Asked and Answered

Asked and Answered
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If you’ve got good questions, we’ve got great answers. If you have funny questions, we have hilarious answers. This exciting “Asked and Answered” section tries to ensure that you have a blast while getting answers to some of your most debated questions from social media.

The advent of social media forums has come across as a major boon for mankind for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons why it has proved to be so fruitful is that it offers us with instant answers to complex and complicated questions from all sorts of experts around the world. ORO GOLD Cosmetics reviews all your beauty and skin care questions and listens to all your doubts so as to offer you with expert advice on all such issues.

We often come across friends fighting about common concepts of life. Haven’t you ever fought with your bestie about whether to use brushes or sponges while applying makeup and resorted to the social media for answers? OROGOLD reviews all such match-ups between friends and features their battles in our  “Asked and Answered” section.

So, if you’ve been fighting with your bestie on things like bright colored nails or dark colored nails, foundations or concealers, heels or flats; take it to the social media. ORO GOLD reviews all your questions and is always there to help.

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