ORO GOLD Key Features

Key Features of OROGOLD Products

OROGOLD Cosmetics was established as a luxury skin care company in the year 2008. Despite our humble beginnings, we managed to emerge as one of the most popular skin care brands in more than 20 countries in the present day. OROGOLD Cosmetics was created with the sole purpose of offering its customers with access to unique skin care products and collections that emphasize on offering a luxurious experience and concentrate on anti-aging. Anti-aging might be one of our prime concerns, but OROGOLD products are not just restricted to anti-aging. They also take care of all sorts of skin care concerns for people with all types of skin.


Each of our 15 collections has been designed for a particular purpose and each collection suits people with certain types of skin. By offering different customers with different products and collections, we ensure that our products do what they were designed for in a fast, effective and luxurious manner. Many of our customers (particularly those who are new to the brand) have asked us about the features that make OROGOLD products so different. Well, to answer to your question, we have come up with some of the key features of OROGOLD products here.

Result Oriented Products

Each and every skin care line and product offered by OROGOLD has been designed to target specific skin concerns without compromising on the overall promise of younger looking skin. As a result, customers can not only enjoy the benefits of treating their skin, but also concentrate on timeless beauty. OROGOLD products use a unique mix of nutrients and ingredients that are proven to work wonders on the skin. OROGOLD products use a unique mix of essential oils, vitamins, hydroxy acids, nutrients and ingredients that scientific studies have proven to be highly beneficial for skin care. Furthermore, the company also ensures that none of its products contain ingredients that could harm your skin or lead to irritations.


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When you’re looking for a skin care product, it always helps to choose one that is backed by a credible manufacturer. OROGOLD Cosmetics is one of the largest and most popular skin care lines that use gold in their products. It offers customers with well formulated products that have been thoroughly tested under various conditions and are backed by the OROGOLD guarantee. The OROGOLD credibility can be best seen by checking out OROGOLD reviews and reading about what others have to say about the brand and our products.


The OROGOLD Quality Promise

OROGOLD products are formulated using the most luxurious and natural skin care ingredients available. This helps us to offer our customers with exciting product collections which can transform their looks. Using OROGOLD products can allow you to enjoy younger and brighter looking skin and it can also help you say goodbye to the feeling of not looking youthful.

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Research and Development

One of the biggest secrets of a successful skin care product is its ingredient combination. The ingredient combination plays a huge role in terms of defining the effectiveness of the product and also in determining whether the product suits your skin type. OROGOLD pays a great deal of attention to ensure that it uses the best and the latest technologies for the formulation of its products. It also offers a number of products and collections so as to offer something suitable for people with all skin types and skin issues. Furthermore, OROGOLD employs some of the best and the brightest minds in the scientific world to create and formulate products that work wonders on your skin.


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Effective Ingredients

It is extremely important to make sure that you read the labels of the skin care product that you choose in order to ensure that it contains ingredients that don’t hurt or damage your skin. While it is impossible to determine the effectiveness of a product simply by looking at the ingredient list, it is easy to check out whether or not the product can benefit your skin. Looking at the ingredient list can also help you to ensure that the product doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions. There are some ingredients that have been termed as “powerful performers” in terms of skin care and then there are those that are best avoided. OROGOLD Cosmetics uses a number of these “powerful performers” and none of those “best avoided” ones in its products and collections. All you need to do is check out the ingredient list of any OROGOLD product (available on the bottle and on our website) to figure out the various ingredients used in it.


Ingredient Concentrations

The concentration of the ingredients used plays an equally important role in determining the quality and the effectiveness of a product. You can determine the ingredient concentration by checking out the ingredient list. The order in which they are listed (high to low) should give you insights about the concentrations for different ingredients. OROGOLD products also contain some extremely powerful ingredients that can do wonders for your skin care routine.

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      24K Collagen Mask – Apply the product on freshly cleansed skin and leave it alone for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse the product with warm water. For best results, always follow with the 24K Collagen Renewal Serum.

  1. Alison Koh

    Dear Sir, I have a query regarding the OROGOLD 24k anti-aging eye serum. When I apply on my eye bag, I have a “stinging” feeling. Is it normal ? Thank you.

    1. matan

      Hi Alison,

      Thank you for your question. It is possible that could feel a minor sensation when applying the eye serum. However, if it causing skin irritation or discomfort, I would recommend discontinuing use for 2 weeks. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our customer service department.


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