Enjoy the Sun without Skin Damage

Enjoy the Sun without Skin Damage
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Summer is a time for enjoying life. We go out and celebrate it as fervently as we can with backyard gatherings, relaxing on beaches, and just finding the various ways we can use our time to enjoy life. Friends and family are an expected part of the summer, but so is the sun. It serves as a constant reminder that we need to be wary about enjoying ourselves too much. You are already familiar with the many ways that sun damage can end up causing premature aging and otherwise damaging the skin. This knowledge tends to rest especially hard on those of us who previously enjoyed going out and enjoying ourselves in the sun. Summer almost seems unfair once you know what all the sun can do to your skin. Fortunately, you can take steps to enjoy the sun without worrying as much about skin damage.

Woman applying sunscreen

As ever, sunscreen is one of your best options for avoiding sun damage. You need to use sunscreen of sufficient strength to get the best results though and use it appropriately. Remember that sunscreen should always be of at least SPF 30 to ensure that you get the most reliable protection. You can go higher, and might wish to if your skin is particularly sensitive, but SPFs higher than 30 have diminishing returns on the amount of protection that they can genuinely provide for your skin. Additionally, the sunscreen should always be one that offers broad-spectrum protection. This means that it provides protection from UVA and UVB rays to ensure both kinds of sun damage are crowded out. The last tip is to try to find products that use physical blockers such a titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Remember to slather the sunscreen on thoroughly. Don’t worry about streaking. Rub the product into your skin until the streaking goes away instead.

Wear Sun Protective Clothing
Layers of clothing often don’t make much sense in the summer, but we do it anyway when going to the beach. Sun protective clothing is a good addition to any beach trip or day you’ll be outside for an extended period. Sun protective clothing, simply put, is clothing of a tighter weave that has been treated with chemicals that up the amount of protection that the clothing itself can provide for your skin against the sun. You will be happy to know that such clothing comes in a variety of forms that allow you to maintain your personal sense of style while still providing an appropriate level of protection for your skin. The sun protection rating for the clothing is typically clearly labeled and when used in conjunction with sunscreen will provide a further layer of defense for your body against the sun.

Woman sitting in the shade

Enjoy The Shade
Another good way to protect your skin is to remember that you don’t need to be in the sun the whole time you’re outside. Take advantage of the shade. You can enjoy the warm, lazy heat of summer just as easily from beneath an umbrella or in the shade of a larger tree as you can in the full sun. This is a particularly good rule to keep in mind if you’re setting up a gathering with outdoor activities. Keeping food under a covered area and activities in a shaded area will help protect people from skin damage without noticably impacting the enjoyment of the gathering itself. This doesn’t mean giving up on enjoying the sun though. These precautions will simply allow you to spend more time out and enjoying it without worrying about the negative effects.

Sun damage can be minimized if you’re willing to take the appropriate steps. Sunscreen has never stopped being a skincare necessity and never will. Utilizing it with a good combination of clothing and shade will help even the most sun-hungry people to keep enjoying the sun without needing to worry about it being the end of their skin’s health. You might not feel as free to enjoy the sun as you once did, but a little know how can let you enjoy it intelligently.

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