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Tips For Tackling Morning Skin Care

Smiling Asian woman applying cream as morning routine

A morning skincare routine is a good way to start your day. It offers a concrete way to give your skin that little pick-me-up it may need some mornings while ensuring that you look your best. Making the most of morning skincare does require knowing what you’re doing though. Some things are best used in the morning while others are best saved for the evening. There are very good reasons for these separate product groups, but not everyone knows how to make the most of them. That’s what we’re going to try to fix in this article. Knowing the right tips can enhance your morning skincare routine and ensure that your skin not only looks its best all day long, but also is a healthier for it. We’re going to need to confront a few misconceptions about product use to do this so that we cut back on those unknowing mistakes we’ve all made at one point or another.

What Not To Use
Certain anti-aging products are ill-advised as part of a morning routine. Check any that you’re using for retinol or retinoids. These are derivatives of vitamin A that are incredibly good for increasing the skin’s cell turnover rate, but they have an unfortunate downside. Products using those ingredients tend to be lightly irritating to the skin as well as making the skin more immediately susceptible to sun damage. The reason for this is twofold. A lightly acidic effect helps to clear the skin slowly over continuous exposure. That’s why redness and peeling are common effects when we first start using retinoid products. That lightly acidic effect helps to clean the skin, but also ends up reducing the overall barrier between your inner layers of skin and the outside world. The other reason is that some studies suggest the ingredients react to sunlight in such a way that it makes matter worse. So avoid retinoid-based anti-aging products in the morning.

Woman examining face at mirror

Clean Thoroughly
Morning routines are the time to thoroughly cleanse your skin. This is to help make up for the oils and debris that have settled onto your skin overnight as well as potential lapses in remembering to remove your makeup before bed. Thoroughly cleansing your skin is key to ensuring all of your products work as well as possible. Remember that the rinsing before your cleanse needs to use lukewarm to warm rather than hot water to avoid any damage to your skin from overly hot water. Beyond that, morning routines are a good time to experiment with a double cleansing technique. This process of using first an oil and then a foam or water-based cleansing product goes a long way towards ensuring that your skin is as clean as possible. You’ll be able to properly use a serum and any other nourishing products your choose to use in the morning to give your skin a boost in health.

Focus on Moisture
A morning routine is your chance to prep your skin for the day. This is particularly important to remember in winter and summer where the weather is at more extreme ends than the other two seasons. Moisturizing is key to keeping your skin properly healthy and resilient in the face of potential skin damage. Getting the most out of moisturizing isn’t that hard. The main goal is to remember to apply your moisturizers while you’re still in the shower, but after you’ve turned off the water. Damp air will keep your skin moist while you’re applying products and make it easier for your moisturizer to seal a healthy amount of moisture into your skin. This extra effort will help reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier and hereby make it more resilient to all forms of damage during the day. Additionally, it will help ensure your skin is more filled out to create the look of perfect health many of us desire.

Morning skincare routines are our chance to set the tone for the day. It offers a clear way to support one’s skin by making sure that it is appropriately clean and ready for the rest of the products you choose to use. Admittedly, one of the biggest things to focus on is proper moisturizing. Don’t accidentally use any retinol products though as the last thing you want to do at the start of the day is sensitize your skin to sunlight. Keeping these tips in mind should help you make the most of your morning routine.

Surprising Everyday Germ Offenders

Most of us watch our health closely. After all, it is one of the few things that we can indisputably call our own. It doesn’t hurt that focusing on our health also helps us get more out of life. To this end, we pay attention to our bodies when they start to get sick as well as work on cleaning the environments we live in to minimize the chances of infection. The catch is that we’re never quite as thorough as we’d like to think we are. Places and things creep past our awareness despite how much they typically need cleaning. It isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but it does mean exposing yourself to large clusters of germs more often than you necessarily want. We’ve got a short list of some of the things you’ve been missing in your impassioned cleaning. This should help you feel confident that your world is just that much cleaner one you’re done.

Woman on smartphone

Everybody’s favorite device is secretly working against you. Yes, it is infinitely useful for solving a lot of life’s little problems and keeping you on schedule, but it also has a collection of bacteria. Think about it for a moment. You take your phone everywhere and expose it to the same environments you’re in. Additionally, you regularly press the screen or buttons to navigate through it even when you haven’t washed your hands recently. It only gets worse when you think about the fact that you place it against your head regularly too and bring it into contact with your skin as grime and oils build up over the course of the day. Your smartphone is a germ haven. Many of them are the kinds of bacteria that come from your own skin, but there are plenty of less savory ones that you pick up from moving through the world. So remember to sanitize your smartphone every now and then.

Your Bed
This little trap is one that more people are aware of, but that still doesn’t enjoy as widespread of an acknowledgment as it deserves. Your mattress and pillows are absolutely full of tiny friends and foes all going about their existence. You lie on your bed every night whether you’re sick or healthy. Of course it ends up being a haven for bacteria. Pillows and mattresses each gather up debris from our bodies and create environments perfect for particular kinds of bacteria. It also gradually increases their weight until said pillows and mattresses weigh almost double what they did after a decade. Fortunately, you can do a lot to minimize this problem simply by remembering to wash your sheets and pillow cases regularly. You can also check to see if your pillows themselves are machine washable. That will further extend the life of your pillows. Your mattress you’ll just need to replace occasionally.

Door handle

Openings and Controls
There are a couple of things we think less about than we should in our day-to-day lives. One of these are door handles. Whether it is a true handle, a knob, a plate, or any other shape of the same concept, we touch them constantly all day long. Others do as well whether we’re at home or out in public. This makes them sources of illness for more than a few people. After all, who is to say that so-and-so remembers to wash their hands after coughing into them? These little issues mean cleaning door handles regularly is somewhat important to maintaining good health in an environment. Additionally, light switches suffer from a similar fate. We flick them on and off without ever really thinking about their existence at all. The gradual buildup on them also makes them havens for bacteria. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to sanitize just like door handles.

These three things are among the most common everyday things and places that end up accruing a lot of bacteria each day. They are the perfects spots and sadly neglected in our cleaning more often than we’d like to admit. Changing our habits to include cleaning these items in our regularly cleaning routines will help improve the cleanliness of our personal worlds. That in turn will mean we make it through more cold and flu seasons untouched.