Moisturizing Needs At Every Age

Trying to figure out how to properly care for your skin is literally the work of a lifetime. This isn’t because it is so hard to figure out what you skin needs, but because your skin’s needs change with age. You have to work to figure out how it shifts at different parts of your life. Your skin’s needs gradually shift though and this makes it relatively easy to get ahead of any changes and anticipate them. Moisturizing is one of the foundational parts of skincare and as a result knowing how your skincare needs shift in this area is one of the most important parts to know. Fortunately, it is also relatively easy to find out how moisturizing needs vary across people’s ages. We’ve got a quick guide to tell you what you need to focus on when and why it is relevant.

Teenage girl applying moisturizer

Your 20s and Earlier
There really isn’t much to be done when you’re particularly young. Infants, children, and teens all still benefit from your skin’s natural levels of moisture early in life. Teens are the closest to their 20s though and that is when moisturizing necessarily becomes important alongside learning other skincare tricks. Learning how to moisturize properly is the biggest concern for teens. This is especially true if they have a problematic skin type. Mastering this basic level of care sets them on the right path to manage their skin’s needs in their 20s. When it comes to moisturizing, the predominate thing that people in their 20s need to worry about is simply making sure to apply the moisture best for their skin routinely. Ideally, you should be using a moisturizer with an integrated SPF to provide an extra layer of protection for better care. This is largely about preventive measures to make your skin easier on you in your 30s and 40s.

Between 30 and 45
This is where our skin particularly begins to notably shift as the skin stops being able to repair itself as well. People with dry skin need to be particularly cautious and thoughtful about what they do to their skin at these ages. You’ll do well to invest in fortifying and hydrating moisturizers. Your skin needs all the help you’re willing to provide it to keep maintaining an overall youthful appearance in your skin. This is because the natural repair processes in your skin are beginning to slow. Your skin is beginning to thin and has less capability to seal in the moisture like it used to be capable of doing. Fortunately, you’re still looking at largely being able to use relatively standard moisturizers. You only need to worry about about making sure you don’t let your other products dry out your skin and make the work more difficult. This is an idea of what is to come though.

Mature woman applying moisturizer

Middle Age and Beyond
Notably, the thinning of skin never stops once it begins. Taking proper care of skin is therefore of particular importance as we age. Thinner skin is prone to drying out readily and isn’t as capable of dealing with damage as it was when we’re younger. Most of us will start using thicker moisturizers once we hit middle age to help seal moisture into the skin longer. Thick creams are particularly good for this as they seal in the moisture with a lasting seal that has to evaporate before the outside air and the sun can start drying the skin out. However, it is still advisable to try to get more out of your moisturizers. Look for SPF including products or ones that help fortify the skin with ingredients like vitamin C or E. Nourishing your skin as you moisturize it will help your skin be healthier in the longer run.

The moisturizing needs of your skin are going to change as you get older no matter what you do. There is nothing that stops the slow progress of age and what it does to our skin’s ability to keep itself healthy. Fortunately, we can all make up for our skin’s troubles by taking better care of it as we age. This will allow us all to age gracefully. Try to appreciate your skin for what it is no matter what age you’re at though as it is the only skin you’ve got.

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