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Body Acne Broken Down

Woman looking in the mirror.

Acne is generally thought of as an issue thought of as being only a problem of the face, but anyone with difficult skin knows it is far more. Body acne frequently accompanies standard acne when you have problem skin. This kind of acne can turn up in a variety of places, but most frequently affects the shoulders and back. OROGOLD would like to take the time to explain the types, whys, and treatment options for body acne. Body acne is just as problematic as facial acne and shouldn’t be forgotten as often as it is in skin care. All it takes is a little bit of information to help people dealing with body acne to feel more comfortable and not worry as much about possible scarring.

Migrating Problems
Body acne can be a bit more annoying than facial acne simply thanks to the fact that once you’re treated a facial breakout, you can still have other areas of your skin flare up. There often aren’t nearly enough instructions about how to deal with it or whether it is even acne. The truth is that acne can happen on just about all of your skin due to the nature of the skin problem. If your pore gets clogged anywhere, then it can easily become infected and you find yourself with acne in that location. Most people are mainly going to deal with acne on the shoulders, back, and chest though due to a number of factors.

Woman strapping bra

Why Me?
Think about what you know of acne. As OROGOLD has discussed before, it is partly clogged pores and partly infection. A lot of things can clog your pores and contribute to the problem. The reasons the shoulders, back, and chest are frequent sites of body acne are due to surprisingly obvious things that affect the skin. Friction from clothing, handbags straps, and bra straps all serve to grind the grime of the day into your skin or trap sweat on a hot day. Is it any wonder many women tend to experience body acne painfully breaking out under their bra straps? Sometimes it can also lead to breakouts on your breasts. There are some easy solutions to dealing with all body acne though.

A Few Basic Things to Remember
Hygiene, as with all acne, is your friend. This is especially true when dealing with body acne around bra straps. Whenever you’ve been exercising, your clothing traps sweat and grime. Don’t wear a tight shirt or a bra that you’ve exercised in for long after the exercise. Instead you should take a shower shortly afterwards and wash your exercise clothes. If it is a problem without exercise, then try washing bras more frequently. Another consideration is the products you’re using for your hair. Long hair tends to wash products down your back, and some of them might be reacting poorly to your skin. So trying swapping up your shampoo and conditioner for general body acne. Remember to eat right as well and not to get too much sun.

While body acne can be annoying, it is easily fought just like other acne. It can be a persistent problem though. OROGOLD urges you to remember that it isn’t a sign that you’re unclean as a person, but people often forget small day-to-day factors, such as sweat from exercise or just a hot day, being a potential problem. Stay mindful of your activities and your body and you’ll do fine.