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Look Young Across The Ages

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Many of us have a certain level of fixation on skincare as it offers the promise of being able to care for our skin in such a way that can end up seeming comparatively ageless. We might not be able to entirely escape the effects of time, but we can ensure that our skin looks as young as possible. That’s why there are so many anti-aging products. There are a lot of things we can actually do to help keep our skin looking its best even if we can’t avoid aging fully. We have control over a lot of the factors governing that. Many of us simply aren’t aware of that fact. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at the various ways people can look younger throughout their lives. Not all of these are something we can control, but many of them are and with enough dedication can be moved towards supporting us rather than being a problem.

This is one of those factors that we simply can’t control. It is out of our hands by the time we’re born and there’s no real way to correct things we don’t like it our genetics yet. Some people simply end up aging more gracefully than others. You’ll generally have an idea of whether you’ll be fortunate based on your immediate genetic relatives. They tend to offer a decent glimpse into how time will treat you long before you ever get there. Additionally, those of us who look younger on average tend to end up benefiting from a similar kind of timelessness throughout life as long as we don’t do anything to damage our skin extensively. Genetics may be largely out of our control, but they can provide us with clear signs of where we’ll need to focus our care over time. Knowing what needs particular attention can better prepare us for giving the right care to maintain a comparatively ageless look at the years pass.

Sun Protection
Whether or not we protect our skin from the sun tends to be a tremendous factor when it comes to determining how gracefully we’ll age. That’s because of the insidious nature of sun damage. Most of the time you won’t even see it unless it has become severe enough to become sunburn. The damage happens at an invisible level within your cells where damage is done to the DNA as well as to helpful structural proteins that keep your skin firm and prevent it from sagging. That’s why ensuring you protect your skin is one of the best things you can do for your skin’s overall health and appearance. Make sure that you use sunscreen of at least SPF 30 that offers broad spectrum protection each day. This will ensure your skin gets the basic level of protection necessary for keeping your skin healthy while giving you room to go up in protection as you age. Additionally, consider looking for a mineral sunscreen to give your skin an extra boost.

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Nourish Your Skin
Human skin gradually loses its ability to care for itself as we age. This is due to an increased difficulty in maintaining enough of a supply of two key structural proteins for the skin: collagen and elastin. Collagen keeps your skin firm while elastin, true to its name, is what keeps your skin elastic enough to snap back into place after being pushed or pulled. The one way to offset this is to ensure that our skin is getting enough of the proper nutrients to create more of these proteins so that the natural healing process isn’t too hampered by lower levels of these materials. That means using anti-aging products rich in vitamin A, C, and E while eating an overall healthier diet and exercising. The former option has a very obvious and direct effect while the latter needs a short explanation. Eating right gives your body the right nutrients while the exercise ensures better blood flow throughout the body that in turn ensures equitable distribution of the nutrients as well as a slight boost to collagen production simply from the increased blood flow. Nourishing your skin will keep it healthy for years.

There’s no surefire way to look as if time cannot touch you, but taking the right steps to reduce its effect will keep all of us look that much better as we age. The necessary steps aren’t that hard either. Protecting your skin from the sun while nourishing it with the right products will do wonders. We can’t all have good genetics, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on looking our best as we age. A little effort goes a long way towards defying the passage of time for at least a little while.

Not Ready For Botox? No Problem!

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Botox is, for many, one of those beauty inventions that is almost beyond reproach. It lets us tame stubborn wrinkles that seem unable to be stopped all while ensuring lasting progress is made. Admittedly, the treatment has garnered a particular reputation for needing to be done correctly to ensure a natural look. There’s also the small matter that improperly administering it can also lead to paralysis issues in the face and jaw. This sort of baggage is why not everyone is always keen on reaching straight towards Botox treatments when they have stubborn wrinkles. The good news is that you have plenty of options even if you’re not ready to try Botox injections or similar treatments. We’ve put a few together in a short list as well as explanations of how they can provide you with similar results. This should help you make an informed decision about your cosmetic goals.

Retinol, Retinoids, And Your Face
There are few words are common in skincare these days as retinol. The compound is a particular form of vitamin A with its relatives, the retinoids, in turn being derivatives of it. All of them are useful when it comes to skincare for a number of reasons. One of the most important things they can do is actually encourage the overall cell turnover rate where they’re applied. This is important as maintaining a good cell turnover rate actually helps to overall minimize how readily wrinkles appear by denying them extra aid in formation. Some studies also imply that retinol can actually support the production of collagen in the skin as well. This structural protein is the entire reason why your skin is comparatively firm in youth. Gradual collagen depletion across life tends to be what causes wrinkles to form over time as habitual damage becomes permanent where skins folds regularly. This makes regularly using retinol and similar compounds incredibly useful when it comes to smoothing and minimizing all forms of wrinkles.

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Exfoliation Expertise
Many of the best options you have as an option other than Botox involve making a commitment to using specific products. Retinol, as we discussed before, is one of these, but another is ensuring that you’re remembering to exfoliate with a good chemical exfoliation compound. The biggest names in this category are the hydroxy acids. You’re more commonly going to run into the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic and citric acid than you are their older relative salicylic acid, one of the only beta hydroxy acids the skincare industry uses. These acids are all approved for use on the skin in specific concentrations. They help by dissolving dirt, grime, and layers of built up dead skin cells that can deepen wrinkles. Regularly exfoliating with these products goes a long way towards helping keep wrinkles to a minimum while applying them by lightly massaging the skin can cause blood flow that in turn supports collagen production. Notably, over-the-counter products take time to have a clear effect, but a supervised chemical peel can get you faster results in exchange for needing more aftercare.

A More Permanent Fix
Interestingly enough, there are a number of comparatively minor surgical alternatives to Botox that can permanently achieve many of the same results. Some of them focus on breaking up underlying issues by breaking accidental attachments between the surface skin and other structures deeper in the skin while others literally cut away the problem. The latter is perhaps the closest to the actual effects of Botox. These procedures work by removing the connection between muscles in the forehead of some of the muscles themselves to prevent the wrinkling from constant movement and bunching of the skin. The result is the same in that it allows the skin to repair the area over time and smooth out the lines to the point that they can potentially vanish. It is worth noting that as these are surgical alternatives that there is a risk of there being a minor scar involved, but much of the time the incisions involved are so small that proper care will make them practically invisible with time.

Most of us are so used to Botox being a standard beauty procedure that we don’t pause to consider alternatives. Good care goes a long way towards helping minimize wrinkles all over the face, but sometimes you need to go that extra step and have a procedure done. Your best course of action is almost always to talk to your dermatologist or cosmetic professional about your desires. They will be able to point you towards potential treatments that meet your criteria even if one of them is “Not Botox”.

How to Treat Blemishes After Age 50

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Skin conditions are something that follow us our entirely lives. Yes, our teenage years are frequently when they are at their worst thanks to acne, but there’s no escaping other issues over the course of our lives. Acne remains a regular problem for some of us while other factors can lead to yet other forms of blemishes forming on our skin over time. Trying to manage all these condition is ultimately what takes so much of our skincare time. It doesn’t really slow down as we age either. In many ways, menopause and other events in our later lives cause even more chances of blemishes turning up one way or another. How do we try to prevent and treat these problems? It seems almost futile when we’ll spend so much of our lives trying to keep our skin healthy with it never seeming to pay off while only getting a little harder each year to keep our skin healthy. While it may take a little more effort to keep your skin happy and healthy at 50 and above, you can do it and we’ve got tips on how.

Check Your Products
We need to keep in mind that our skin becomes increasingly sensitive as we age. That makes using a large amount of products ill-advised. Each one becomes a potential problem as our skin decides it will react differently with the passage of time. There are very few universal rules to help guide us in a way that avoids problems. Fortunately, one of them is useful at every age and bears emphasis: look for non-comedogenic products. These products are specially formulated to help ensure that they don’t get caught in your pores or otherwise contribute to further build-up. Check to make sure that all of your products have this label. If they don’t, then try to find products that do. This will help minimize the potential for issues and allow any existing issues to be more easily treated by ceasing to support a skin environment that nurtures blemishes. More direct treatment is sometimes necessary to keep things under control though.

Oil Control Is Your Friend
Skincare is confusing sometimes. Depending on who you are, your skin can end up fluctuating a lot over the course of your life. This becomes a particular problem when we start to approach menopause. Estrogen has a profound impact on skin health and losing a large supply of it contributes a great deal to a sometime sudden shift that can make blemishes particularly pronounced. Many people begin to experience a sudden increase in blemishes as their skin becomes that much more oily. Estrogen actually constricts pores to minimize the amount of your natural oils that can creep through to the surface. Once that begins to taper off, you can expect an accompanying increase in oil and the potential for problems. We recommend looking into gentle astringent products to help minimize the problems associated with this. They will provide light oil control that reduces the ability for blemishes to form while also letting your body and other products directly treat blemishes themselves.

Consider Retinol
We typically associate retinoids with anti-aging products. This makes perfect sense given the primary uses fall neatly into the territory of supporting the skin in such a way that helps to minimize the signs of aging. Many of these same qualities are useful for helping to prevent and minimize blemish formation. Retinol and its relatives are all derivatives of vitamin A that help to turn up the overall cell turnover rate of your skin. This is important as it helps to minimize the impact of anything that gets caught up in the skin as well as clearly away issues quicker. The other beneficial aspect is that they can potentially support the formation of collagen in the skin. Collagen is one of the primary structural proteins in your skin and necessary to repair damage. This makes it crucial to minimizing the effects of blemishes on the skin. We advise being mindful about using retinol directly on any blemish though as the compound can be a little harsh on the skin when you first start using it.

The big takeaway from all of this is that blemish fighting in your 50s and beyond is mostly about prevention like it is at every age before. You can do a lot to simply minimize your chances with good skincare. Blemishes that turn up should heal themselves fairly quickly providing you’re able to make the effort. Just be mindful of how your skin reacts to care to ensure that you’re minimizing problems. Talk to your doctor if any blemishes are particularly stubborn as they may require specialized treatment.

Five Ways To Highlight Your Décolletage

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Age tends to force us to make certain concessions when it comes to how we present ourselves. We tend to reevaluate our appearance every decade to decade and a half for this reason. No matter how much care we provide, there is eventually a point where we can tell we need to make a change in how we present ourselves. We need to be clear about this to ensure there are no misunderstandings though. This doesn’t mean there are certain things you must be automatically banned from wearing after a certain age or that a particular look is for one age only, but rather that how we look asks us to experiment and find something that suits us again. Experiment with all the looks you choose and, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find one that is always in your favor. Not all of them are though as clothes that expose one’s decolletage can be less flattering once we hit our 40s or older without taking the right steps. The decolletage can become a sign of age instead. We have some tips on how to make it stand out even as we age though and be a point of pride instead.

Appropriate care if your best option when it comes to properly emphasizing your decolletage as you age. The skin tends to be thinner and as a result it tends to be more susceptible to damage and other ill-effects. You’ll generally see wrinkles by your 40s if you’re not taking proper care of the skin. Exfoliating it regularly is a great step towards helping maintain your decolletage though. Exfoliation helps keep the skin clear and youthful looking while minimizing the potential for wrinkling. We recommend massaging the area as you apply your exfoliating product as well. This will encourage a healthy and attractive natural glow from blood flow. Be gentle with the area though.

In a similar vein, you’ll want to ensure you’re regularly moisturizing the area as well. Dry skin wrinkles easier than any other skin and is even more prone to it thanks to folds being deeper from dead skin cells. Regularly applying moisturizer helps to maintain the moisture barrier of the thinner skin while keeping it plump with a healthy amount of moisture. This maintains the youthful, healthy, and smooth look that can start to fade in our 40s and above. Maintaining the look will help add emphasis to your appearance that others lack.

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Try Highlighting
You can add a bit of makeup to help highlight the area once you’ve appropriately cared for it for a little while. This trick involves using the play of light on the decolletage. As a result, it generally isn’t the most suitable for low light situations, but can be highly tasteful for particular spring and summer outfits. You’ll want to use a highlighting product, but instead of centering it directly above the cleavage you want to target your collarbone instead. This trick will help encourage the flow of the eye throughout the area and add emphasis everywhere you want it instead of a particular area.

Try A Specialty Product
There are actually products available that can help you reverse or improve the overall appearance of your decolletage even if you’ve noticed a bit of sagging. Firming creams are useful for just this purpose. They help by supporting the collagen in your skin. Collagen is a vital structural protein that provides firmness for much of your skin’s life. Additionally, many firming creams also support the production and maintenance of elastin, the protein that lets your skin snap back in place and minimizes wrinkling.

Keep Protecting The Area
You’ll likely already be experiencing a little wrinkling if you’re in your 40s and even more if you’re older. We recommend using this as a reminder that you want to protect the area to prevent wrinkling from becoming a problem. Proper protection that minimizes wrinkles will make your decolletage even more noticeable as you age by helping you remain youthful looking. Follow the other care suggestions we’ve given and make sure to apply sunscreen to the area. It should be at least SPF 30 and offer broad spectrum protection to get the most protection.

You can do a lot to help emphasize your decolletage as your age. Tastefully doing this involves helping it look its best and minimizing the impact of age on the area. You can use a few makeup techniques to give a slight tasteful highlight with the right skills too. Remember that looking your best by defying age tends to draw more eyes as we age. Consider trying these tips out now that spring is approaching. You might just be able to break out that old favorite outfit of yours without feeling self-conscious.

Habits That Make You Look Older

We all know habits that can help us look younger. In fact, many of us devote a lot of time to figuring out what the best ways to take care of ourselves are. These inevitably vary depending on the individual, but a general core of tips exists that most people can follow. They help us make better habits than we might already have and move us towards a better version of ourselves. How do you know when you need to look for those tips though? A good marker is when you look at your habits and realize you have some that are actually aging you. They exist in pretty much all our lives. Our bodies can handle some bad habits for a while, but we must all surrender to improving our habits eventually. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common habits we can have that actually age us faster.

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Sleepless in Wherever
Sleep is vital to your health and appearance. Your body does more than recharge your batteries while you sleep. It goes into, effectively, “repair mode” every time you sleep. It goes over what your body needs to help keep itself intact and what specifically needs repairs before distributing resources to the appropriate systems. You absolutely need to get enough sleep to ensure your health as a result. We’re all guilty of failing to get enough sleep at different points in our lives. We can handle it a bit more when we’re younger even though we actually need more sleep then. The general rule for the rest of us is that we need to get somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for adequate rest. This is enough for our body to do its job and for us to feel properly rested. Make habits that will help you fall asleep sooner and easier to ensure your health.

Only Committed Sometimes
For all our bad habits, we typically do our best to attempt to incorporate positive habits into our lives. We exercise and eat right to keep our bodies in shape. This is highly useful, but we also frequently treat these as occasional commitments. The habits are frequently relegated to something we only do when our doctors tell us to or when we decide we want to lose some weight. Neither is a “when I need it” commitment, though. Eating a healthy diet means eating a healthy diet every day while exercise means exercising reliably most days of the week. They must be lasting lifestyle changes if they are to do anyone any good. Yes, we all slip up occasionally or lack the time, but returning to the commitment as soon as possible is necessary for your actual health. Don’t fall into the trap of viewing it as an “only sometimes” commitment.

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Breaking Ties
Stress is a big part of modern life. That may be the understatement of the year, but no one can argue that it isn’t true. There’s always someone somewhere that seems to need us at all hours. We have to sacrifice one thing to do another before time runs out and before we know it our lives have been taken over by our work or hobbies until we have no time to, well, live. Not managing stress effectively triggers hormones that are released in the body and can lead to a lot of negative effects ranging from weight gain to breakouts to a full-scale depression. We can help ourselves by working against the obsessive and filling aspects of modern life. Carve out times for you, your family, and your friends. Humans are social creatures, even introverts, and spending time with the people we care about helps cue deep reactions in our body that help soothe and calm us. Seriously, don’t cut the people who care about you out of your life to pursue something. It will age you quickly and likely lead to a noticeable negative impact on your health.

There are plenty of bad habits that age us. The ones we just discussed are only a few of them. You also want to try to break any smoking or drinking habit your may have too. The substances age you as well. Cigarettes and cigars always do while alcohol tends to be okay in proper moderation, but be sure to make sure you’re having only one drink every night or two. These and other habits are all things we can change in our lives. Ultimately, that is the reassuring thing about bad habits and means most of us can pursue happy healthy lives.


Ideas For Aging Smartly

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Age is one of those inevitable things we keep thinking we’ll just put off, but that turns up unexpectedly when we least want it too. Eventually, we all have to confront the fact that we’re aging and figure out what we’re going to do about it. Managing the various aspects of what aging means to our bodies is one of the biggest issues for many of us. This generally ends up leading to reading a lot of articles and trying to figure out how to stall aging just a little bit longer because we’re “not done with life yet.” Aging doesn’t mean life is over, but it does mean you need to start putting more thought into how to age smartly unlike when you were younger. This can involve lifestyle changes or cutting out dangerous habits to give your body the best chance. Let’s cover a few of the big tips to ensure that you can at least start on good footing.

Say Goodbye To Bad Habits
Youth is frequently associated with a willing and joyous overindulgence in…well, almost everything. There is a distinct, somewhat frantic disregard for consequences in favor of getting in as many experiences as possible. No one has any room to judge either as most of us have been there. The joyous overindulgence of youth does need to give way to a more tempered approach to things as we age though. Drinking and eating to excess need to stop around 30 as metabolism are likely to start slowing. Eating too much, especially of the wrong things, can lead to health problems that you’ll end up dealing with for years. Similarly, drinking too much alcohol is ill-advised if you expect to enjoy alcohol for a good long time. Talk with your doctor about advisable amounts if you have special health concerns, but for most of us a glass or two once or twice a week is enough. Lastly, just stop smoking. Stop now. All of these hurt your overall health and can have a particularly negative impact on your skin over time.

Remember Your Sunscreen
Sunscreen is important to all of us if we want to age smartly. Protecting your skin appropriately is necessary to avoid premature aging from sun damage. Remember that all sun exposure counts and that you need to apply it any time you will be going outside for a noticeable length of time. Additionally, men in particular need to remember this piece of advice as they are the ones who most commonly ignore this tip. You need sunscreen too. If you do nothing else, guys, just apply sunscreen for your skin’s sake if you want to keep your looks as you age. It is easy enough to know what you’re looking for when it comes to sunscreen. The products needs to offer broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 or higher to ensure you get proper coverage. Additionally, try to find products that use a physical block like zinc oxide as their primary ingredient as they offer better protection than chemical sunscreens.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle
Get up and move. Your body is not meant to be sedentary all the time. Most of us spend more time than we’d like to think about sitting and that will catch up to you. Movement is one of the keys to aging well as keeping active helps remind your body to keep everything in good repair. People who maintain even a small amount of fitness tend to be healthier and more resilient as they age. Exercise also helps to improve blood flow. This helps encourage your skin’s overall health in addition to the rest of your body. You’ll also want to consider learning to eat a healthy, balanced diet if you don’t already. Your skin and the rest of your body will benefit from getting a varied supply of nutrients. You might want to consider favoring foods high in vitamins C and E as your age if you want to focus your diet on keeping your skin healthier overall.

Aging smartly doesn’t really take that much work if you’re already looking after yourself. It is largely about minimizing bad habits while making sure you’re forming good ones. For the best results, it is ideal to start on this path around 30, but starting later isn’t a bad thing. Looking after yourself may start out a bit harder and feel annoying after years of enthusiastic experiencing seeking. The catch is that aging smartly will ensure you’re around longer to find new experiences even if you need to be a bit more measured in your pursuit.