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The Lowdown on Collagen

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We spend a lot of time focusing on the effects various products have on collagen in the body. There’s a good reason for why collagen is such a fixation in skincare. It is one of the fundamental components of your skin. Without it, your skin begins to suffer and is unable to take care of itself properly. That pretty much explains why we tend to be so fixated on what it can do for your skin and how to make the most of it. Not everyone has even basic knowledge of what it is, what it does, and how to help maintain it though. That’s unfortunate when you’re devoted to taking good care of your skin as it always serves you best to understand at least some of how your skin works to ensure its overall help. That’s why we’ve got a quick primer for anyone who isn’t aware of this vital element of the body. By the end, you should have a clearer understanding and appreciation of collagen and its role in your skin.

What Is It?
Simply put, collagen is one of the primary structural proteins in your body. It helps to fill out a lot of tissue within your body. Varying types are used all around it ranging from it providing a core component to the organic parts of your body to supportive fibers in your muscles. The type used in your skin is best viewed as a kind of firming filler. It helps to hold up your skin and maintain its overall shape. Your skin can return to its usual shape after being pulled or pushed thanks to a combination of the proteins collagen and elastin. Collagen tends to take damage constantly though. This happens every time your skin moves and creates a fold. Repeated folding causes deep damage to the collagen that becomes harder to repair and that’s how we form fine line and wrinkles. As a result, keeping your collagen healthy is a crucial part of ensuring your skin’s health. You can do this by cultivating good habits and knowing what products to favor.

Habits To Avoid
Things that are bad for your body end up almost necessarily bad for your collagen. Excess drinking is a particular one that can end up leading to sagging skin through damaged collagen. Smoking is even worst for your skin as it will do the same thing through the introduction of chemicals and the introduction of free radicals into your body. These free radicals tend to bounce around in your body and damage cells as they go. Your body can repair the damage, but the constant movement of free radicals tends to reduce the effectiveness of all repairs your body tries to make. As a result, it is best to avoid such a habit. Similarly, you’ll want to protect your skin properly from the sun. Sun damage also gets to the collagen in your skin as well as introducing free radicals. Remembering to protect your skin and avoid tanning will help keep your collagen intact. Keeping these habits will help your product choices be more effective too.

Supporting Your Skin
The right products make all the difference when it comes to maintaining collagen. One of your best options is looking for anti-aging products. These tend to be rich in antioxidants which will help neutralize the free radicals bouncing around in your skin. This will help your skin be overall happier and healthier. Additionally, those same products tend to have high concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E. Those three vitamins represent some of the best support you can give your skin. Vitamin A helps to boost cell turnover rate in your skin and thereby makes it easier for your body to repair the damage. Vitamin C offers various components that help to actually fuel the production of collagen in your skin and the process of healing damaged areas. Vitamin E offers the same benefit as vitamin C and thereby increases the overall effect of a product. Focusing on products that utilize such ingredients goes a long way towards keeping the collagen in your skin healthy.

Collagen, as a vital protein in your skin, should be respected. You need it to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful. It provides the firmness that keeps your skin filled out and smooth. When it starts failing, everyone notices and all you can do is try to make up the difference. It isn’t that hard as long as you maintain healthy habits and use the right products. Hopefully, you have a better understanding and respect for collagen now as you’ll be benefiting from its presence whether you do or not.

Winning Back Your Body After Baby

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Pregnancy changes someone’s life permanently. There’s a lot of good changes tied up in that, but there are also plenty that we may find unwelcome. A particular worry for many is whether they’ll be able to get their body to “normal” after pregnancy. That’s a difficult question to answer on whole. Hormonal changes can change how one’s hair behaves, one’s tastes, and countless other little things that we don’t always think about until we notice something has changed. Our body shapes are also changed. This tends to translate to a larger cup size after pregnancy as well as plenty of baby weight to work off. The latter we can all do something about though. Shedding unwelcome pounds is quite doable if it is handled safely and responsibly. After all, there are a few extra considerations to be made after a pregnancy. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the major things we can all do to win back our bodies after a baby and at a few things related things we shouldn’t do.

A Word of Warning
While not everyone will experience this, we do need to pause and highly a specific concern many professionals have about people attempting to shed baby weight. There is sometimes a distinct temptation to try to start exercising and doing what can be done to lower overall baby weight as quickly as possible after recovery. Most people find out rather quickly that a new infant will have entirely different plans for their lives, but there are rare people who still manage to have the energy to contemplate other things in the first month or so after birth. Professionals strongly caution against this. It takes the body, on average, a month and a half before it is healed well enough from birth for one to consider exercise. This number goes up if the birth had complications or was a Cesarean. Talk to your doctor before taking any active measures to help reduce baby weight to ensure your own good health.

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Weight Loss, Naturally
The good news is that most people have a relatively easy way to shed baby weight after pregnancy: breastfeeding. Milk production necessarily uses calories from one’s own body and the numbers tend to be relatively high. That’s why doctors try to ensure you’re eating a good diet after the birth. Your body is going to need those calories. The good news is that a healthy diet will give you all the calories your body needs to be healthy while still allowing you to shed weight through breastfeeding. It doesn’t matter what method you use either. The only requirement for this benefit is to ensure your body has every opportunity it needs to produce milk. Make sure to talk to your doctor regularly to ensure you’re eating well and try not to worry too much if you indulge your hunger overmuch now and again. Admittedly, you can take a lot more active steps once your body is properly healed. Those options will be what is available to those who can’t breastfeed and are equally viable options.

The Expected
Pretty much all experts agree that the best way to lose baby weight is slowly and surely. Losing it too fast will affect your health. The best way to achieve this is by making a clear effort towards eating well and exercising. A balanced diet tends to favor plenty of vegetables with a helping of fruit and only a little lean meat now and again for that extra boost. This will give your body what it needs without giving it an excess. As a result, your body will slowly whittle away the unwanted extra weight. Augmenting this with regular exercise will help it happen faster and more reliably though. Remember that even a regular brisk walk lasting 45 minutes to an hour and a half can go a long way towards providing you with the exercise you need. Starting with that kind of low impact exercise is advised too. Work your way up to more vigorous exercise with guidance from your doctor to ensure your long term health and well-being.

It isn’t actually that hard to recover from baby weight with the right habits. After all, your body is actually trying to help you with that through breastfeeding. Losing that extra weight does take time though and there is no way of escaping that fact. Dedicating yourself to eating a healthy diet and taking up a regular form of exercise after recovering will put you on the right path to winning your body back after a baby though.

The Path To A Holistic Lifestyle

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Most of us want to lead complete, full lives that speak to every part of us as a person. After all, no one wants to look back later in life and be overwhelmed by regrets. Part of learning how to lead a full life involves starting the path towards a holistic lifestyle that speaks to and supports all of you. This means learning to cater to your mind, body, and spirit in your life. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a manual to help with this sort of lifestyle. We all have to piece together what supporting those aspects of ourselves means in our own lives. There are some semi-universal options that we can try on the path to leading a holistic lifestyle though. These offer ideas on how to properly support ourselves during our lives without allowing the world to entirely overtake us. Let’s do a quick review of some of the best ways to support the three major pillars of all our lives. With a little luck, we’ll all have a good idea of where to begin on our own path by the time we’re done.

Nurturing our minds isn’t always the easiest thing in the modern era. We’re constantly busy and moving from one project to the next as we make our ways in the world. It doesn’t leave much time for self-improvement or catering to our individual needs. Learning how to care for our minds means making the time for ourselves and our hobbies though. Engage and indulge in the things that make your mind race and think of the possibilities. Work to expand your horizons by teaching yourself new skills, hobbies, and improving your ability to intelligently engage with the wider world. Building your mind up has countless benefits that help to ensure you remain actively engaged with the things that matter in your life instead of passively accepting that things are going to go one particular way and not daring to stray out of a narrowly defined window of what the world finds acceptable to think about. This will help set you on a path to ensuring you are and remain aware of the needs of your mind.

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A holistic lifestyle that remembers the body focuses on physical health and wellness through multiple avenues. The most obvious of these are beginning to regularly maintain an exercise routine. This is often harder than we’d like to think due to the difficulty in maintaining motivation to do something that regularly taxes or body and can result in soreness. It is entirely understandable that so many of us end up giving up on an exercise routine. All it takes is briskly walking for half an hour to an hour and a half three to four times a week though. Try to get a friend to engage in the same form of exercise and you’ll both be able to maintain motivation longer. Exercise is a good start, but you’ll also want to look into ensuring you’re eating a good diet. Balanced diets are heavy in fruits and vegetables while being light on meat. Working out a good diet with your doctor will help further your goals of living a holistic lifestyle and help you be happier and healthier for longer.

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This often seems to be the most ephemeral of the pillars we have to support for a holistic lifestyle, but in many ways, it is the most human. Life wears on us all and the constant demands of it all have a way of isolating us and robbing us of the connections to others that matter. Working to support our spirit involves making sure we connect with the people important to us and do it regularly. Renewing ties of friendship and family speaks to the deeper parts of ourselves and allows us to feel more whole than we otherwise would. Additionally, engaging in mindfulness exercises is another good option as well. Meditation and mindfulness help us increase our awareness of the things that speak to us in our lives and help us value what we have. This expands our gratefulness and allows us to more fully embrace all aspects of our lives. Embracing others and the totality of our lives will, in turn, support our spirit and help us keep feeling like our best selves.

Living a holistic lifestyle that supports all three pillars of ourselves can sometimes be a difficult thing. It is possible to support mind, body, and spirit in equal measure though. Making the effort to do it pays off by ensuring that our lives retain meaning and quality throughout the entire duration of our lives. The path to a holistic lifestyle may be long, but to many people, there are few things as personally rewarding.

Nix Dull Skin With These Healthy Habits

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Dull skin is one of those telling things that are clues for us and other people that we may not be caring for our skin as well as we could. It generally happens when we neglected crucial skincare advice. Most of the time we tend to see dull skin as a sort of natural escalation on the part of your skin and body. It is often the result of an overabundance of dead skin cells being left on the skin. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your skin naturally has several layers of dead skin between the surface and healthy, new skin. It helps to protect the skin. Too much of it looks bad though. Similarly, dull skin can be the result of various kinds of damage too. You can work against it by cultivating a number of healthy habits. There are some habits that deserve a little more of your attention than others though and we’ve got a quick overview of each of them.

Get Some Sleep
Most of us have to admit that we’re probably getting less sleep than we should. There’s this modern idea that we need to always be available and connected that has lead to us establishing plenty of bad habits that reinforce it. Alerts and alarms at all hours combined with bright lights everywhere take a clear toll on our ability to sleep through the night and otherwise get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. This isn’t good as sleep is your body’s “repair mode” where it goes through and checks to make sure everything is still working properly. That includes your skin. Your skin needs that time to help work against any damage done to it as well as to ensure proper distribution of resources throughout it. Without regular sleep, your skin stops being able to do any of this and begins to visibly suffer. Our color looks off, our skin gets thinner, and it overall gets dull and unhealthy. Beauty sleep, it turns out, isn’t just a throwaway joke. All of us literally need it.

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Exercise Regularly
Distributing resources to your skin properly is another important factor. Sleep does a lot to help with that and makes the most use of this, but we need to do our parts to help it. That means exercising regularly. This doesn’t make much sense to most people on the surface. The best way to understand these benefits is to think of what exercise does to your body. It puts a stress on your body that in turn leads it to make demands for more resources and oxygen for your muscles. This leads to you breathing heavier as well as increased blood flow to get the oxygenated blood where it needs to go. The increased blood flow is where the benefits to your skin come in. Our bodies typically give a lower priority to our skin than our internal organs. The skin gets enough to keep it healthy, but not necessarily enough to thrive. This sort of regular increase in blood flow offsets this problem and ensures our skin gets more of the share of nutrients and that in turn allows it to look healthier and less dull.

Eat A Healthy Diet
Of course, your body needs all those nutrients to properly distribute to your skin to help ensure it has a healthy glow to it. The only way to achieve this is to work on eating an overall healthier diet. Changing one’s diet is an incredibly difficult task to undertake. After all, most of us are perfectly comfortable with how we eat. The combination of tasty treats and delightful meals help to give up some of the happiness that defines our lives. Changing that seems like a threat to our well-being. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t already eating as well as we could. Talking your diet over with your doctor is one of the best options here. They can help you narrow down necessary dietary changes while isolating them from ones that would be good, but not necessarily required. Armed with this plan, you can work your way towards a healthier diet that will help you feel better and your skin to look better.

These tips are highly effective, but they all rely on willingly committing to better habits. That isn’t always easy even if it pays off in the end. All of them need to be being done alongside good skincare too. This means remembering to regularly cleanse and exfoliate, moisturize, and wear sunscreen. Making this kind of effort will help prevent your skin from being too dull. It just requires a little bit of patience and a lot of dedication to stick to things long enough to see the positive effects.

The After Workout Glow

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Exercise is one of those things that is absolutely crucial to our health. We have to constantly utilize our muscles or they can and will start falling into disrepair. Consistent, moderate exercise has countless health benefits that reflect this ranging from less chance of injury as we age to maintaining healthy cognition to simply being at less risk from various ailments. Interestingly enough, you can also include looking a little better with the effects of a good workout. Most of us are familiar with a kind of after workout glow that fades as our bodies cool down, but there’s no denying it looks wonderful while it is there. The benefits to your appearance don’t stop at that though. Longer term benefits to your complexion exist as long as you’re willing to make the effort to ensure some of the downsides don’t catch up to you. With that said, let’s take a quick look at some of the dos and don’ts of looking your best during and after a workout.

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The Prep
Making proper use of the after workout glow means being ready for it. It isn’t uncommon for many of us to wear makeup when we exercise. This is especially true if we’re going to a gym and have a chance of being potentially made to feel less than confident about ourselves. Light makeup is one’s best friend in this situation. Exercise necessarily means that we’re going to sweat and sweat tends to result in running into the unenviable position where thicker makeup can run or smear. You end up far more likely to cause a breakout later than you are to enjoy looking your best. Sticking to lighter foundations or largely eye makeup can go a long way to keep feeling confident without creating a situation where your skin ends up suffering later. The glow will complement this light touch after you’ve finished exercising and make you look all the better. Admittedly, what that glow means is already a sign that you’ll be looking a bit better, but that requires a little more detail to explain.

Boosting Your Skin
That natural glow most of us experience after exercising is actually just increased blood flow beneath out skin. Your body doesn’t actually give your skin as high of a priority as your internal organs. This makes perfect sense for keeping you alive, but it has the unfortunate side effect of meaning your skin typically isn’t as healthy as it could be without exercise helping things along. The glow is, in essence, being able to see that blood flow through the layers of your skin. It brings with it all the nutrients you’ve eaten recently. This is how you keep your skin properly fed and ready to care for itself. Providing it with a share of the nutrients means it will be able to repair itself properly and keep everything looking its best. That in turn helps you skin to be just that much more resilient to any damage it faces as well. There’s one last thing you need to know to make the most of that after workout glow.

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Clean Up
You can extend the glow with a nice shower after you exercise. It will still fade soon enough, but warm water will keep it apparent for longer than leaving things on their own will. Additionally, you’re going to want to remove all that makeup as well as the sweat of the workout. Sweat itself is a healthy activity on the part of the body that is trying to prevent you from overheating. The problem is that the sweat can accidentally pick up unwelcome debris in the form of dirt and makeup along its path along your skin. This can end up slipping into your pores and mixing with your natural oils. That’s the sort of mixture that ends up clogging your pores. Washing after you shower and ensuring that the sweat and makeup are gone will let you prevent any added risk of having a breakout from regularly exercising with makeup on. Remember this will let you make the most of that lovely glow without paying for it later.

It doesn’t take very much to keep looking your best during and after you exercise. A little makeup goes a long way towards complementing the natural glow that results from increased blood flow. Making the most of it can let you look absolutely radiant for a short while after you exercise. Don’t forget to wash all that sweat and makeup off later to ensure you keep your skin healthy though.

Drinks That Help Reduce Belly Bloat

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How comfortable we are on a given day tends to be complicated by a host of factors. Things we eat, drink, and do end up impacting our well-being in ways we don’t necessarily think of at the time. This is particularly true when we eat something we enjoy only to later be reminded that it ends up causing bloating. This uncomfortable, full and overall unpleasant sensation tends to be highly unwelcome for most of us and all we want to do is get it to go away. There are always people who claim they know how best to deal with bloating, but the truth is that most of the time the best any of us can do is work to minimize the problem. There are plenty of quick and easy things that you can do to try to ease the problem if you move quickly enough. In fact, relief could be a drink away in the right circumstances.

Strangely enough, water is one of the best things available for helping to fight back against bloat. This is unfortunate since so many people find water boring and overall uninteresting. We can all deal with the so-called lack of taste to deal with discomfort though, right? The fact is that water is both easily usable by your body and naturally soothing as it doesn’t bring much of anything extra along with it. Yes, trace minerals give water its faint flavors, but overall it is more or less a calming drink that helps to maintain that balance of fluids in your body. A good benefit from all that is that it reduces overall water retention as well. This can both help you look and feel less bloated overall. Water is excellent for long term weight loss goals as well given regularly drinking water with your food will help contribute to feeling full for longer. Admittedly, there are better options if you want a quick way to deal with more short-term bloating.

Ginger tea

Ginger Water or Tea
This quick way to soothe one’s insides has been used for ages. The trick to it is that the potent taste doesn’t always agree with everyone. Ginger is good for bloating, nausea, gas, and similar issues and is known to work relatively easily. You just need to figure out what kind of dose is best for you and your taste buds if you don’t like ginger. A tablespoon of powdered ginger in a glass of water has widely been purported as a quick fix of sufficient potency. That does subject you to a highly intense ginger flavor that can be hard to manage if it is the first time you’ve ever experienced the taste. Ginger tea tends to be an overall better option. The intensity is lower and typically mixed in with other flavors, but might not be as effective as you might like. Tea is a good place to start though and work up from there. A single cup should typically be enough to see if you’re going to get decent results from the ginger tea.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint Tea
While not as famous for it as ginger, peppermint tea is also known for having digestive benefits. The effects of peppermint tea are seldom as fast as, rather than helping to release gas and soothe, it simply encourages faster digestion. This helps in its own way, yes, but the slower results might not suit everyone. As with ginger tea, a single cup will generally be enough to get the results you want from the tea. Anyone using peppermint tea to soothe digestive issues such as bloating is strongly encouraged to have the tea plain. Don’t add sugar or anything else that might potentially contribute to bloating at all. This will allow it to act as naturally as possible without interruption. Peppermint tea is also known for helping to manage appetite in some cases. This will further allow you to sidestep any mistakes such as having a snack that might further upset your insides.

Quickly solving digestive distress such as bloating can be the difference between a long and uncomfortable evening and a pleasant one. We don’t always want to have to reach for a medication to help though. These simple, natural options give you a way to simply have a drink to help settle bloating and other issues. While they may not act as quickly as a medication in many cases, they will at least be relatively easy to come by in many places.

Treating Sunburns on the Face and Body

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Sunburn is an incredibly common skin problem. Most of us have spent just a little too much time outside and encountered it before. Typically this is because our sunscreen wore off without us remembering to touch it up every two hours or so. This creates the unfortunate and painful situation that is sunburn. It is a relatively easily treated condition even if it is painful. Learning to treat it properly will go a long way towards helping one’s skin heal quickly and minimize the potential problems one experiences. We do need to stress that there is more to treating sunburn than aloe vera. With that in mind, we’ve got a quick guide on the best things you can do to help treat sunburn on your face and body. We’re going to favor simple, easy tricks that anyone can use to help their skin heal. These should be doable almost everywhere and help you be better equipped to handle the sun every summer going forward.

Protect Your Skin
This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to remember this when trying to care for sunburn. The key to letting your skin heal is to stop damaging it again in the same way. Apply sunscreen or other SPF-including products to the affected areas to provide a shield against further sun damage. This will let your skin actually get the chance to repair itself. We strongly encourage you to look for a product that uses zinc oxide, a physical blocker, to use when sunburned. Physical blockers will reflect UV rays and provide the overall best protection. Outside of that, you’ll want to favor the generalized sunscreen rules of ensuring you’re using a product with an SPF of at least 30 that provides broad spectrum protection. We also advise keeping around the right clothes to shield sunburned areas. Look for clothes treated to provide sun protection for an even more thorough defense. Making these efforts will make all your other efforts that much more effective.

Woman in bathtub

Stay Cool
The burning sensation we associate with sunburn is unpleasant, but you can do something about it. A common and easy-to-use remedy involves taking cool baths and showers to keep the skin soothed. You’re actually helping yourself in two ways: the cool water helps to soothe the skin and it helps hydrate it. Sunburned skin is exceedingly dry by comparison to the rest of your skin and this is part of what leads to its inflamed state. Controlling that inflammation goes a long way towards making the sunburn tolerable again. So soaking in a tub of cool water isn’t that bad of any idea if you can stand it. We do recommend doing more than just soaking though. Your body is going to need extra hydration to help keep up with the problem too. Make sure that you’re mainly drinking water when you’re thirsty to help give it the edge it needs to fix the damage. Significant sun damage like sunburn takes a long time to fully heal even after it seems to have gone away. Doing yourself all the favors you can make the lingering damage far lesser.

Sunburnt skin, as highlighted above, is dry and needs a lot of moisture. Soaking alone won’t do the job and isn’t necessarily viable for the face. Moisturizing regularly after a quick, cold rinse can go a long way towards helping the problem too. A good moisturizer will help seal moisture in your skin even when it has been damaged. This will help soothe your skin over time. Additionally, all that moisture helps to improve your skin’s overall health and prevent it from being as susceptible to sun damage. Many people will likely want to swap to a slightly thicker moisturizer to treat sunburnt areas given you’ll want all the defense that you can get. Aloe vera can be particularly helpful here thanks to it being an excellent moisturizer on its own. The soothing effect it has when applied topically is a bonus that makes it even better. We also recommend taking painkillers to further help calm your skin alongside this step. It should help make sunburn a bit more bearable while the worst of it passes.

Nothing prevents sunburn from being a frustrating experience. Many of us feel a bit hampered after an incident of sunburn as we know we need to stay out of the sun for a while. The best thing any of us can do is use these times to remind ourselves to take better care of our skin. It will hopefully help us minimize any issues with sunburn in the future and be better prepared to help any friends or family that run afoul of the sun as well.

Detox Your Body

The seasons are starting to turn in many places and that means fad diets and other miracle cures will start surfacing again soon enough. Countless claims that they’ll help improve your health by “detoxing your body” or another phrase will be attached to an all new set of possible diets. While the detox language itself shows a clear misunderstanding of how the body works, you can do a number of things to help improve your overall health. Your body isn’t necessarily full of toxins, but there is no denying that many of us tend to be a little more lax in what we eat over the course of the winter. The changing of seasons means it’s the perfect time to start weeding out the less than healthy thing from your diet to get your body and skin ready for a spring full of beauty.

Woman drinking water

Drink More Water
Winter festivities are generally full of plenty of equally festive drinks. They’re full of flavor and richness that makes them hard to turn down. You need to move towards abandoning richer and sweet drinks though. Water is a good all-around drink that many of us tend to ignore. You do get a lot of water from a healthy diet and don’t actually need to physically drink huge glasses of it every day to get all the water you need. However, you should try supplanting drinking sweeter drinks like sodas or that lingering winter longing for hot chocolate with water. Water will help keep your skin moisturized from within as you keep it moisturized from outside with your favorite topical products. Less sweet drinks and more water will let your body take better care of itself.

Woman eating a salad

Eat A Bit Healthier
With Valentine’s Day now past, you’ve got no further excuses to keep hoarding candy or making more sweets to indulge in. It is time to start moving out of constant baking mode and into “healthy eating” mode. This isn’t to say you didn’t necessarily eat mostly healthy over the winter, but not everyone has the willpower to avoid indulging. You should consider adding more vegetables to their diet as a basic rule. You can swap out lazy potato chips or other snacks with carrots or celery for great effect. These will help you stay full longer without resorting to eating unhealthy snack foods. Building your diet changes back up from such a simple shift is also a good way to ensure you’ll stick with the change. Trying to dramatically swap back from indulging yourself to eating fully healthy is very difficult and it doesn’t hurt to ease yourself back into things. Carefully cutting away junk piece by piece will also give your body time to adjust to eating properly again too.

Woman exercising.

Start Moving Again
Once it’s warm enough outside again, you’ll want to start exercising again if you gave it up due to winter. Start small and slow though as you’ll be out of practice. Brisk walks or light jogs around the block are a good way to get back into the swing of things. Those of you that prefer yoga may want to start with basic routines to test your overall flexibility and see where it’s at after the break. The main thing to remember about starting to be active again after winter is that you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Trying to push yourself right back to where you left off is likely to be more fatiguing than it should be. You’re not starting from the beginning again if you were already exercising, but you’ve definitely taken a step or two back. Getting back into the habit of exercise will help improve your metabolism and burn away some of those excess calories we all end up storing away over winter.

Taking a break from healthy living isn’t something we always do intentionally. Winter is particularly notorious for making us break out good habits simply because there are some many delicious and indulgent bad habits to enjoy over its course. You can get everything back on track towards burning off less than healthy decisions and reclaiming your positive lifestyle. Making your personal health important is one of the touchstones to living a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself both fit and beautiful.

OROGOLD on Head to Toe Facials – ORO GOLD Reviews

Young woman getting a full body facialHectic lifestyles, constant deadlines, demanding bosses and family commitments leave you exhausted by the end of the day. As a result, there is just no time to take care of your body. If this goes on for quite some time, you could start noticing visible signs damage because you ended up neglecting your body for far too long. This could also happen when you pay a lot of attention to one part of your body and completely neglect the others. You could try and solve it the regular way by going through a tedious personal care routine, or you could simply go for a Head to Toe Facial. This unique facial helps you to tackle all sorts of issues related to your skin and allows you to take care of your body like never before.

The Head to Toe Facial is extremely popular among Victoria’s Secret Models just before they’re about to grace the runway. Some of the most famous models like Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel are known to have opted for this facial to boost their “glam” quotient and ensure that they look like the gorgeous divas that they are known to be.

The Head to Toe Facial involves the use of five dermatological technologies and a variety of ingredients that can leave your skin looking brighter, tighter and smoother. It is also known to be one of those very few facials that gives you “instant” benefits. The first step of the facial is related to exfoliating your skin. It uses a deep pore machine and diamond crystals to exfoliate the outermost layer of your skin without damaging the layers located below. Once you’re done exfoliating, all you’re left with is a soft texture and smooth looking skin.

The next step involves getting rid of those blemishes. This step uses a brightening treatment such as peels or meso-infusions, depending on your skin condition and your skin type.

The third step of the facial uses a light machine to zap away those hideous marks from your skin. The machine gently targets issues like pigmentation, broken blood vessels and excessive melanin. It heats up the trouble areas of your skin and dissipates them without leaving any side effects behind.

The next step involves the use of micro-LED technology to bathe the skin with collagen. The technology helps you to stimulate your collagen synthesis by penetrating into the deeper lying layers of your skin and allows you to reverse the signs of aging.

Finally, the last step of the facial involves the use of a nutrient rich cream like the ones offered by OROGOLD Cosmetics. This cream offers your skin with essential moisture and vitamins and allows you to bring back that long lost glow. Ultimately, this Head to Toe Facial works for almost all skin issues and skin types. It can help you out with things like pimples, tanning problems, bumpy skin, rough or pale skin, heat rash and marks.

Experts believe that a single sitting before a huge event or a major party is more than enough to transform the way your skin looks. However, if you’re looking for long lasting results, you need to get at least 5 – 6 sittings done. Do they work? Well, if celebrities like Miranda Kerr swear by them, we would like to believe that they definitely perform wonders.