How Exercise Improves Your Skin

How Exercise Improves Your Skin
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Many studies have shown that regular exercise can bring huge benefits to the skin, brightening your complexion and even reversing the signs of aging. From boosting the circulation to reducing the levels of the skin-damaging stress hormone running through the body, these are some of the ways in which exercise can improve your skin.

Boosts Circulation
Exercising immediately boosts the body’s circulation, which therefore increases the amount of blood and oxygen that is carried to the skin cells, and also speeds up the rate at which toxins are removed. Without these toxins, skin cells are able to regenerate much quicker, and the increased blood flow brings a healthy glow to the skin. A boost in circulation also helps to regulate comedogenesis, which is a pore blockage that will usually lead to acne. However, since cell renewal is increased, the rate at which your skin needs to shed its dead skin cells increases, making cleansing and exfoliating vital in order to support this process.

Reduces Cortisol
Cortisol is the body’s natural stress hormone, and continued raised levels of this can have some seriously detrimental effects on your skin, from causing breakouts to exacerbating chronic skin conditions, such as eczema. Studies have shown that there are also links between cortisol and the sebaceous glands, which is what produces oil in the skin, meaning that higher levels of cortisol are likely to lead to an increase in oil production. However, regular exercise will keep your cortisol levels at a minimum, allowing your skin to thrive.

Reduces Acne
While a gentle workout will not have this effect, an exercise such as running can dramatically reduce acne symptoms. This level of intense activity causes sweat, which helps to push debris out from the pores, clearing any blockages. As mentioned above, exercise will also regulate your skin’s oil production, which can significantly improve acne. However, when it comes to body acne, the opposite can happen if the sweat ends up trapped between your skin and your clothes, so be sure to always wear breathable fabrics when running, taking a shower within an hour after you have finished your run, to prevent the sweat from sinking into your pores.

Opens Up Arteries
Exercises triggers the tiny arteries in the skin to open up, meaning that they are much more receptive to any nutrients that are then carried to them. This means that not only is your skin able to better repair itself, but collagen production also enjoys a healthy boost, leading to a tighter and smoother complexion.

Regular exercise is important throughout the year, but, when exercising outdoors, be sure that you are wearing adequate sun protection, as there are now many pH-balanced sunscreens that are extremely popular with athletes, mostly due to the fact that the product does not sting if it enters the eyes, unlike the standard sunscreens out there. Whether you choose to hit the gym or go for a run, incorporating some regular exercise into your lifestyle will bring huge improvements to not only your skin, but also your mind and body.

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