OROGOLD Clients Share

OROGOLD Clients Share
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I recently went to the Orogold Las Vegas store and my mixed experience made me want to share this with you guys. Before I begin, let me tell you that I am a major skin care junkie and I like to keep myself updated with the latest happenings in the world of fashion and skin care. So of course, I had heard of Orogold before, but this was my first trip to their store. Now, Orogold Cosmetics is a luxury skin care brand. So the first thing that one would expect is luxury. In this aspect, neither the product (more on that later), nor the store let me down. The Orogold Store in Vegas actually exudes luxury – right from those beautifully packed products to those rich decors and extremely comfortable seats. It was difficult to say no when someone hands out a free sample and asks you to come in and try out the product. The fact that the store was so striking didn’t help my resolve either.

a look inside the orogold store

I must confess that it is easier to entice me into a cosmetics store and I believe I must begin to change that. Now, my first signs of discomfort came in the moment I entered the store. Although I did not find the experience to be bad, I felt that the sales rep was being just a wee bit aggressive. To my luck, a senior rep realized my discomfort and came out to cater to me. She instantly cut down on adjectives like glowing, beautiful and gold and started to tell me hard core facts about their products – facts that I could relate to being the skin care junkie that I am.

This brought out my sense of exploration and I knew that I simply had to try out their products. Legit or rip-off, the answer to the question was still not clear at the time, but it definitely seemed to be worth a try. Now, before I go on, I must tell you that I only have one major concern when it comes to my skin – my eyes. A major cause of this problem is those constant late nights and long hours in front of the laptop screen. And the rep was fast to point this out to me as well. So I decided to go ahead and purchase the 24K Eye Set which contained the “Intensive Eye Formula Cream” and the “Anti-Aging Eye Serum”. The moment I showed my interest in the Eye Set, I dreaded being slapped up with a big receipt and be sent on my way. To my surprise, the very sales guy who made me uncomfortable came up with samples of both the serum and the cream and asked me to try them on. I really liked the fact that they did not push the product on me without offering a free sample even though I had clearly stated that I wish to buy the Eye Set.

Well, the products felt smooth, silky smooth to be more precise. But hey, what do you know when it comes to trials. Once I was sure that it did not trigger any reactions, I was sure that I would be trying out these products a while to see how effective they really are. After all, I had paid $396 for them. I have been religiously following their instructions for the cream as well as the serum – using both products on a daily basis before applying my moisturizer.

After using them for almost a month, I must say that I am actually very happy with the product. The best part is that the products are silky smooth and make your eyes feel smoother instantly. What I liked the most was that they did not have a distinct odor and the smell was something that was just right. It was there, but not in a way that would grab the attention of your nose. And after using, my eyes don’t look all that stressed out either. My dark circles have also reduced considerably.

I’m still not sure whether or not I want to go back to the store. Everything seemed really really nice, but I guess I just don’t like to be rushed. So I believe Orogold shall be seeing a lot of me in their online store. After all, the products are definitely worth holding on to.

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