to help heal and maintain, but you need to do one more thing to keep the area below your jawline happy: protect.

Sunscreen Is Always Necessary
There is no escaping the fact that the best thing you can do is to remember to regularly apply sunscreen to your neck and decolletage. A lot of outfits exposure this area and the sun damage will add up over time. Sun spots, fine lines, and other issues all tend to appear readily in this area thanks to this fact. When all you need to do is remember to apply a sunscreen following the basic rules, there really isn’t much of an excuse not to make the effort to care for the area properly. This involves make sure you’re using a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30. We should all probably escalate this rating some as we age, but it is important to note that you get diminishing returns from numbers higher than 30. So don’t end up going too high unless advised by a doctor. Additionally, you’ll want to consider looking for one a sunscreen that utilizes zinc oxide. It is a physical blocker that will reflect the UV rays instead of absorbing them instead of your skin. Reflecting them provides better protection.

Anti-aging routines are key for many sections of your skin. After all, there are plenty of places that can show the tell-tale signs of age beyond our face. The hands are a prominent one, but even more prominent is your neck and decolletage. Without proper care, they’ll give an idea of your age even if you take perfect care of your face. Aging gracefully takes its share of work and we must all accept that if we wish to age well.

Woman looking at breakout on face

Quick Fixes For New AM Whiteheads

Woman looking at breakout on face
Whiteheads are one of those embarrassing issues that has the habit of popping up when you least want it. There’s no getting away from this kind of acne though as once it has appeared you’re going to have to deal with it if you expect your skin to be flawless anytime soon. Ideally, you should be able to deal with whiteheads the evening of the day you first spot them, but that isn’t always satisfying when you wake up to them. You want to look your best and they are getting in the way of that at that point. Fortunately, there are quick fixes for when you wake up with new whiteheads in the morning. Most of these involve immediate care, but others focus on making the problem less noticeable. It does need to be stressed here that squeezing a whitehead have never and will never be an appropriate answer in good skincare. This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to pop them properly to help heal your skin faster though.

The Right Tools At The Right Time
In general, the fastest way to deal with a whitehead is to remove the problem altogether. Squeezing them is ill-advised, but with a pore extracting tool you can still pop a whitehead in a reliable way that won’t scar the skin. Pore extractors are a set of small tools available for the specific task we’re describing. They involve one tool with a pointed end being used to lightly and carefully puncture the center of the whitehead while a second tool, frequently with a circular end, is placed around the whitehead and gently pressed to provide uniform pressure to expel the contents of the whitehead. This method for popping and cleansing a whitehead is far less likely to end up causing further infection in the skin by driving grime and bacteria further into the pore. You will want to ensure that you have a tissue or similar item to clean up the expelled contents of the whitehead with though as allowing them to touch the rest of your skin risks spreading the bacteria from the whitehead and causing a more substantial breakout.

A Little Bit Smaller Now
While getting rid of whiteheads is frequently our goal, sometimes we need to settle for simply make them less visible. This is honestly one of the better ways to ensure your skin heals well and without any potential complications at all. You can minimize the size of a whitehead with comparative ease if you’re willing to be careful about how you go about it. A clay mask or similar exfoliating option is particularly good for this task. The mask combines oil control with light exfoliation to help reduce both reduce the cause of the whitehead and help reduce inflammation and lessened skin clarity in the area. This help to reduce the overall apparent size of the whitehead and allows you to consider slightly longer term solutions that will help you skin gradually heal the whitehead instead. Giving it time to naturally diminish and vanish is honestly even better than using a pore extractor, but not all of us feel we can afford to give our skin the time.

Woman applying coverup
Cover It Up
In the end, the best “quick fix” is to simply cover up the whitehead until you have time to appropriately deal with it. You’ll need to gently apply concealer over the whitehead to make this work. Many professionals suggest using a brush to apply it correctly and to ensure thorough coverage of the area. Stick with a concealer with properly matches your skin tone as you aren’t dealing with the redness and inflammation of more obvious acne that requires color correction. Once the whitehead is covered, you’ll want to blend the edges to the rest of your skin until it is a seamless transition. You can then proceed to apply your makeup as normal over the rest of your skin and the area. Just remember to be gentle when applying foundation or anything else over the whitehead. Seal the entire area with a powder to help it stick and maintain the right color all day. Once you get home though, thoroughly remove your makeup and use an actual treatment method to gradually clear away the whitehead so the problem doesn’t get worse.

Quick fixes for whiteheads aren’t always the best option we can use, but they sometimes feel like a necessity. Disguising them with makeup until they have time to heal is the healthiest option, you can also drain them if you have a pore extractor. Anyone who doesn’t want to fuss with either of those can try minimizing the appearance of the whitehead with a little oil control and exfoliation. Just remember to be kind to your skin when you notice a whitehead. Your skin hasn’t betrayed you. It is just having a little trouble and needs your support to heal properly.

Ideas For Total Body Detox

Woman detoxing
While the conventional idea of a detox has profound issues, the general idea of getting away from unhealthy habits and working towards a new you has plenty of merits. Most of us tend to be doing far less to take care of our bodies than we really should. The end result is areas where our health tends to suffer and we tend to be left wondering how to approach finding our way back to good health. There may be no nebulous “toxins” to clear out of your body, but that doesn’t mean lifestyle changes can’t dramatically improve your quality of life. You need to make the right kind of changes, though. If you’ve been feeling less than your best for a while now and know it is connected to poor lifestyle habits, you might want to commit to making a few changes. It isn’t as hard as it seems to make solid steps in the right direction. There are a few core ones that almost anyone can work towards.

Get Enough Sleep
This isn’t necessarily what most people instantly think of when it comes to helping their body shape up, but it is probably one of the most necessary steps. Sleeping is, in many ways, the body’s time to repair and cleanse itself. You have a lot of sophisticated systems for removing unwanted things from your body and repairing damage, but they need the opportunity to do so. Your body uses when you’re sleeping to do this because most of us are moving around a minimal amount. That means the bulk of your body’s energy can go to maintenance throughout it. Not getting enough sleep means things pile up. Your organs don’t filter things quite as well, your body doesn’t get quite as repaired, and your mind has more difficulty processing things. That makes getting a good night’s sleep utterly vital when it comes to helping ensure your health. Turn off any of your electronics that might wake you in the night, lay down at a consistent time, and try to do something calming an hour before bed that doesn’t involve electronics. These three tips can often be enough to get the sleep you need.

Eating Your Greens
A healthy diet is another necessary component for helping your body to help itself. You burn through various vitamins and nutrients just by living each day. The stockpiles your body uses come from what you’re eating and drinking. A nutrient poor diet is a somewhat insidious problem that can creep up on you without you noticing the problem. Gradual sluggishness, feeling more tired than usual, and just lacking motivation can be signs that you need to be eating just a little better for the sake of your body. The best diet tends to include a variety of foods while favoring the majority of them being fruits and vegetables with plenty of fiber with a little meat thrown in for extra flavor and protein. Diet is a highly individual thing though and something you should consult with a doctor about before making tremendous changes. You can make some simple small ones at any time though by reducing the amount of sugar you’re eating or drinking and increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Even this basic level of commitment can go a long way to helping your health.

Woman exercising
Life Moves
Yes, exercise is one of those things you need to do too. It is probably one of the harder things to change about your lifestyle too. After all, no one likes being sore and sweaty. The fact that those two are pretty much guaranteed after exercise tends to turn a lot of us away from the habit. Cultivating it is necessary to help improve and maintain our health though. Regular exercise helps the body to more efficiently regulate countless processes in the body. The improved circulation from it also makes it easier for your body to filter away unwanted things to the appropriate organs for disposal. Regular exercise even helps to improve your digestion to a degree. Consequently, you need to get out there an do exercise if you want to see improvement in your health. You can do this through the simple act of taking a brisk walk for a half hour to an hour a few times a week. Most doctors recommend exercise happen at least three or four days out of a week to get the most benefits. A brisk walk isn’t much and most of us can easily manage it if we make the time. So try to make it for the sake of your future self.

Your body isn’t really riddled with nebulous toxins. You’ve probably got your share of unhealthy habits that make it harder for your body to work, yes, but your body is really good at removing unwanted guests. The kidneys and liver are meant for processing just those and making sure said guests make their way out of the body. A healthy amount of sleep combined with a good diet and exercise will go a long way to making all your organs function a little better though. Consider committing to a healthy lifestyle the next time you’re considering a faddish “detox”. You’ll likely get more out of a better lifestyle.

Your Skin’s Response To Less Sugar

Woman eating sugar

Your diet plays a big role in the appearance of your skin. We tend to stress this a lot, but it does need to be repeated routinely that you need to eat well to look well. There’s no getting around that. Your body needs particular compounds regularly to keep itself happy and health. If you don’t give it what it needs, your skin will get duller and redder due to various gradually building factors. It is comparatively easy to eat right rather than trying to make up for years of bad habits. Well, it’s mostly easy anyway. You’re probably going to want to eat less sugar for the best results and that’s a lot harder than most of us want to admit. It isn’t just you, though. Most of us struggle with eating and drinking a lot of sugar. The problem is deeply connected to the distant past of our species and the fact that civilization changes faster than the human body can evolve.

A Natural Sweet Tooth
Having a “sweet tooth” is a polite way of telling others that we’re perhaps overly fond of desserts in their various incarnations or the sweeter dishes available. There’s no real shame in it as, if more of us admitted it, we’d find out that having a sweet tooth is very human. We used to be hunter-gatherers in a far earlier part of our species’ history. This meant looking for what food we could at any given time and being happy with what we got. Fruit, nuts, plants, and the occasional meat could sustain us, yes, but they weren’t necessarily chock full of the energy we needed. Sweet things were though. Our species has a sweet tooth specifically because the sugars in these foods are easily converted to the kinds of sugar that our body can use and there is a lot of sugar to work with at the time. It was the body’s way of telling us “Hey, eat this and we don’t need to worry about being tired for a while! There’s a lot of good energy here.” Unfortunately, it has little concern for the state of your skin and health these days when sugar is in ready supply.

woman looking at skin
Sugar and Skin
Your skin, as a major organ, needs access to energy too. Eating sugar seems like it would help the skin by ensuring it has building blocks for its own projects, but in truth you likely need to eat far less sugar than you do. This is because sugary substances cause the body to react in a particular way. Once the sugar hits your system, it floods the body and causes a spike in your blood sugar. For most of us, this isn’t a major health problem, but the spike doesn’t last forever and will quickly drop. This section of time though creates widespread inflammation in the skin. It doesn’t last long, but we eat sugar in large amounts regularly. That means your skin spends a lot of time with low level inflammation. It generally manifests as increased redness in the skin as well as a higher chance for breakouts. Lowering your intake of sugar can help counter these immediate and sustained effects, but there is a longer lasting problem from eating a lot of sugar.

In A Bind
The further downside of too much sugar comes in when you realize your body has to do something with all the things it creates when it breaks down the sugar. Those byproducts circulate through the body and bind at various points. What is worrying for those of us who want good skin is that some of those byproducts bind to the collagen in our skin. These additions actually make the collagen less flexible than it should be and end up leading to wrinkles forming faster due to the extra strain on the skin. Eating less sugar helps to minimize this effect and make it far less likely that this will ever happen a noticeable rate. Sugar also tends to dehydrate the body to a degree and the skin isn’t immune to this. In general, the goal here is only to reduce your sugar intake to manageable levels.

There’s no getting away from the fact that we consume sugars. They are in most of our foods to one degree or another. You can do your part to ensure you’re eating fewer things with copious amounts of sugar though. Your body will still get sugar from your food then, yes, but it won’t be nearly as much as your body would otherwise be trying to process. Gradually lowering this amount of sugar will help you maintain your health and your appearance for longer.


10 Step Skincare

Woman touching her face

By this point, most of us have heard of the miracles associated with Korean 10 step skin care routines. There is a distinct appeal to a faultless path to flawless skin. It often seems like they’ve mastered it as well due to the seemingly ageless beauty of many Korean women. Something interesting happens when you start looking at those routines though. They aren’t actually nearly as long as their names imply. Each “step” is typically simply a section of a single part of the routines that many are likely used to using already. We’ll be looking at 10 step skin care from a broader perspective to see both what it entails and give you a look at what it appears like without artificial divisions. This will help you understand what all Korean culture does differently while maintaining a familiar format.

The Foundations of Good Skin Care
The biggest thing to note is that many 10 or higher step Korean beauty routines assume your heaviest routine will be a night. This is actually good given some of the steps involve products that work best when allowed to sit or that your skin needs a little recovery time after using. They begin by doing what any sensible person does: removing makeup. You want to use specialized makeup removing products so removal is as gentle as possible and doesn’t put added stress on the skin. They follow this up with a proper rinse and cleanse to ensure the skin is as clean as possible. Exfoliation is one of the biggest philosophy differences between Western and Korean skincare. The latter advocate exfoliating as few times in a month as possible while maintaining healthy skin, but the former favors exfoliation when your skin needs it instead of sticking to a sensitive skin exfoliation routine. Most 10 step routines also include toning as a step to add that extra layer of cleanliness to your skin.

Woman applying moisturizer

Pamper Your Skin
Another major difference in Korean 10 step routines is that they favor particular kinds of skin nurturing products. The order generally varies between essence or ampoule first. In effect, these are high potency, hydrating and nurturing skin care products. You’d likely recognize some of them as having a great deal in common with hydrating serums. The goal in the routine is to seal in as many skin fortifying compounds as possible in the routine. The universal rule at this point in any routine is to move from lightest products to heaviest to ensure every product has an appropriate chance to act on your skin. Most develop their own personal routine based on what their skin needs. After this, 10 step routines frequently call for the use of a disposable, paper mask. Masking helps give everything extra time to soak in a few times a week. You can achieve it with similar products or indulge in your favorite mask in the evening as well.

The Finishing Touches
After the possibility of a mask, it is generally time to wind down 10 step routines. This involves the final steps of care and settling in for the evening. Most of the time the routines involve at least one specialized eye product: eye cream. There can be others before it depending on what the skin care routine is trying to treat, but it always finishes with an eye cream for moisturizing the eye area. A good general moisturizing typically follows the eyes. This ensures the entire skin has one last layer to help trap and boost moisture in the skin overnight. A thick, specialized night cream is typically used after the general moisturizing to finalize the layers of skin fortifying and hydrating ingredients on the skin by this point. Seem familiar at all?

10 Step Skin Care has taken over the beauty world by advocating specialized products and separating routines into more steps than most of us generally recognize. The truth is that one can similarly break down the skin care routine into product-by-product steps and have large routines as well. Korean women simply have a culture that recognizes the importance of taking skin care steps in the right order with the right potency to maintain their appearance. Feel free to try out a 10 step skin care routine, but think of it as an experiment if your current routine is doing all you need.

5 Cleansing Tips for Flawless Skin

Woman cleansing skin

Cleansing is one of those habits that we all pick up early on in developing a skin care routine. The necessity of clean skin to make the most of a number of products cannot be understated. Without a good cleanse, your skin will not be able to utilize the ingredients in such products effectively and you’ll be wasting part of the effectiveness of your products. This isn’t necessarily as bad when dealing with long-staying products that will remain after other products have faded, but light, complex products like serums particularly benefit from a good cleanse. A lot of people have strong opinions on how you should be cleansing though. It is hard to nail down any absolute for everyone due to the nature of skin care, but we’ve put together five tips so that you have a good guide to the dos and don’ts of cleansing.

DO Pick A Good Cleanser
Your cleanser should be picked according to the needs of your skin. Most people can afford to be a little less selective, but sensitive and dry skin requires appropriate care. Stick to using gentle cleansers if you have those skin types. Other skin types can benefit from careful choice, but the potential dangers of an improperly chosen cleanser are far less. The main thing to remember here is that your cleanser should always be a dedicated cleanser rather than “whatever works”.

Woman using a cleanser

DON’T Press Too Hard
Remember the rules you follow when exfoliating: gentle, upwards pressure. Cleansers are easier to distribute across your face and as a result, need far less pressure to move around. Gentle, smooth upwards circles will help spread the cleanser effectively while promoting healthy circulation in your skin. If you’re using a cleanser near your eye, then remember to use the tip of your ring finger when applying anything around there so that you can be sure you’re not applying excess pressure.

DO Cleanse The Right Amount
Cleansing is tricky business depending on your skin type. The general rule of thumb is to cleanse twice a day, but this depends on the kind of cleanser you’re using and what your skin can tolerate. People with sensitive or dry skin should try to stick to cleansing once a day. The time of day you choose to cleanse should depend on when you’re using the most skin supporting products. Those with oily skin should aim for twice a day. Never forget to wash your face after physically exerting yourself either where it is a workout or playing a sport with a friend.

Woman washing face

DON’T Use Hot Water
You are likely tempted to use hot water for the relaxing warmth it adds to your face when cleansing, but avoid hot water. It can lead to dry, damaged skin if you’re only using hot water for cleansing. The ideal temperature to use when cleansing is lukewarm water. Lukewarm temperatures are warm enough they can help your cleanser in cleaning, but aren’t warm enough to cause any damage. You should use lukewarm water both before you apply your cleanser and when rinsing it away.

DO Keep A Clean, Dry Towel Nearby
Most people dry their faces after cleansing. You’ll want to keep a special, clean towel available when cleansing whose sole duty is to dry your face. Remember to clean it regularly so that bacteria doesn’t build up on the towel. You’ll want to put it away after cleansing as well to make sure no one mistakes it for anything other than your facial towel. When drying, gently pat your skin. This will help you get all the moisture without pulling or damaging your skin.

These tips offer a quick, general guideline to cleansing. It should help you see any mistakes you might have made in a routine that prevent you from getting skin quite as flawless as you’d like. Remember that cleanliness and paying attention to your skin’s needs are of direct importance to the health of your skin when cleansing. Living a healthy lifestyle means being willing to take the time to cleanse properly even if it means remembering a few extra guidelines.

Skin Mistakes to Leave in 2015

The start of a new year is a time for reflection. Most of us find ourselves looking back across the previous year and remembering the good times we’ve had and the things we’ve learned. Some of us will have experienced life events that profoundly change how we look at the world and others will have enjoyed a relatively calm year. One thing OROGOLD does know that everyone will have experienced though as mistakes. There’s not getting around it as we all make them constantly. With that in mind, we’ve put together some skin care mistakes you’re going to want to leave behind in 2015 instead of bringing them along with you into the new year. In some cases, you won’t have any excuses left for making these mistakes thanks to 2015 skin care trends.

Woman applying sunscreen.

Forgetting Your Sunscreen
Yes, we like to bring this issue up a lot, but it remains an incredibly common mistakes. We can’t stress often or strongly enough how much you need to remember your sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if it is winter, summer, or any season in between. You need to protect your skin from the sun. It can be easy to forget to apply sunscreen during your makeup routine. We fully understand that. Few of us want to go through an entire routine again just to add some SPF below our makeup. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry as much about that anymore. Various products are available that incorporate SPF ingredients into skin care and beauty products. This trend has been increasing throughout 2015 and you can expect more and more such products to be available. You’re out of excuses in 2016.

Woman moisturizing.

Not Moisturizing Enough
Admit it, you’ve skipped moisturizing a few times in the last year. It is easy to get in a rush and miss things. This is especially true if you’ve got plenty of products left to apply in a routine and you’re running low of time. The thing is that moisturizing is a step you honestly can’t afford to skip. It helps nourish and protect your skin against the effects of harsher products or heavier makeup. OROGOLD and other companies are doing their best to incorporate moisturizing elements into more products though. This will help alleviate the problem of forgetting to moisturize properly to a degree, but you really should make the time in your routine to apply a dedicated moisturizer. Depending on your skin type, you may want to do this more than once a day to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

Woman cleansing her skin

Forgetting to Clean Your Skin Before Bed
Another mistake we all make is failing to clean up before going to bed. Everyone gets tired sometimes and the temptation to just fall into bed without bothering to wash your face is quite high. For the sake of your skin, don’t do this. Failing to clean off makeup and grime from your face will create a bad environment for your skin. This can lead to breakouts and other conditions that will accelerate the aging of your skin. You may be tired, but make the time to wash everything away. We recommend buying skin cleansing pads before any major event you might end up staying up late at and sticking them near your bed or on your dresser. These won’t be as thorough as a good cleansing, but they will remind you and offer you a quick way to quickly clean your face before you go to bed.

We all make mistakes when caring for our skin. The best thing to do is use it as a learning experience and do your best never to make the same mistakes again. The mistakes OROGOLD has chosen to highlight are some of the most common because people continually make them. Do your best to be one those people who make these mistakes as few times as possible in 2016. Your skin will thank you for the care in the long run.

How to Adapt a Multi-Step Asian Skin Care Routine to Your Life

Fashion magazines and beauty product review often leave everyone jealous of the beautiful Asian models showing their looks to the world. They always seems to have perfect skin and even moreso than other models. It isn’t something genetic though. Asian women, models or not, have to put in the time necessary for keeping their skin as clear and beautiful as they do. OROGOLD is happy to say that it honestly doesn’t take much modification to a Western beauty routine to create an Asian or Asian-inspired skin care routine. It does involve making a few steps longer and maybe adding a couple of new ones to your routine though. It is hard to argue with the results of these routines though as they’re quite clear for all to see.

Asian woman cleansing her skin.

Two-Part Cleansing
Most standard skin care routines in the Western world include cleansing. This is always a vital part. Asian women, particularly Koreans, build upon this basic step though. They don’t cleanse once as part of their skin care routine, but instead they cleanse twice. “Double cleansing” is a basic aspect of such routine that you can easily incorporate into your routine. Most directions for one invoke a rule known as the 4-2-4 rule. It provides all the basic directions you need for a double cleanse. Four minutes using a skin fortifying oil or oil cleanser, two minutes using a facial soap or foaming cleanser, and four minutes of air drying after rinsing the previous cleanser off your face. This compounds the results of cleansers, but you should investigate the oils or oil cleansers used when building a routine. Doubling up on cleansers does mean you’re likely to dry your skin out easier if you’re not careful.

Asian woman applying moisturizer.

Fortunately, this style of skin care routine is quite aware of what doubling up on cleansers does to skin. Depending on the culture, a number of different products can come into play after cleansing. Toners are a popular follow up to cleansers, but not always necessary. Serums of various sorts are the most common follow ups. These are generally used in a spot correction way as the idea is to essentially treat the areas that need treating the proper way without treating skin that doesn’t need it. This is similar to the multi-masking trend OROGOLD has discussed before. Masks are a popular continuation with a focus on deeper moisturizing options to help seal in the serums and hydrate the skin effectively. Similarly, the use of eye creams and more standard moisturizers are recommended as a more routine way of achieving the same results on days when you don’t use a mask.

Asian woman applying sunscreen.

Never forget sun protection. Everyone in skin care knows this, and yet most people persist in ignoring how vital it is. Whether Western or Asian, every skin care routine ultimately ends on applying proper sun protection to guard against damage. Always remember that you are looking for broad spectrum protection when hunting for any sun screen. This is necessary to protect from both kinds of ultraviolet light and their separate kinds of damage. Additionally, the SPF of a given product should be at least SPF 30 to actually protect your skin. Higher numbers do protect somewhat better, but after SPF 30 the amount of protection you get goes up by minor increments. This makes anything higher than 30 a personal preference overall.

Asian skin care routines don’t necessarily continue after sun protection, but they do encourage routine maintenance. Mist products are particular popular. These are recommended for use twice a day to help keep the skin hydrated and happy for a continued healthy look. OROGOLD suggests trying some of these changes to your own routine to see how your skin reacts. If the results are positive, then do try a full Asian skin care routine. Caution is always best when beginning to try a new routine though simply to make sure your skin can tolerate new products.

Tips for the Perfect Post-Gym Glow – OROGOLD Reviews

Post-workout glow seems to be one of those terms from a Harry Potter movie. After all, who glows after a workout? Most of us just look sweaty, messy and red-faced. And of course, those skin issues seem to be on the brink of appearing and ruining our entire day. But, fitness experts believe that it is actually possible for someone to enjoy a perfect post-gym glow. Since exercise brings nutrients and oxygen to your skin and gives you a beautiful and healthy glow, it isn’t all that difficult to enjoy a post workout glow either. OROGOLD reviews the best tips to help your skin glow – before hitting the gym, during the workout and after the gym.

Woman working out in an outdoor environment.

Tip # 1 – Avoid using Makeup
The first thing that you need to do is embrace the “au naturel” look. Wearing makeup to the gym is the easiest way to attract unpleasant glances from other gym-goers. With exercise comes oil, dirt and sweat. And having makeup on your face shall always make things worse. Moreover, it makes you more prone to breakouts.

Tip # 2 – Check the ingredient list before choosing a product
Avoid using harsh ingredients that can potentially damage or dry your skin. Avoid ingredients that can over-stimulate oil production as well. Always look for products which are rich in probiotics, fruit acids, vitamins and antioxidants to enjoy healthy and fresh looking skin.

Tip # 3 – Set a regular exfoliation routine 
Breakouts that take place on your chest or your back area feel even worse after a workout. To avoid breakouts, set a regular exfoliation routine for yourself. You should use a gentle body scrub to exfoliate the skin 2 – 3 times every week. This ensures that your skin functions well and your pores stay clean.

Woman applies cream on her hands.

Tip # 4 – Substitute the lotion with some body oil
A lotion can end up clogging your pores. This is why switching to some body oil might work wonders in giving your skin a moisturized look after your post-workout shower. Look for body oils that contain antioxidants and vitamins.

Tip # 5 – Wash your hands after working out
The first thing that you need to do after a workout session is to cleanse your hands. You’re always picking up germs and dirt in the gym and you don’t want all that to get onto your skin. Try to avoid touching the face while working out and always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer to the gym.

Tip # 6 – Never over-cleanse your skin after the gym
Most of us make the mistake of scrubbing our skin after a gym session. However, experts believe that you should wash the face gently after a gym session. Since the face is already clean and without any makeup (hopefully), a simple cleanse is enough to freshen the skin.

Woman wipes sweat off her body with a towel in a gym.

Tip # 7 – Ditch the sweaty clothes
Get rid of those sweaty gym clothes and change into fresh ones as soon as possible. Your body acne worsens when your skin stays oily or sweaty for a long period of time. Always carry a change of clothes with you to the gym and change before leaving the gym – even if you don’t have time for a shower.

Proper Order of Skin Care Products – OROGOLD Reviews

Haven’t you heard experts say that it is really important that you apply your skin care products in the correct order? Turns out they were totally right! As always! Skin care products, unlike your cosmetics, are designed to act in a certain manner when they come in contact with your skin. To maximize their benefits, you need to ensure that you use them in the proper order, irrespective of whether it’s for your face, your eyes, your hair or your body. This article from OROGOLD helps you understand the proper order of skin care products.

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Skin Care for your Morning Routine
Most people usually prefer to splash some water on their face and follow up with their favorite sunscreen-cum-moisturizer. However, when you factor in the pollution and stress that your skin needs to deal with on a regular basis, this routine is never enough. Here’s what you need to do in order to maximize the benefits offered by your skin care products.

Step 1 – Cleansing
The very first step of any skin care routine is to cleanse the skin. Your skin care always starts with a clean and fresh face because you need to get rid of all traces of makeup, oil and dirt from your skin before you can apply these products. While cleansing your skin, make sure that you use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin off its moisture or cause any serious damage. Keep in mind that you’re better off being gentle about cleansing. After all, you don’t want to abrasively scrub your face and end up suffering from inflamed or irritated skin.

Step 2 – Eye Cream
Many people often end up ignoring their eyes or use products that are actually meant for the face. What makes the eye so different, you say? Well, the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and is also the thinnest on your body. This means that regular products simply won’t be as effective in your eye area. And considering that the signs of aging usually appear on the eye area first, you don’t want to fool around with eye care either. ORO GOLD recommends you to add an eye cream/ serum into your daily skin care routine, to not only eliminate things like puffy eyes and dark circles, but also prevent the signs of aging from appearing earlier than usual.

Step 3 – Serums
The next step for any skin care routine is, yes you got that right, serums. When layering your skin care, always use your serums before using the moisturizer. Serums are extremely potent products that need to be applied before other skin care products to allow them to seep into your skin better. Another reason why you would want to apply a serum before your moisturizer is that some serums tend to be drying.

Step 4 – Moisturizers
The next step of your skin care routine is to moisturize your skin. While choosing a moisturizer, make sure that you choose one that suits your skin. These moisturizers might not bring about any changes in your skin, but they protect your skin from damage and ensure that it stays hydrated and moisturized. They also work to strengthen the barrier function of your skin.

Step 5 – Sunscreens
The last step in your skin care routine is to apply a sunscreen. Choose a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Remember, you need to apply sunscreens all 365 days a year. There is just no getting away from sun protection. You can also eliminate one step from this routine by choosing a moisturizer that doubles up as a sunscreen.

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Skin Care for your Evening Routine
Taking care of your skin during the evenings is all about undoing the damage caused to it during the day and rejuvenating the way it looks. This is where all your treatments for skin issues come in as well. Here’s how to maximize the benefits of your evening skin care routine.

Step 1 – Cleansing
As mentioned earlier, no skin care routine can start without cleansing your skin. Imagine your skin to be a sponge. Now this sponge attracts dirt, pollutants and grime throughout the day. Factor in the countless dead skin cells that shed and remain stuck to the outermost layer of your skin. And finally, remember that your skin still has that makeup you applied in the morning. Now, would you really want to leave all this on your skin?

Step 2 – Treatments
The second step of your nightly skin care routine is to make use of treatments for issues that haunt you daily. Most modern skin care products are known to offer multiple solutions. For example, you could have a single product that helps you reduce your breakouts as well as assist with anti-aging. Choose your treatments well, because you wouldn’t want to use ineffective products here.

Step 3 – Night Creams
Most people make the mistake of using their day moisturizers at night. However, OROGOLD Cosmetics recommends you to add a protecting lightweight moisturizer to your morning skin care routine and look for a rich and hydrating night cream for your evening skin care regimen. Again, while choosing a night cream, make sure that it suits your particular skin type.

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Weekly Skin Care
Apart from your morning and evening skin care routine, there are a few things that you need to add to your weekly skin care routine. These products need to be used just once or twice every week, depending on your skin type and your skin issues.

Step 1 – Exfoliation
Simply cleansing the skin is never enough when it comes to getting rid of the dry and dead skin cells from the outermost surface of your skin. This is where exfoliation comes into the picture. Today, there are all sorts of exciting deep peels that can be used to exfoliate your skin. No more scrubbing and rubbing your skin! Just apply these deep peels and wash them off. What makes them so special is that they can easily be used at home (unlike those chemical peels) and are completely safe.

Step 2 – Face Mask
Facial masks have been around for centuries (remember Cleopatra and her world famous gold mask), but they have made an entry as a proper skin care step quite recently. You can choose from all sorts of face masks that deal with all sorts of issues. There are face masks to hydrate your skin, face masks for cleansing and exfoliating your skin, face masks to help out with anti-aging and face masks for rejuvenating the way your skin looks. Choose one that suits your skin type and your skin issues and enjoy the perfect spa-day at home.

Skin Care Tips
When it comes to skin care, you need to understand that there is no one rule that fits all. Although OROGOLD has defined the perfect skin care routine in this article, it might still require some tweaks, depending on your skin type, the products you use and your skin issues. ORO GOLD recommends you to remember the golden rule – the lightest product comes first – while dealing with skin care products. Always apply light water-based products first and then layer them with the heavier oil-based ones. Secondly, you also need to ensure that you give a product the right amount of time to work its magic, before layering the next one.

OROGOLD understands that you’re often rushed and pressed for time in the mornings and are way too tired at night, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping out on essential skin care processes. And your skin isn’t one to take no for an answer either. So, if you really wish to enjoy that flawless and beautiful look for longer, you need to become serious about your skin care immediately.